You are undoubtedly wondering who the greatest coffee roasters in Greencastle, Pa are, which is why you are here.

Since the days of purchasing freeze-dried coffee granules in plastic jars, coffee aficionados have come a long way, with a substantial section of the population now appreciating what it means to drink authentic and truly outstanding coffee.

In fact, we have traversed the rabbit hole of coffee beans, studying everything from the difference between cleaning and natural processing to how the coffee’s growing location affects its flavor.

If you are looking for freshly roasted, premium, specialty coffee beans, this article is for you.

The coffee roasters that we have mentioned source their coffee beans through sustainable and ethical methods, taking care of not only the needs of coffee lovers but also the environment.

Here are the top three best coffee roasters ranging from roasters with decades of expertise to newcomers who have made significant adjustments.

  • Greencastle Coffee Roasters
  • Lenca Coffee Roasters
  • Bantam Coffee Roasters

1. Greencastle Coffee Roasters

Greencastle Coffee Roasters was founded in 1995 as a family-owned enterprise in a small community.

The owner and the proprietor of the company has devoted the last eight years of her life to the business and to supply the clients with premium, freshly roasted coffee.

Their coffees are sourced from around the world and are roasted in-store using an old Victorian-style roaster.

They offer the largest assortment of coffees available compared to most coffee roasters. Additionally, they have a vast range of flavored coffee that is sure to delight nearly any palate.

Moreover, they offer a wide choice of tea, ranging from black and green leaf tea to bagged teas, which further include herbal, flavored, and organic varieties.

In their Southeast Asian foods department, you will find items from China, India, the Philippines, and Korea.

Along with roasting coffee, they also provide a selection of light, medium, and dark roasted jumbo Virginia-style peanuts.

People who visit this location enjoy the ambiance. As soon as the door is opened, the enticing aroma lightens up your mood.

For decades, people have consumed ounces of coffee with tablespoons of creamer and sugar. As of now, people have realized that there are many flavors of coffee that can be enjoyed.

Once you visit their café, you will see why Greencastle Coffee Roasters has a handwritten lexicon of exquisitely descriptive coffee varieties lining their counter.

It may seem a little intimidating, but the owners and employees are highly knowledgeable about their products.

If you don’t want to commit to a huge number, you may always find a selection of 5-cup packets to sample before making a significant purchase.

In the back, there is a nice range of tea and some Asian pantry staples. Don’t forget to include the light and dark roasted peanuts at the front.

With coffee, you can purchase roasted peanuts and enjoy them later.

Next time you are in town, be sure to swing by Greencastle Coffee Roasters to experience the scent and hospitality.

Contact info:

Tel: 1-877-597-1900



Address:  42 E Baltimore Street, Greencastle, Pa 17225, United States of America.

2. Lenca Coffee Roasters

Lenca Coffee Roastery is an artisan roastery owned by coffee farmers.

They are committed to giving proper pay to the producers with whom they engage as a result of their enthusiasm for coffee.

They aim to promote fairness throughout the chain of supply to ensure that each farm from which they acquire their beans is thriving, environmentally responsible, and ethically run, thereby perpetuating the age-old heritage of coffee farming.

In addition, they contribute back to the neighborhoods where these fields are located by funding school lunch programs that offer children nutritional meals.

When you purchase something from Lenca Coffee Roasters, you can be assured that you are helping to improve the lives of families of farmers around the globe.

With your delicious coffee, you can rest assured that it is made using only ethical and sustainable methods.

Contact info:


Address: 11973 Buchanan Trail E, PA 17268, United States of America.

3. Bantam Coffee Roasters

Bantam Coffee Roasters, formerly known as Eighty Two Café, is the go-to coffee establishment for the finest artisan coffees.

They also sell sweets, pastries, little food items, bags of freshly roasted, and various beverages.

All of their coffee is roasted and processed in-store by the Ragged Edge Roasting Company, their supplier.

In comparison to other coffee roasters, they have the widest selection of coffee. They also provide an extensive selection of flavored coffee that is likely to please practically any pallet.

Coffee is made for customers on the go, although there is enough sitting available.

You can either take your coffee with you or sit there and enjoy it with your loved ones.

Contact info:

Tel: (717) 316-0039


Address: 82 Steinwehr Ave, PA 17325, United States of America.


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