The roasting process takes green coffee beans, which have a mild grassy flavor, and turns them into the robust coffee flavor we love. Coffee undergoes a series of chemical transformations while it is roasted, going from a light green to a rich mahogany brown as a result of the high heat used.

  •  Exo
  • Yellow Brick Coffee
  • Adventure Coffee Roasting
  • Cartel Roasting Co.
  • Savaya Story
  • Wow Wow Hawaiian

1. Exo

When it comes to coffee, the founders and staff of Exo have decades of expertise between them. From working directly with growers to roasting in small batches, we’ve seen it all. 

The commitment to you is to publicize and praise your accomplishments. 

They are devoted to environmental sustainability and social equity. Their coffee bags, which are 85% biodegradable, are just one example of efforts to minimize waste in all aspects of the business. 

All of their straws, lids, and, where possible, cups are biodegradable. 

They urge you to bring your cup and sell inexpensive reusable options. They are dedicated to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships with Mexico’s small farmers and have launched several initiatives to do so, including direct trade and relationship coffee and small-batch agave spirits.

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2. Yellow Brick Coffee

Coffee from Yellow Brick is freshly roasted and is of a single origin, speciality variety. The farmers provide them with the raw materials for the exquisite coffee that the consumers enjoy once it has through their stringent quality checks, been roasted to perfection, and brewed to perfection. 

Wholesale and retail customers alike can rely on Yellow Brick Coffee for artisan roasts and expert brewing advice. The sourcing strategies are built on a firm basis of quality and traceability. 

They visit farms all around the world to get an inside look at the coffee-making process from the source. They also source only the highest quality beans, and then carefully develop a roasting profile tailored to each origin’s strengths. 

Anna Perreira, a foodie, cultural vulture, and social butterfly, established Yellow Brick Coffee in 2011. In 2014, she and her brother, David Perreira, opened a coffee business. The Tucson, Arizona-based coffee roaster and café Yellow Brick Coffee currently ships its wares and provides its services all over the world.

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3. Adventure Coffee Roasting

In 2006, the owner gave up my job in the software industry and began working with her son Josh, roasting coffee nonstop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The family has come a long way from the humble beginnings at the Saturday morning Farmers’ Market. 

They continue to roast on the San Franciscan and sell their coffee at up to seven farmers’ markets each week, and also developing partnerships with cafes, shops, and restaurants across the Southwest. 

Adventure Coffee Roasting are committed to helping our farmers and growers in the world’s coffee areas succeed economically by providing them with a premium price for their green coffee and promoting environmentally friendly practices like pesticide-free cultivation. 

To guarantee the highest quality and freshness of our coffee, they exclusively roast certified organically cultivated beans in small amounts. 

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4. Cartel Roasting Co.

 Cartel Roasting Co. was established in 2008 in Tempe, Arizona by Jason and Amy Silberschlag to bring people together through a shared love of coffee. A modest roastery and café that had big aspirations. 

There are now eleven Cartel cafés spread out over the states of Arizona, California, and Texas. They are simply a group of coffee enthusiasts that take pride in perfecting every stage of the process, from procuring green beans to enjoying freshly brewed cups with friends and family.

Coffee quality, honesty, and the dedicated people they serve will remain at the forefront of their minds as they expand and evolve as a company. What gets them out of bed in the morning is the opportunity to improve their performance.

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5. Savaya Story

In 2015, Tucson made history when it became the first city in the United States to be designated a UNESCO World City of Gastronomy. So the rest of the world learned what we Tucsonans have known for a long time:

Tucson, in its understated way, is a huge metropolis bursting to the seams with artistic endeavours, cultural experiences, and culinary delights that can compete with those of any town or city in the world

Since it is home to the longest continuously cultivated land in North America, Tucson serves as a dynamic experiment in fusing the old with the new, the tried and true with the cutting edge. As such, the fact that Savaya Coffee Market is located in Old Pueblo should come as no surprise. 

Both the narrative of Savaya and the story of Tucson were tailor-made for their respective audiences. If you visit any Savaya establishment, you’ll hear snippets of dialogue that help set the scene.

This is a big claim, but they are certain that Savaya’s coffee will surpass all others. It is also the driving philosophy of a Tucson-based business founded on over 500 years of family tradition. Burc Maruflu, the owner of Savaya, was first introduced to coffee by his grandmother, Neriman, who is a renowned specialist in the field. 

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6. Wow Wow Hawaiian

They started the trip by visiting several farmer’s markets and night markets on the island of Oahu. The community’s reception was so positive that they realized right away that had created something remarkable.

They started as a little lemonade trailer at Maui’s farmer’s and night markets, but because of the rapid and overwhelming reaction to their fresh and locally inspired tropical beverages, they expanded to a full-fledged stand. 

To meet the ever-increasing demand for their acai bowls, cold brew coffee, superfood smoothies, nutritious nibbles, and world-famous Mason Jar lemonades, the trailer was quickly transformed into a permanent storefront in Kihei, Maui. Wow, Wow Hawaiian Lemonade started as a little lemonade stand on Maui and has since exploded in popularity throughout the United States and abroad. 

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