Many coffee enthusiasts guarantee that Wyoming is home to some of the finest local coffee roasting enterprises in the United States.

Wyoming provides a vast selection of specialty, organic, and fair-trade coffee. With dozens of coffee roasters in the area, you are certain to find a delicious local coffee brand that suits your preferences.

Discover the greatest local roasters of fresh coffee in Wyoming in the list below. They each have their distinct roasting techniques and flavor combinations.

  • Pine Coffee Supply
  • Snowy Elk Coffee Co.
  • Snake River Roasting Co.
  • H&S Coffee Roasters
  • Cody Coffee Roaster
  • Majestic Hill Coffee Roasters

1. Pine Coffee Supply

Pine Coffee Supply is a coffeehouse of exceptional quality as well as a communal gathering spot.

As specialty coffee roasters, their first priority is to source high-quality, specialty-grade coffee beans from growers who are committed to employing sustainable, fair, and direct trade practices.

Each of their coffee is roasted to a precise level that brings out the unique tastes of the beans.

They never include any fillers or artificial flavorings in their coffee. The tastes of their coffee roasts are derived from the beans’ natural growing region and their artisanal roasting technique.

Contact info:

Tel: 307 367 4343



Address: 47 W Pine Street, Pinedale, WY, United States,

2. Snowy Elk Coffee Co.

Snowy Elk Coffee Co. is a high-altitude specialty coffee roastery located in southeast Wyoming’s high plains.

Snowy Elk Coffee was founded in 2017 out of a desire to produce great coffee based on a concept that promotes an active, balanced, and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

When you brew Snowy Elk Coffee, you share a passion for the rough outdoors, a desire for new experiences, and a respect for the beauty of nature.

Their goal is to provide you with a customized roast to complement any experience.

Additionally, they are a Registered Swiss Water Process Decaf supplier.

Before being roasted, their decaffeinated beans undergo the “Swiss Water Process,” a natural, chemical-free method that extracts caffeine from the bean.

Contact info:

Tel: 307 200 9744



Address: 6002 US-30, Cheyenne, WY 82001, United States

3. Snake River Roasting Co.

Snake River Roasting Co. has a female-led team of SCA-Certified Roasters, Brewers, and Baristas who take modest pride in each batch of coffee they produce.

Since the company’s establishment in 2007, owners Ruth Ann Petroff and Mark Barron have actively sought out individuals with a strong commitment to advancing their trade.

They continue to acquire their beans responsibly and ethically from around the world through similar collaborations.   

Every day, they aim to be better: better roasters, better brewers, and better stewards of their environment and communities, both in Jackson, Mississippi and around the world.

Contact info:

Tel: 307 312 2382



Address: 50 W Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001

4. H&S Coffee Roasters

From its roots in the soil to its consumption in the cup, H&S Coffee Roasters have a deep-rooted appreciation for coffee.

Located at 7,200ft on the Wyoming plains, they roast smooth, sweet, and approachable coffee blends as well as fascinating single origins that will challenge and delight your taste buds.

Their single-origin products are roasted to accentuate their intrinsic characteristics.

The majority of their single-origin coffees are light to medium roast. These coffees feature uncommon aromas, breathtaking sweetness, powerful acidity, floral complexity, and comparable flavors.

They take a systematic approach to roasting all types of coffee. Light roasts are never green and dark roasts are never bitter.

All of their bags are reusable, made from recyclable LDPE #4, and produced in a CO2-neutral factory.

Also, they use a low-energy ESP device to catch greater than 99 percent of roasting emissions.

Contact info:



Address: 210 S. 3RD ST. #200, Laramie, WY 82070

5. Cody Coffee Roaster

Cody Coffee Roaster is a locally-owned, family-operated artisan coffee roaster with two locations in Cody, Wyoming.

Robert Reed, his wife, daughter Marian, and son-in-law Rodney acquired Cody Coffee Roasters, which has a long history of ownership by coffee-loving Wyomingites.

During Robert’s boyhood, he recalls his father roasting coffee in a standard home oven; his father and brother even traveled to Costa Rica in search of a coffee plantation.

Even though the family did not acquire the plantation, the spirit of coffee has persisted for generations.

The company’s mission is to give back to the unique Wyoming way of life by providing high-quality coffee and food to the community, thereby contributing to the expansion of our little slice of paradise.

They roast the greatest coffee in Wyoming by procuring the finest fair trade organic green coffee beans and roasting them to perfection at high altitudes in their small-batch precision roaster.

Numerous individuals have proclaimed Cody Coffee to be the best coffee they’ve ever tasted, and Cody Coffee is now receiving orders from throughout the country for regular consumption at home.

Contact info:

Tel: 307 224 3443


Address: 3001 Duggleby Dr, Cody, Wyoming, United States,

6. Majestic Hill Coffee Roasters

Majestic Hill Coffee Roasters is situated near Castile, New York, among the lovely Wyoming County hills.

The owners and operators of Majestic Hill Coffee Roasters are Brad and Amy Webber.

Brad’s 16 years of experience installing and repairing coffee equipment and honing his knowledge in the coffee industry have enabled him to develop customer relationships, including 5 years of managing experience.

Amy has extensive experience in customer service and is always eager to assist you with your decisions.

They make artisan coffee with roasted Arabica beans, a bean that is highly flexible and tasty. These beans provide a delicious, flavorful coffee with a typically sweeter, softer flavor.

This makes it an excellent base for their several roasting profiles. These features, coupled with small-batch roasting, bring out the bean’s excellent taste, resulting in a distinctive, delicious coffee.

Their coffee is sold and served in restaurants throughout Western New York.

Contact info:

Tel: 585 689 9165



Address: 5716 Metcalf Rd, Castile, NY 14427, United States


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