All coffee roasters are philosophers, which is the first fact to learn about them.

Each roaster has a unique explanation for why and how they roast their beans. Each roaster entered the profession for reasons other than financial gain.

Diversity of thought and method results in an array of unique coffee flavors, many of which are fresher because they are roasted on-site and may be delivered to customers the same day.

According to Statista, in 2022, “coffee shop” was Googled 68,000 times in Nashville.

This is hardly surprising given that coffee is the most popular beverage in the United States, with 62% of individuals consuming it daily.

Here is a list of the coffee roasters in Tennessee who roast high-quality coffee beans.

  • The Golden Roast
  • Nashville Roast Coffee Company
  • Steadfast
  • Honest Coffee Roasters
  • Broast Tn
  • Frothy Monkey Roasting Co.

1. The Golden Roast

Since 1988, The Golden Roast Coffee Roasters has supplied Knoxville, Tennessee with premium coffees. They proudly offer coffee of the highest quality from all over the world.

They are committed to offering you the best coffee in Knoxville, which is prepared from 100 percent Arabica beans that are always freshly roasted.

Their baristas may make single-origin roasts and specialty blends according to your preferences.

They begin by acquiring only the finest organic coffee beans from the most prestigious farmers in the world.

These beans are then roasted with care to create specialty mixes that highlight their distinctive traits, resulting in a variety of delectable flavors.

Their coffee is roasted daily using beans from Central and South America, Indonesia, and Africa that were cultivated utilizing organic agricultural techniques.

They are thrilled to be able to help farmers who are devoted to ethical practices, such as paying workers a fair salary and utilizing sustainable farming techniques.

Contact info:

Tel: 865-247-7704



Address: 825 Melrose Place, Knoxville, TN 37916

2. Nashville Roast Coffee Company

It all began with a desire to offer the highest quality freshly roasted coffee beans. This led to the invention of the Nashville Roast Coffee Company.

Only the finest, 100% specialty-grade Arabica beans are roasted to order in small batches at their roastery. They source fair trade and organic beans from throughout the globe.

Nashville Roast Coffee Company is a registered WBE/DBE/MNAA woman-owned business.

The origins of their award-winning coffees span the globe, from the distant mountains of Costa Rica to the highlands of Africa; from Colombia to Sumatra.

Each of their coffee has a unique profile and set of qualities. Their mission is to maximize the flavor of each bean and carefully blend them to deliver you the finest, most balanced coffee.

Contact info:

Tel: 615-945-4711


Address: 311 Old Stone Bridge Rd, Goodlettsville, TN 37072

3. Steadfast

Steadfast Coffee Roasters develops a unique roasting profile for each coffee in order to highlight its terroir or distinctive growing area.

They cup every batch of roasted coffee to guarantee that the quality of the seed has been maintained and to achieve the most consistent profiles possible.

Additionally, they honor the labor of those who came before them by employing sustainable and relationship-building sourcing strategies with both farmers and importers.

Their roasting crew conducts “origin trips” to source, cup, and score our coffees directly on the farms.

After making purchasing decisions on the spot, it is their (and the farmer’s) responsibility to find a reliable importer to deliver the coffee.

The outcome is the pinnacle of sustainable purchasing, the durability of product quality, and farm-level traceability.

They collaborate with cafés, restaurants, and bakeries to assist them in serving incredibly delicious coffee. Their coffee, training, and any other help you may require are all available by email.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 615-891-7424



Address: 354 Downs Blvd, Franklin, TN 37064

4. Honest Coffee Roasters

Honest Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roasting firm that meticulously selects, roasts, and brews coffee beans.

They are renowned coffee roasters in Franklin who guarantee to suit your coffee needs.

Additionally, the roaster goes above and above to satisfy its customers, especially those who need ground coffee.

When coffee is ground, it begins to lose part of its flavor and aroma, so Honest Coffee Roasters strives to supply freshly roasted and ground coffee at all times.

You’ll want to frequent Honest Coffee Roasters due to their exceptional beans that are freshly roasted in-store and their inventive coffee beverages.

Their roasted coffee beans are extremely aromatic. You will definitely discover something to your liking.

Contact info:

Tel: (615) 807-1726


Address: 230 Franklin Road, Suite 11AB, Franklin, TN 37064

5. Broast Tn

Broast Tn roasts internationally cultivated coffees from throughout the world. Freshly roasted upon request in the heart of Tennessee.

All of their coffees are certified fair trade, organic, and locally roasted to ensure the highest quality and freshness.

They partner with communities such as cafés, grocery chains, restaurants, corporations, colleges/universities, churches, and small businesses to provide them with the greatest quality coffees.

They value their relationships and will work with you to tailor your coffee to your preferences.

Contact info:

Tel: (931) 559-2326



Address: 17 West Spring Street, Cookeville, Tennessee 38501

6. Frothy Monkey Roasting Co.

Frothy Monkey Roasting Co. roasts specialty coffee in Nashville, Tennessee.

Since 2004, Frothy Monkey has been an integral part of the Nashville community, and their customers have repeatedly named them “Best Coffee Shop” and other accolades in numerous magazines.

They are dedicated to delivering you the greatest coffees in the world by roasting beans with skill.

Additionally, Frothy Monkey Roasting Co offers wholesale bulk coffee, brewing equipment, training, and technical services.

They provide their wholesale customers with the finest quality product and provide their personnel with expert training to provide the greatest coffee experience to their guests.

They offer wholesale customers a range of alternatives, including Signature, Single-Origin, Cold Brew, and Steeped Coffee.

Contact info:



Address: 1701 Fatherland St, Nashville, TN 37206


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