Whether it’s a business meeting, a date, or a casual hangout, coffee shops in Mumbai are popular gathering places.

There are many well-known coffee places in Mumbai. We have searched through some of the greatest coffee roasters and producers in the city that you must visit.

  • KCROASTERS by Koinonia
  • Bombay Island Coffee Company
  • Dope Coffee Roasters
  • Blue Tokai Coffee
  • Drum Coffee Roasters

1. KCROASTERS by Koinonia

This roastery forms alliances with its producers and teaches them international best practices. The ultimate objective is to transform the commodity-like view of Indian coffee into what it truly is: delectable.

The owners make sure each batch of their hand-selected specialty coffee is tested. Through artisanal roasting, they endeavor to enhance the beans’ natural flavors.

They believe excellent brewing is all about synchronizing the diverse coffee flavors into a single blend.

Moreover, their roasters, farmers, extractors, and the final customer engage in an open discussion, because they are in favor of establishing a culture unified in its search for excellent Indian coffee.

Contact info:

Tel: +91 9136650277

Email: admin@kcroasters.com

Website: https://kcroasters.com/

Address: 66, Chuim Village, Khar West, Mumbai, 400052, India.

2. Bombay Island Coffee Company

Bombay Island is an exquisite coffee company formed with a mission to supply high-quality coffee to all coffee enthusiasts worldwide via cafes and online suppliers.

The owners are a part of the Third Wave Coffee Movement, which has rethought sourcing, roasting, and brewing coffee.

They procure the highest quality coffee beans and roast them exclusively for you on their exquisite roaster.

Their coffees are authentically farmed in India, where they reflect their tradition, nature, and cultural history.

Furthermore, their coffee is roasted in tiny amounts using a micro-roaster, and their custom-roasted coffee will engage you in the spirit of Indian soil, so that you may appreciate the wonderful sensation of the Indian beans with each drink.

Carving the niche of every person, they produce the ideal bean-to-cup story, leaving a sense of cultural wonder in the air.

They are committed to giving you a unique and soul-satisfying experience with each cup of black gold.

Throughout the entire process, from crop to cup, they believe in keeping a sharp focus on quality and standards.

Their unique coffee is the result of their unique processes for selecting coffee beans and roasting them, and they follow the standards set by specialty coffee organizations in every stage of coffee production.

Contact info:

Tel: +91-022 4003 4931

Website: https://www.bombayisland.com/

Address: Godrej One, Shop #4, Tower C, Retail Street, The Trees, Pirojshanagar, Vikhroli East, Mumbai – 400079, India.

3. Dope Coffee Roasters

They are fascinated with sourcing the most incredible beans, roasting them fresh, and sending them to you every day so that your eyes brighten up every time you drink them.

They know coffee can be the most important beverage for a lot of people, which is why they make it with utmost love and care.

Coffee has many diverse meanings to many individuals. For a few, it is a way of life, a ritual that they are as obsessed with.

For others, it is the magic potion that allows them to do hours of work minutes before the deadline. And for most, it is their beverage of choice when spending an afternoon with a loved one.

No matter how you take your coffee, if it is brewed with insanely wonderful, freshly roasted beans, everyone can spot the difference.

Therefore, they strive to maintain a fresh environment 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Moreover, this coffee is sourced from farmers that exert a great deal of effort to harvest beans with such a robust flavor.

Contact info:

Tel: +91 93727 74411

Website: https://dopecoffee.in/

Address: Juhu Versova Link Rd, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061, India.

4. Blue Tokai Coffee

Since their inception, their objective has been straightforward, to introduce their consumers to the estates from which they directly purchase their delicious coffee, roast the beans with love, and make high-quality coffee more available through their shops and website.

The coffee that they roast is the coffee that they like drinking, and they hope you do as well.

When they originally established their business, they highlighted their award-winning farms.

Their baristas are always available to explain brewing techniques, their customer service representatives are there to answer any coffee-related queries, and their roasting staff is happy to demonstrate their processes.

To raise the bar, they are continually testing, researching, and applying the best practices to make sure their customers are always satisfied.

Additionally, conducting advanced training for their roasters is an example of how their highly skilled team is continuously improving.

Contact info:

Tel: +91 81041 13079

Website: https://bluetokaicoffee.com/

Address: Unit No.001 and 101, Ground and First Floor, Ujagar Compound, Deonar, Mumbai – 400 088, India.

5. Drum Coffee Roasters

Drum Coffee Roasters is a small, committed specialty coffee roastery located in the Mumbai suburbs, India.

In the year 2020, two coffee-loving buddies decided to investigate the science of coffee roasting.

With a combined 11 years of experience in specialty coffee, two years later they were selling single-source and blended specialty coffee to coffee aficionados and cafés throughout India.

Coffee roasting is their specialty and area of expertise. They also provide barista training, hospitality consulting, and much more.

Contact info:

Tel: 8452 848551

Email: info@drumcoffeeroasters.in

Website: https://www.drumcoffeeroasters.in/

Address: 138-B Oshiwara Industrial Centre, Off Link Road Goregaon West, Mumbai 400 104, India.


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