In Calgary, there is a variety of delicious, freshly roasted coffee to discover. Dozens of coffee roasters use their expertise to provide Calgarians with some of the world’s finest coffee.

These coffee roasters are more than simply a location to purchase your daily dose of caffeine.

Rather, a collection of persistent, hard-working Calgarians who are committed to their trade and serve a vital role in sustaining, constructing, and maintaining our city.

Here are the top five coffee roasters in Calgary that every coffee connoisseur must sample.

  • Rosso Coffee Roasters
  • Fratello Coffee Roasters
  • Monogram Coffee
  • Crickle Creek Coffee
  • Five’21 Roasters

1. Rosso Coffee Roasters

Rosso’s doors first opened in September 2007, when a dream was realized and the restaurant was founded.

David, Rosso’s visionary, worked every part of the cafe himself for the first six months.

They have spent time in the United States learning from industry experts and practicing the skill of roasting on a 100g Primo sample roaster.

They have visited Guatemala, Rwanda, Costa Rica, Myanmar, Burundi, Brazil, and Colombia in order to acquire green coffee directly from farmers, and they intend to return to these countries in order to strengthen these relationships.

In the coming years, Dave would open a second location in downtown Calgary and a third cafe in Victoria Park.

Contact info:

Tel: 587 356 1643


Address: 2102 Centre St N, Calgary, AB T2E 2T3, Canada

2. Fratello Coffee Roasters

Fratello Coffee Roasters believe that each coffee variety has a distinct personality; their mission is to share their enthusiasm for discovering new flavors and cup characteristics with their customers.

Consumers are embracing a new, more sophisticated coffee culture, and they take delight in shaping this culture by bringing new and intriguing coffee varieties to coffee enthusiasts throughout Western Canada.

They collaborate directly with growers in the world’s finest coffee-growing regions to develop a product that is not only delicious but also sourced responsibly.

Their coffee reflects both their family’s 29 years of experience and their commitment to becoming innovators in the world of coffee, as it is roasted by skilled coffee professionals at their own Calgary roastery.

Contact info:

Tel: 403 265 2112



Address: 4021-9th St. SE,, Calgary, Alberta T2G 3C7, Canada

3. Monogram Coffee

Monogram Coffee was established with the notion that excellent coffee should evoke awe and affection after serving in a variety of roles in the specialty coffee market for numerous cafes in various locations.

They have come a long way from their humble beginnings as a pop-up coffee cart at the gorgeous DaDe Art and Design Lab, but they’ve never lost sight of the reality that, to them, incredible coffee cannot exist without incredible people.

The Monogram Team is comprised of a handful of talented speed skaters and climbers. However, what brought them all together was a shared commitment to caring for their town and its diverse population.

Contact info:

Tel: 403-457-2589


Address: 4814 16 Street SW, T2T 4J, Calgary, AB, Canada

4. Crickle Creek Coffee

At the end of a tree-lined, meandering road in the Alberta Foothills is a historic barn with a breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains and a unique room.

A stunning emerald green and brass coffee roaster like an old locomotive can be found in this room.

Each week, they contact their customers to take their orders. Tuesday morning, when they turn on the roaster and make it hum, this room comes alive.

Crickle Creek Coffee roasts, weighs, bags, grinds, and packages some of the world’s finest Arabica coffee and offers samples.

They mail and deliver this quality coffee to the homes, restaurants, workplaces, and stores of their local customers on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

They make every effort to serve you intriguing and delectable coffee, and they are glad to roast and blend it to your specifications.

Crickle Creek Coffee roasts in small batches and delivers to your home to ensure that your coffee is always fresh.

Contact info:

Tel: 403 931 4074



Address: Priddis, Foothills, AB

5. Five’21 Roasters

The story of Five’21 begins with coffee beans being roasted in a whirly popcorn machine in a basement, hidden by bookcases and storage containers.

Trevor, a co-owner, began bringing his own coffee recipes to the Fire Station for comments and tasting notes in craft paper bags.

The expansion of Five’21 was encouraged by his fire crew. From a garage workshop that was AHS-approved for health and safety to a facility in Calgary’s barley belt.

Matt and Trevor’s paths intersected, and since then they have been riding a wild wave of endless learning, fueled by a passion for responsibly sourced and locally roasted coffee that is crafted for coffee lovers who value quality.

Fueling Intentional Living is their mission, and they happen to roast incredible coffee to fuel your day.

Contact info:

Tel: (403) 210-1247


Address: 3000-10 Aspen Stone Blvd SW, Calgary, T3H 0K3


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