Toowoomba is a small city so it may come as a surprise to you that there are so many coffee places here.

The variety of cafés here tends to dive into different kinds of coffee flavors so the diversity is also amazing. 

Toowoomba is without a doubt the most popular and cool town in Australia. The place is filled with beautiful artwork on the walls almost everywhere.

The food options here make you wonder where you have been all your life as it is, hands down the best.

The best time of visiting this place would be the spring season when the entire vibe is blooming and it feels fresh.

The types of coffee shops would also astonish you as the varieties are kind of drastic. From having a small almost-in-the-wall coffee joint to a big fancy cafe that has local artists painting on display and a fancy bar, anything is possible here. 

The food menu with the coffee is something that you can look forward to.

It is as diverse as it gets, from sweet to savory, everything you get at a coffee place depends on the type of arrangement you are at. 

Here are some of the amazing coffee roasters and cafés in Toowoomba that would happily surprise you when it comes to coffee. 

1. Ortem

Ortem is a coffee cafe that is located right next to the Toowoomba station so it is quite a nice location if you think about it.

This place is open daily and you get to enjoy drinks and food here for breakfast, brunch, and also lunch. 

This place is always busy with people so don’t be surprised when you get here don’t get a table right away.

The food items served with the fresh coffee are served in an artistic and cute plating, on the street side tables. 

The menu here is always going to surprise you with the variety they have with the cold and hot coffee blends.

They source their coffee fresh and serve it with food like pancakes topped with passion fruits and all kinds of other stuff. 

2. Ground Up Espresso Bar

When you hear first about the Ground Up Espresso Bar, it is always going to be about the food. Even the images on the site and the reviews tell you the same. 

The moment you get here, it starts with food and ends up being all about the addicting coffee that is top-tier. This place is known for its single-origin coffee called the Blackboard Coffee beans.

Speaking of food, this place is known for its ricotta pancakes, hash browns, brisket and whatnot that can be easily categorised as soul food. So coffee here is pretty good and they hold back on the food either and the same goes for the calories you are taking in. 

So be prepared to have a cheat day meal when you get it on the side of your freshly brewed coffee.

3. Sweet Talk Coffee

There is no doubt that this city’s coffee scenes are brimming and they are looking good ever since the addition of Sweet Talk Coffee Cafe. The tall ceilings, exposed artsy brick walls and the concrete bar here make this place look so chic and comfortable at the same time.

The freshly brewed coffee here is available in light to medium roast which is ideal for most people who like it mild. You can pair your coffee with a lunch of a saucy squid or a sweet meal of stacked syrupy pancakes too. 

4. Banter Coffee Kitchen

The Banter Coffee Kitchen is more like a social enterprise for a cafe and they are big on welcoming the city’s migrants and refugee community people as well. They use Duke Coffee Roasters coffee for the light to medium blend of coffee. 

The coffee place has a loyal customer base from all over the city too. So when we say that if you don’t try the coffee here while visiting, you are seriously missing out as it is very addictive.

These were some of the amazing and top-tier coffee spots in Toowoomba. The places mentioned above are always going to be full of consumers so do make it on time as well.

Most of the coffee spaces, in specific, are known to be open during the daytime only. Whereas it depends on the location as well if they would be open 24/7 or not. 

You can always look these places up online and get a detailed look. Some of the coffee places also deliver coffee beans to your home as they are providing the same service to some restaurants, cafes and many consumers at home.

You can also select options on the websites as to how you want the coffee beans to be roasted. Most of the time, you get light to medium roast coffee in the cafés here but seldom do cafes do otherwise as well. 

Our recommendation would be to give the cafe coffee a try if you want to experience the best taste. Unless you are experienced, you can easily find the perfect blend that you have been wanting to try, at some cafe or a roaster here. 

The decor and the vibe of every coffee place are where it is due to the paintings at the expensive ones and even the affordable ones having something similar going on.

The murals on the walls and the chic wooden furniture with the right lighting make it possible to enjoy coffee in a better way. So, checking out the artsy ones only makes sense if you’re a tourist here. 


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