When comparing the Acaia Pearl and the Pearl Model S coffee scales, one must consider the subtle yet significant differences in design and functionality that cater to the nuanced needs of coffee aficionados and professional baristas. Both scales are known for their precision and speed, marking Acaia’s commitment to high-quality coffee equipment. The Pearl 2021 and Pearl Model S have identical appearances when turned off, yet they boast distinct features that enhance the coffee brewing experience.

The Pearl 2021 is an update on the original Pearl model, maintaining the classic functionality while integrating new capabilities. On the other hand, the Pearl Model S offers advanced options like real-time flow-rate indicators, which can be crucial for mastering pour-over techniques. Comparisons between the original Pearl Model S and the Pearl Model S 2022 show that while maintaining accuracy, the newer model introduces enhanced display features and a more interactive brewing guide, tailored to the evolving demands of specialty coffee brewing.

Understanding these nuances is vital in selecting the right scale for one’s brewing setup, be it for home use or a commercial environment. Enhanced durability and a higher weighing capacity make the Pearl Model S a more robust option, with a capacity of up to 3000g, compared to the original Pearl’s 2000g limit. As users navigate these options, recognizing the practical implications of each feature can help ensure the chosen scale aligns with their brewing habits and goals.

Overview of Acaia Pearl Series


The Acaia Pearl series is renowned for its precision and high-quality design, catering to both coffee enthusiasts and professionals. This section will explore the evolution of these scales, compare their fundamental features, and provide details specific to the Acaia Pearl Model S.

Evolution of Acaia Pearl

The Acaia Pearl has been a staple in the specialty coffee scene, setting standards for accuracy and design. The original Pearl scale set the bar high for coffee scales with its fast response time and precise measurements. Through continuous innovation, Acaia released the Pearl 2021, enhancing the user experience with improved features.

Comparison of Base Features

Both the Pearl and the Pearl Model S boast remarkable features that make them stand out. Each scale is equipped with:

  • Accuracy: to the nearest 0.1g
  • Speed: Rapid response for real-time measurement
  • Design: Sleek and minimalist, to complement any coffee brewing setup
  • Battery Life: Long-lasting performance for consistent use

However, when comparing the Pearl 2021 and Pearl Model S, it’s important to note that certain features like the display and battery capacity may vary.

Acaia Pearl Model S Specifics

The Pearl Model S is a more recent addition to the Acaia lineup. Key specifics of the Pearl Model S include:

  • Display: An upgraded dot-matrix display allowing for more information to be shown simultaneously.
  • Capacity: Increased maximum capacity of 3000g compared to the Pearl’s 2000g.

As an in-depth comparison reveals, the Model S also provides new functionalities tailored towards an interactive brewing experience, such as real-time flow rate monitoring.

The Acaia Pearl Model S is a reflection of Acaia’s commitment to innovation, offering a sophisticated tool designed to elevate the art of coffee brewing.

Functional Enhancements and Modes

The Acaia Pearl and Pearl Model S coffee scales have set a new standard in brewing technology, offering a range of modes and functionalities tailored to the barista’s needs. Each model boasts precision and an array of features that cater to both novice and professional users.

Unique Modes of Operation

The Acaia Pearl features several modes designed for different brewing methods. These include a weighing mode, a timer mode, and a Brewguide mode. The last allows users to follow coffee brewing recipes from the Acaia app.

In contrast, the Pearl Model S builds upon this foundation with an expanded suite of modes. It adds a practice mode for those looking to hone their techniques without wasting coffee, and a real-time flow-rate indicator, which can help in refining pour-over techniques.

Additional Functionalities in Model S

The Pearl Model S is equipped with enhanced functionalities over its predecessor. Notably, it offers more granular data about the brewing process, accommodates a larger weight capacity, and boasts an upgraded dot-matrix display. Connectivity options are also improved, where firmware updates and sync capabilities are streamlined for a more user-friendly experience.

Brewing Capabilities and Support

Both the Pearl and the Pearl Model S are dedicated to supporting a wide array of brewing styles, but the Model S extends support through its connectivity features. Through Bluetooth, it can connect to the Acaia coffee scale app, enabling users to access a variety of tools and resources, like the Brewguide, which offers step-by-step brewing assistance. Additionally, its firmware can be updated, ensuring the scale remains at the forefront of coffee weighing technology.

Design and Technical Specifications

In comparing the Acaia Pearl and Pearl Model S scales, it’s essential to consider their design and technical specifics, such as build quality, measuring capacity, and device connectivity. These characteristics are fundamental to understanding how these coffee scales differ in their practical applications.

Build Quality and Materials

The Acaia Pearl and Pearl Model S are crafted with a keen eye for durability and a sleek finish. Both utilize high-quality materials that ensure the scales withstand frequent use. The Pearl 2021 maintains the signature minimalist design with a slight texture atop for grip and stability. In contrast, the Pearl Model S introduces a refined aesthetic with a smoother surface and slightly altered dimensions to accommodate additional functionalities.

Measuring Capacity and Accuracy

Dimensions and Weight:

  • Pearl 2021: 160mm x 160mm x 32mm, weight not explicitly listed in search results.
  • Pearl Model S: Similar in size to the Pearl 2021, with a precise weight not listed in search results.

Maximum Capacity and Measuring Unit:

  • The standard Pearl 2021 boasts a maximum capacity of 2000 g, while the upgraded Pearl Model S escalates this to a 3000 g max limit. Both models ensure a high degree of precision.


  • Each model provides accurate and fast measurements, crucial for optimal coffee brewing and consistency.

Connectivity and Compatibility


  • Pearl 2021: Equipped with Bluetooth capability. The exact version is not specified in the provided search results.
  • Pearl Model S: Enhances connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0, enabling a more stable and extended range of connection.

Flow Rate:

  • A unique feature of the Pearl Model S is the ability to track the flow rate in real-time, a significant benefit for precision brewing.


  • Both scales tout USB-Type C charging ports, ensuring modern and faster charging capabilities.


  • The Pearl Model S is recognized for its dual display function, which provides more information at a glance, an upgrade from the original Pearl’s single display interface.

Enhanced User Experience Features

Acaia Pearl scales cater to the modern coffee enthusiast with interactive elements and customization options that significantly augment the user experience. They integrate technology to simplify workflow while providing engaging features for enjoyment during use.

Interactive Elements

The Acaia Pearl scales are designed to go beyond mere weight measurements with an interactive display that offers real-time feedback. The auto timer function ensures precision in brewing, starting and stopping in response to weight changes, eliminating the need for separate timing devices.

User-Friendly Interface and Customization

In the realm of customization, these scales offer a user-friendly interface with a variety of presets for different brewing methods. Users can easily select and save their preferred settings, making repeated brewing processes swift and consistently accurate.

Acoustic Feedback and Entertainment Options

Acaia has taken the interaction experience up a notch by incorporating acoustic feedback. The scales provide adjustable volume levels to suit user preferences, and some models even come with a secret music mode, an entertaining feature resulting from collaborations with musicians. This harmonizes the brewing experience with a touch of entertainment.

Brewing Tools and Resources

Acaia scales, specifically the Pearl and Pearl Model S, enhance the precision and consistency necessary in coffee brewing by working in tandem with advanced brewing applications and providing a suite of utilities through their companion apps.

Integration with Brewing Applications

Acaia scales can be interconnected with multiple brewing applications—including the renowned Brewguide App. This allows users to access and follow various recipes designed for both pour-over and espresso methods. These smart scales transmit data like weight and brew time to the app, enabling users to replicate a recipe consistently, which is vital for a superior brewing experience.

Companion App Utilities and Tutorials

The Acaia Pearl and Pearl Model S come equipped with a companion app. This app offers a range of utilities, from weight and time notifications to a countdown timer, helping baristas and coffee aficionados nail their brew each time. The app also provides tutorials; whether one is a beginner or a seasoned professional, there’s always something new to learn about crafting the perfect cup of coffee.

Supporting Coffee Enthusiasts and Professionals

Acaia scales serve as an invaluable tool for both coffee enthusiasts and professionals. For instance, the Acaia Lunar 2021 scale is designed to cater to espresso enthusiasts with its enhanced durability and smaller size tailored for espresso machine drip trays. Features like real-time feedback on the flow rate aid in achieving a precise extraction, crucial for espresso preparation. The scales’ ability to deliver precise measurements plays a cornerstone role in refining the brewing process and elevating the overall coffee experience.

In summary, the integration with brewing applications, companion app functionalities, and dedicated support all contribute to Acaia’s mission to providing a comprehensive toolkit for coffee brewing and education.

Future Updates and Customer Support

When considering Acaia scales, such as the Pearl and Pearl Model S, it’s important to factor in the company’s commitment to future updates and customer support. Acaia offers firmware updates that ensure scales stay at the leading edge of technology and accuracy. These updates often bring new features or make improvements to existing ones.

Customers might wonder how firmware updates are implemented. For Acaia, these updates are conveniently done through its dedicated app available on both iOS and Android devices. This ease of access allows users to keep their scales performing optimally with the latest enhancements.

Here’s a brief overview of how Acaia handles firmware updates and support:

  • Firmware Updates: Released periodically to introduce new features or refine existing ones.
  • Ease of Access: Updates are available through the Acaia mobile application.
  • Support: Acaia provides robust customer support to assist with any issues that may arise during the update process or general use.
Feature Description
Firmware Updates Periodic enhancements to scale functionality and performance.
Mobile App Platform for easy access to updates and scale calibration.
Support Accessible guidance for troubleshooting and optimizing scale usage.

The company’s support page further details the differences between models such as the original Pearl and Pearl Model S, signifying an effort to inform and assist customers effectively.

In summary, Acaia maintains a strong emphasis on evolving their products and providing customer support to address any concerns, reflecting a commitment to both innovation and user satisfaction.