The Kalita Wave 185 brewing system is praised for its design, which promotes even coffee extraction, leading to a consistent and flavorful cup of coffee. However, the cost of proprietary filters like the Kalita Wave 185’s can add up quickly, leading coffee enthusiasts to seek more economical alternatives that still maintain the quality of their brew.

Coffee aficionados who use the Kalita Wave 185 often look for compatible filters that offer the same quality at a lower price point. Some opt for generic paper filters, while others are exploring sustainable options such as cloth or metal filters that are reusable and environmentally friendly. The shift towards these alternatives reflects a growing trend in the coffee community that prioritizes not just the quality and taste of coffee, but also the overall cost efficiency and environmental impact of their brewing practices.

Understanding Kalita 185 Filters

The Kalita 185 filters are a significant component in the pour-over brewing method, offering a distinctive design that affects the brewing process and coffee flavor.

Basics of Kalita 185

Kalita 185 filters are designed for the Kalita Wave pour-over coffee maker. They feature a unique, flat-bottomed design with wave-like ripples on the side, which helps in regulating the extraction process through the coffee bed. This design promotes even water flow and temperature stability during brewing, resulting in a consistent and well-extracted cup of coffee.

  • Material: Typically made from high-quality paper
  • Shape: Flat bottom with a wavy side structure
  • Size: Suitable for brewing multiple cups

These filters offer the benefit of a slower brew and a more even extraction, which enthusiasts say leads to a cleaner cup with more nuanced flavors compared to other pour-over methods.

Comparison of Kalita 185 and 155

Though similar in design, the Kalita 185 and Kalita 155 filters cater to different brewing needs. The Kalita 185 is larger and intended for brewing up to 500ml, which is ideal for small groups, whereas the Kalita 155 is designed for single-serve brewing, up to 300ml of coffee. The difference in size impacts the coffee-to-water ratio and the ground coffee’s contact time with water, both key elements in flavor extraction.

Feature Kalita 185 Kalita 155
Brew Size Up to 500ml Up to 300ml
Filter Design Flat bottom, wavy sides Flat bottom, wavy sides
Best Used For Small groups Single serve

When using the Kalita Wave system, choosing the right filter size is essential, as it directly influences the strength and taste of the brewed coffee. The larger Kalita 185 filters are better suited for those who prefer a larger volume of coffee, while the Kalita 155 suits individuals who enjoy a single cup with a concentrated flavor profile.

Reusable Alternatives to Kalita 185 Filters

Seeking a more sustainable option for your coffee routine? The market offers a variety of reusable filters that serve as excellent alternatives to the single-use paper filters traditionally used with the Kalita 185 brewer.

Sustainable Reusable Filter Options

Reusable filters are the go-to choice for eco-conscious consumers looking to reduce waste. Made from materials like stainless steel or cloth, they can be washed and reused many times, contrasting the one-time use nature of traditional paper filters. The environmental benefits of switching to a reusable option are significant, with less paper waste contributing to landfills and reduced resource consumption for production.

  • Materials commonly used:
    • Stainless steel
    • Cloth

Quell Reusable Coffee Filter

The Quell Reusable Coffee Filter offers a well-designed solution specifically for users of the Kalita 185. It claims a snug fit and compatibility, ensuring that the brewing process is not compromised. The use of such a filter not only lessens the environmental impact but also provides a consistent quality in your coffee, as it is designed to mimic the flow rate and extraction qualities similar to that of the Kalita Wave filter alternative.

  • Noteworthy features include:
    • Designed to fit Kalita 185 brewers
    • Aims to replicate original paper filter’s flow rate and extraction

Paper Filter Options

When considering alternative paper filters for the Kalita Wave 185, one has the option of using brand-specific filters or exploring generic alternatives that can fit the brewer.

Wave Filters

The Kalita Wave filters are designed specifically for use with the Kalita Wave series of coffee brewers. These filters maintain the integrity of the coffee’s flavor by allowing for a balanced brew. They are crafted to perfectly fit the Wave’s flat-bottom design, which is essential for even extraction.

Generic Paper Filter Alternatives

For coffee enthusiasts looking for a more cost-effective option, generic paper filter alternatives are available. These filters may vary in quality and brewing results but can provide a similar function to Kalita-brand filters. It’s important to ensure that the size and shape match the Kalita 185 to prevent grounds from bypassing the filter during brewing. However, the brewing experience may differ, as the paper quality and thickness influence the flow rate of water and, consequently, the extraction of the coffee.

  • Melitta filters have been mentioned as a potential alternative; however, users should be aware that the paper quality may affect the flavor profile of the coffee.
  • Quell Reusable Coffee Filters offer a different approach with a reusable option that might appeal to those looking to reduce waste.

Material Considerations for Alternatives

When seeking an alternative to the Kalita 185 filters, consumers should weigh the durability of materials and environmental impact. Reusable filters, especially those made from stainless steel, offer both sustainability and longevity.

Stainless Steel Filters

Stainless steel filters are a prominent option for those looking for an alternative to paper filters. They are durable, resisting wear and tear unlike their paper counterparts, and can last for many years with proper care. Additionally, the fine mesh of these filters is designed to allow oils and fine coffee particles to pass through, potentially enhancing the flavor profile of the coffee.

Environmental Benefits of Reusable Filters

Reusable filters significantly reduce waste, aligning with more sustainable practices. By adopting a reusable filter, one diminishes the need for disposable paper filters, which contribute to waste and can strain natural resources. This choice supports a more environmentally friendly approach to coffee brewing, as it reduces the individual’s carbon footprint and the demand for paper products.

Where to Buy Filter Alternatives

For those seeking alternatives to the Kalita Wave paper filters, purchasing options are readily available online.

Amazon: The e-commerce giant offers a variety of Kalita Wave filter alternatives, including the Quell Reusable Coffee Filter for Kalita 185. It is a stainless steel option for sustainable brewing, geared towards those who prefer to avoid single-use paper filters.

  • Roasty Coffee: Coffee enthusiasts can find comprehensive guides and suggestions on Roasty Coffee’s website, which discusses viable Kalita filter alternatives. They provide insights on why you might choose different filters and their impact on your brewing experience.
Retailer Product Offered Price Range
Amazon Quell Reusable Coffee Filter See site for current cost Discussion on alternatives and DIY options Not applicable
Roasty Coffee Recommendations and brewing tips Not applicable Coffee aficionados have shared their personal experiences and creative solutions on forums like While they do not sell filters directly, one might find valuable recommendations from the community regarding non-proprietary alternatives that can fit the Kalita 185.

When selecting an alternative filter, consider factors such as compatibility with your brewer, the material of the filter, and how it may affect the taste of your coffee. Prices will vary based on the retailer and the specific product chosen, so checking multiple sources for the best offer is always a wise decision.