The coffee roasting industry is big and diverse.

Coffee lovers have gone a long way from the days of purchasing freeze-dried coffee granules in plastic jars, with a significant portion of the population now understanding what it means to drink truly excellent coffee.

In fact, we have gone through the rabbit hole of coffee beans, learning everything from just cleaning versus natural processing to how the coffee’s growing region impacts the flavor of your beverage.

To determine what makes a coffee roaster genuinely exceptional, we had to examine it from multiple angles.

Some companies are pushing the envelope with their packaging, whether it’s the method, where they source their beans, or how they blend their mixes.

Undeniably, some coffee roasters are excellent due to industry reputation and peer endorsement.

Here are the top three coffee roasters in Fredrick, MD, ranging from roasters with decades of experience to newcomers making major changes.

  • Dublin Roasters Coffee
  • ChocoSombra
  • River Bottom Roasters

1. Dublin Roasters Coffee

Dublin Roasters is not your average coffeehouse; they are powered by love and positivity.

They wanted to make Dublin Roasters more than just a coffee shop from the start.

They have built a warm and welcoming environment, and they aim to be an essential part of this wonderful community in a variety of remarkable ways.

The founder and proprietor of Dublin Roasters has been roasting coffee for over two decades and is devoted to the art of coffee roasting.

She believes that the coffee’s flavor and freshness are unparalleled, and roasts her coffee individually and in small amounts.

This procedure guarantees customer happiness and quality, and it is indeed the company’s mission.

Not only do they have amazing coffee, but the proprietor, a former police officer, is the kindest, most generous person you’ll ever meet.

It has evolved into so much more than just excellent coffee throughout the years.

It is a neighborhood restaurant where, believe it or not, they do know your name when you walk in.

Contact info:

Tel: (301) 228-9367



Address: 1780 N. Market Street, Frederick, Maryland 21701.

2. ChocoSombra

Grown beneath native trees on family farms, then roasted and created in Frederick, Maryland, they offer you the finest specialty coffee and chocolate.

In comparison to conventional coffee roasters, they have Loring Sustainable Coffee Roaster that saves fuel use by up to 80% by removing smoke and odor without an extra afterburner or filter.

This reduction in fuel use results in a corresponding reduction in gas emissions, thus protecting the environment. The Loring roasters are developed with Flavor-Lock Roast Process Technology, which results in a cup that is brighter and cleaner.

The roasting chamber removes oxygen from the roasting atmosphere and enhances humidity, preserving more of each bean’s flavor.

Moreover, their coffee is traded directly with a single-estate, family-owned farm in Villa Rica, Peru’s specialty coffee-growing zone.

And it is cultivated in the shadow of indigenous trees, thereby protecting the environment and climate, and fauna.

The farm is also committed to sustainable agricultural practices that ensure the sustainability of the animals, land, and workers.

On the grounds, there is a school and a medical facility for the employees and their families. Each year, the same pickers and their families return to the farm.

Contact info:

Tel: (301) 461-4492



Address: 5703 Industry Lane, Frederick, MD 21704

3. River Bottom Roasters

River Bottom Roasters is not just a roastery, it is a community. They care about quality products, ethical sourcing, justice in trade, and contributing back to the communities, just as you do.

They aim to create a positive impact on their local and global communities in addition to producing incredibly wonderful coffee.

They have ideas at River Bottom Roasters. They believe that running a company involves more than simply making money, and they believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed.

From their dedication to sourcing only single origin, direct trade, or fair trade beans to their connections with local organizations, these guiding principles guide every aspect of their business.

They believe in doing well for both their customers and the environment.

They know that coffee is a massive commodity on a global scale, and its demand is expanding. Hence, they strive to offer the best coffee in town.

Moreover, during their charity work in South America, they discovered that as the global demand for coffee has increased, there has been a worrying rise in forced labor, child labor, and farmers receiving earnings that are below subsistence levels.

The worldwide demand for cheaper coffee has compelled many farmers to forgo the environmentally sustainable method of shade-growing in favor of sun-grown farms, thereby harming the natural habitats of animals, increasing the need for hazardous chemical pesticides, and depleting the soil’s nutrients.

They intend to source their coffee beans sustainably to protect the environment and everyone associated with them.

Contact info:

Tel: (240) 366-1554



Address: 22 N. Mulberry St, Suite 101, Hagerstown, Maryland, 21740


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