In order to release the fragrance and taste of green coffee beans, roasting is required. Beans may be kept fresh and flavorful indefinitely if they are retained in their “green” form throughout storage. When compared to its roasted counterpart, a green bean is very different in texture and flavor. Listed below are the best places to find yourself Coffee Roasters in Louisville.

  • Good Folks
  • Sunergos
  • Big Turkey Foot Coffee
  •  Brewed & Frothy Coffee Co
  • Carabello Coffee
  • Farmer Brothers

1. Good Folks

Good Folks roast coffee for cafés, grocery shops, businesses, restaurants, and homes throughout the United States from their headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, and have won several awards for work in the industry.

People are the most important part of our lives. For this reason, they are quite selective when choosing wholesale partners and coffee farmer partners. They scout for fresh beans, cultivate new contacts, and provide you with the quality coffee you’ve come to expect. Coffee is meant to be savoured and friendly. 

Have you ever considered opening a coffee shop, restaurant, or another establishment? They are eager to work with you as a partner and help you achieve your goals. The company is committed to offering superior goods and services. Local delivery, advice and guidance, wholesale pricing and the sale of equipment are all part of these offerings. 

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2. Sunergos

In the beginning, in 2003 and 2004, co-founders Matthew Huested and Brian Miller roasted on a tiny roaster at Day’s Coffee in Louisville’s Highlands district. 

They started off selling to close friends and family and then expanded to local coffee shops, who were Sunergos’ first wholesale clients. In quick succession, Brian and Matthew located 2122 S Preston Street and started their renovations. 

The first Sunergos retail outlet, which included a roastery with a reconditioned 10-kilo STA Impianti coffee roaster, opened for operation not long after. After hiring our first employee, Matthew and Brian were able to reduce their 96-hour work weeks a little as Sunergos flourished. 

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3. Big Turkey Foot Coffee

Big Turkey Foot Coffee was founded in Kentucky, and although Turkey Hill is where they call home, they constantly travel the country in search of new opportunities.

They decided to start roasting coffee as a business together since both have a taste for the finer things in life. The Big Turkey Foot Coffee truck is a perfect match for since it provides them with the fuel needed for the busy lives.

Ian is the coffee connoisseur in charge of roasting the proprietary mix. Reid is the physician who is aware of coffee’s positive effects on health. 

Kelsey is the ship’s navigator and ensures that the group does not wander too far from land. Hadley is the motivation behind the operation, the chief turkey keeper, and the chief morale booster. When excitement knocks, they don’t hesitate to answer the door. 

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4. Brewed & Frothy Coffee Co

Brewed & Frothy Coffee Co. offers freshly roasted coffee that is delivered to your door each week. They are all coffee aficionados here, and enjoy talking shop with one another.

Brewed & Frothy can become a regular stop on your way to and from work, school, or any of life’s other important events. It is with great pleasure the employes have establish a family-friendly coffee shop complete with a children’s play area and plenty of plants for everybody who stepped foot inside. 

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5. Carabello Coffee

In the last nine years, they come a long way from when being just little side hustle. Now, they have gone from working at home to be able to acquire a coffee roaster with the support of friends and family.

They received free instruction from a master roaster; made friends with one of the most successful coffee farmers in Nicaragua; and the business quickly expanded to serve consumers throughout the United States.

They have moved the coffee roasting operation to 1024 Saratoga Street. Fair Trade, organic, and even farm direct and direct connection coffees.t’s a method for coffee shops to bypass the middlemen and purchase directly from growers at a price that’s at least 100% more than Fair Trade standards. 

This coffee is not processed by a machine, but rather by actual humans. After that, the coffee is roasted and packaged just a few days before it reaches you. 

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6. Farmer Brothers

Farmer Brothers has been in the business of selling coffee to restaurants and cafes for almost a century, and they have established their reputation on offering exceptional goods at unbeatable prices.

The tale of Farmer Brothers began in 1912, when Roy E. Farmer realized how difficult it was to locate a café that served good coffee. His new life’s aim was to provide cafes and their customers with freshly brewed coffee. 

To do so, Roy established Farmer Brothers Coffee Company, with headquarters in the rear of his sibling’s bicycle store. For the following century and a half, Farmer Brothers expanded their already thriving business by opening new locations and catering to an ever-growing clientele. 

The Farmer Brothers Company has become a leading national roaster, manufacturer, wholesaler, and distributor of high-quality branded and private label coffees, teas, spices, and culinary products to foodservice, convenience stores, and grocery retailers through a series of product line expansions and acquisitions, as well as a relentless commitment to continuously invest in customers, service, and technology.

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