Fort Myers offers a variety of beverages, such as roasted coffee, specialized mixed drinks, and teas.

We have collected a list of local Fort Myers coffee roasters producing some of the best coffee available, as the city is home to a number of exceptional local coffee roasters.

The following coffee roasters produce sustainable coffee. Continue reading to learn more about them.

  • Chocolatte’s Coffee & Roasting
  • Bennett’s Fresh Roast
  • Mr. Dapper Coffee Roasters
  • Kava Culture
  • Rebel Coffee Roastery 

1. Chocolatte’s Coffee & Roasting

Chocolatte’s Coffee & Roasting sources hand-selected coffee beans from around the world, including South America, Africa, and Asia, for roasting and blending in-house.

After conducting research and gaining experience in the coffee industry in the north for several years, the Wilson family sold everything and relocated to Fort Myers in 2003 with the intention of introducing locally brewed coffee to the area.

After fourteen years and the birth of two lovely girls, they decided to take the next step and begin roasting their own beans, from bean to cup.

Their scrumptious coffee knows no bounds and is meticulously chosen to provide the best flavor.

They have mastered the pouring process for virtually all types of coffee, from their frozen coffee to their specialty coffees.

They utilize images and explanations to help each customer comprehend what they’re getting and to inspire them to try something new.

Contact info:

Tel: 239 331 4443


Address: 16120 San Carlos Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33908

2. Bennett’s Fresh Roast

Bennett’s Fresh Roast has been one of the most successful new businesses to start in Lee County in recent memory.

It was founded by C. David Bennett, a longtime morning radio host on Wink FM, Frankie Albano, and Anne and Roger Munro.

Longtime Donut Master Ian Black acquired Bennett’s Fresh Roast in January of 2021 and continues the company’s longstanding commitment to quality and customer service.

They roast approximately 800 pounds of coffee each month, fry 15,000 hand-cut doughnuts made from scratch each month, and offer breakfast and lunch to tens of thousands of people.

Their unique “pre-infusion” brewing method enables them to extract the richest and most intense flavors from some of the world’s finest coffee beans, without rancidity or that mildew-like flavor.

When you taste the BIG flavor of Bennett’s Fresh Roast, however, you may become a fan of their coffee’s intensity and smoothness.

For those who do not prefer dark roasts, they can try Bennett’s Fresh Roast’s mild brew of their Colombian Supremo house coffee.

Contact info:

Tel: 239 332 0077


Address: 2011 Bayside Pkwy, Fort Myers, FL  3390

3. Mr. Dapper Coffee Roasters

Mr. Dapper Coffee seeks to provide more than just excellent coffee. They strive to provide you with a memorable coffee experience!

They take great pride in providing this by roasting every batch of coffee on demand.

The coffee is then tailored to your specifications, whether whole bean or ground. Even the roast will be tailored to your preferences!

They work relentlessly to create a coffee shop experience in an e-commerce environment, and they always welcome comments on what went well and how they can serve you better.

They collaborate with importers from throughout the nation to find the finest specialty coffees to roast and deliver to you!

Their roaster is a fresh air roaster that roasts the beans uniformly from the inside out by suspending them in the air. It is considered that this method produces a smoother cup of coffee.

Contact info:



Address: 3583 McGregor Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33901

4. Kava Culture

Kava Culture offers the highest quality, all-natural Kava and Elixirs to battle the stresses of our modern, metropolitan lifestyles.

As a tribute to their tribal ancestors, they wish to transport you back to a time when community and home meant connection.

Kava Culture offers a plethora of freshly roasted coffee beans and newly-emerging sparkling herbal teas for maximizing happiness.

Contact info:



Address: 2400 First St Suite 104, Fort Myers, FL 33901 | Phone: (239) 244-3220

5. Rebel Coffee Roastery 

Rebel Coffee Roastery’s objective is to choose only the finest green coffee beans.

Their expert roast-masters who continually travel to coffee estates around the world are responsible for the exceptional quality of their coffee.

Their coffee is always freshly roasted in-store using the slow, traditional Gourmet-Roast method with pride, love, and attention.

Their coffee specialists frequently visit coffee plantations to inspect the product’s quality and scout for emerging fashions.

There is a strong risk of addiction after your first sip, as the resulting aroma and flavour are exquisite.

Contact info:

Tel: 239 628 8187



Address: 4402 Del Prado Blvd S, Cape Coral, FL 33904


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