There are many amazing things about Virginia Beach, but one of the nicest things may be the coffee.

Virginia Beach is home to a surprisingly big number of excellent coffee roasters serving exceptional coffee.

Below is a list of the best coffee roasters in Virginia Beach that you must visit while you’re in town.

  • Three Ships Coffee Roasters
  • Fathom Coffee
  • Lynnhaven Coffee Company
  • Instrumental Coffee
  • Bad Ass Coffee
  • Pinup Coffee Co.

1. Three Ships Coffee Roasters

Three Ships Coffee Roasters offers house roasts, cold brews, and pour overs, all of which are served by an exceptional team.

The founders, Brad and Amy, are passionate about every part of their business, and it shows. They are diligent and perform all roasting in-house to preserve the bean’s variety.

From bean to cup, they strive to provide their consumers with a totally unique coffee experience.

Their coffee style is greatly influenced by Scandinavian roasters and Pacific Northwest coffee experiences.

Their roasting team honors every coffee’s origin, farmer, and terroir with a roast character that reveals the natural beauty and complexity of the coffee.

You can purchase the bags separately or sign up for a coffee subscription if you live in the area. The flavors vary with the seasons, but a few original choices are always available.

Contact info:



Address: 607 19th St, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, United States

2. Fathom Coffee

Fathom Coffee is the product of a passion for both coffee and information technology.

Bob Werby, Jeff Werby, and Lisa DeNoia established this small specialty coffee company in 2016.

While working for a defense contractor in Virginia Beach, Jeff and Lisa spent many hours handling difficult IT projects, consuming copious amounts of coffee.

Bob, Jeff’s father, roasted the coffee that fueled numerous long days and nights of meeting impossible deadlines.

Jeff and Lisa encouraged their friends and coworkers to join them at their “underground” Chemex pourover coffee bar for a cup of freshly brewed coffee as Bob was refining his roasting processes.

Finally, at the start of 2016, Jeff and Lisa created a business dedicated to acquiring, roasting, and selling the finest coffee available.

Using the most modern lab roasting technology available, they ensure that every batch of beans is perfectly roasted.

They meticulously pick all of their green beans to ensure that the inputs of their procedure are of the highest quality.

Contact info:

Tel: 757 689 7411



Address: 1682 Baltic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA, United States

3. Lynnhaven Coffee Company

Lynnhaven Coffee Company aspires to be one of the region’s most distinguished specialty coffeehouses.

With their own roasting facility located just a few blocks away, they aim every day to provide you with the finest single-origin coffee and espresso beverages possible.

Additionally, due to their close ties with other local farmers, they are able to offer some of the finest baked goods and dairy products in Virginia.

Contact info:

Tel: 757 481 2312



Address: 2945 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

4. Instrumental Coffee

Instrumental Coffee is a Virginia Beach coffee roaster committed to supplying the local community with fresh coffee.

Their retail store sells an assortment of freshly roasted coffee beans, cold brew concentrate in bottles, and branded goods.

Visit their website to purchase items with shipping, in-store pickup, or complimentary delivery to the Thoroughgood district in Virginia Beach.

Contact info:

Tel: 757 524 3336


Address: 1628 Independence Blvd. Unit 1532, Virginia Beach, VA 23455

5. Bad Ass Coffee

In a casual atmosphere, Bad Ass Coffee serves Hawaiian roasts, including a 100 percent Kona brew.

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii was founded in 1989 on the Big Island of Hawaii with the intention of distributing American-grown, excellent Hawaiian coffee to all coffee aficionados.

They roast single-origin specialty coffee beans and have a variety of roast options.

The teams of Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii offer dine-in, online ordering, and to-go service, making it the ideal spot to feed your inner badass.

Contact info:

Tel: 757 233 4007


Address: 619 18th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

6. Pinup Coffee Co.

Pinup Coffee Co. is a specialty coffee roaster with a dedication to honesty and passion. The company’s purpose is to unite people over delicious coffee, from farmers to consumers.

At Pinup Coffee Co., they take an effort to locate high-quality specialty coffee, learn how it was cultivated, then roast it to reveal its distinctive attributes.

Their coffees are examined, tested, and roasted to bring out the best of each lot, and they understand that the beverages we consume on a regular basis may – and should – be healthier for everyone.

They utilize an exclusive combination of specialty-grade arabica coffee that has been expertly roasted and blended.

Contact info:

Tel: 757 996 0870


Address: 544 Central Dr Ste 106, Virginia Beach, VA 23454, United States


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