Germany isn’t a country that grows coffee, but it still has a big impact on the world of coffee. Green coffee beans are shipped to Germany from all over the world.

The beans go to places that roast them, which then send the roasted beans all over the country and the world.

Mostly the coffee from Germany is lightly roasted, and because the beans come from different places, they can taste different.

We have found the top five coffee roasters in Germany with rich history and great skills.

  • Supremo
  • Flying Roasters
  • The Visit Coffee Roastery
  • Populus Coffee
  • THE BARN Roastery

1. Supremo

Supremo knows that no machine can take the place of a good roast master and the traditional way of roasting.

Because Supremo is a family coffee roaster, coffee is not made in a factory. Every day, they work hard to make the finest coffee and get their customers excited about real coffee.

They put a lot of value on high-quality work that is constantly checked.

They roast in small, traditional drums made of cast iron, and take their own time and roast each batch of coffee separately until it is done.

Because it is roasted slowly, the coffee tastes intense and is healthy.

They believe if you roast too hot and too fast, you get brown beans on the outside that don’t show much of the magic on the inside.

This is exactly what they want the beans to do. They don’t put water on the beans after roasting them.

They let air cool them down, which gives the roasted smell a chance to get stronger. This is their secret to producing the most delicious coffee.

Contact info:

Tel: 089 20 20 86 87 01


Address: Kapellenstraße 9, 82008 Unterhaching, Germany.

2. Flying Roasters

It is a coffee roastery in Berlin that tries to find a middle ground between quality and social responsibility.

They get their coffee beans straight from the cooperative farmers that grow it, so there are no middlemen.

Hence, they can make sure that their expectations about working conditions are met from the time the coffee is planted and picked until it is roasted in Berlin.

When it comes to working with producers in the coffee business, they make new paths: direct, solid, fair pay, and high quality.

They know firsthand how things are made, and they work out prices and delivery terms with the cooperative.

Finally, they make the finest coffee in town and deliver it to you at reasonable costs.

Contact info:

Tel: 49 (0)30 – 41 95 39 70


Address: Hochstr. 34, 13357 Berlin, Germany.

3. The Visit Coffee Roastery

The Visit Coffee Roastery has four locations in Berlin, and its customers come from all over the world. But they haven’t stopped thinking about the future.

They keep attracting more people by improving the taste of their coffee and their customer service.

They want everyone to have a great time with their coffee, and this is how it works: they carefully choose their coffee beans from direct trade relations and distributors and make sure they are of the best quality.

Additionally, they use a Loring roast machine and the most up-to-date technology to get the best flavors out of the beans and into your cups.

Methods for roasting and brewing that have been perfected over time do the rest.

Their staff loves the art of coffee, and they share that passion with every customer who comes through their doors.

They see it as a chance to offer people who come to their coffee shops a variety of different tastes in every cup of coffee they buy.

Contact info:


Address: Adalbertstrasse 9, 10999 Berlin, Germany.

4. Populus Coffee

Populus Coffee is a specialty coffee shop run by a family in Neukolln, Berlin. The owners are from Finland and have drunk many kinds of coffee in the past.

They always wanted to offer the finest coffee in town, which tasted different from what they had always drunk.

They have built their business on honesty and openness with everyone in the supply chain. They like to work with people who care as much as they do about having honest conversations.

Populus is built on partnerships that last for a long time. These are the connections that make their work possible.

Their job is to tell you as much as they can about their coffees. They are all about finding out about the huge variety of specialty coffee and showing it to you.

They believe in being honest, being open, and in the power of good coffee.

Contact info:



Address: Maybachufer 20, 12047 Berlin, Germany.

5. THE BARN Roastery

THE BARN is one of the best coffee roasters in Europe, and since 2010, it has been at the top of the Specialty Coffee Movement.

Many coffee shops and people who make coffee at home around the world use their beans.

From the beginning, their goal has been very clear: to make better and better coffee. No trade-offs, just good coffee.

They would never mix their coffees so that each farm they work with could be shown off and specific flavor profiles could be shown off.

Their farmers are proud of this, and the product can be found at any time.

Contact info:


Address: Schönhauser Allee 8, 10119 Berlin, Germany.


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