Egypt is a very nice place to visit if you’re really into the rich cultural aspects. The cost of living here is pretty affordable so you don’t have to worry about going over budget especially if you are visiting from the US.

Housing, transport, food, and self-care are pretty affordable here so that makes Egypt the best place to visit. You can find so many influences on coffee culture here.

Coffee is one of the beverage staples here as it is served in every home. Coffee is always served at almost every wedding and is also a staple throughout the month of Ramadan. 

Coffee shops here canne found on every street corner and you see a lot of people visiting them throughout the day. People usually pair coffee with a shisha pipe and some snacks while having fun or serious chit-chat. 

Here are some of the amazing coffee cafes and roasters, mostly, that you can find here and get the best coffee culture experience. The menu is affordable too so do make sure to try everything that you see on the menu.

1. Cairo Coffee Collective

Now, this is one of the famous leagues we are talking about as Cairo Coffee Collective was also featured on CNN. This is a coffee from where you can get different types of coffees like from Indonesia, Costa Rica, and Columbia. 

Each type of coffee has a fresh and roasted taste representing the true culture of every place. If you are a regular here, you can also apply for a monthly subscription that keeps you updated on the selection of flavours and also makes sure that you never run out of your coffee stock.

2. Fyngan

Fyngan is a new coffee roaster place that is gaining much popularity in the business due to the diversity it has to offer in coffee. The policy here is to make sure that the delivery is fresh as possible and is called ‘seed to door’.

The famous types of coffee beans here are from Uganda, Nicaragua, and Honduras. You can also place your order via the website and to make the purchase interesting you can also try the coffee quiz that helps you sort the perfect blend based on your personal choice.

3. Dancing Bean Espresso

This is an Australian-based coffee roaster here in Egypt and has so far impressed a lot of people with its coffee craft. Dancing Bean Espresso is also known for providing roasted coffee to different cafes in Cairo and other cities.

Some of the famous restaurants that use the coffee from here are Osana Family Wellness and Sea Salt Bakery. The green and fresh coffee beans available here are from Kenya, Guatemala, Ethiopia and so many other places from all over the world.

The coffee collection here is pretty diverse so even the people with picky tastes and choices would love something from here. 

4. Seven Fortunes

Seven Fortunes is famous for the Spanish iced coffee you can literally see a line here waiting and the people just love coming back for more. To make sure that the consumers can also replicate the flavour and freshness of it at home, you can buy the ted coffee beans from here. 

There is a large variety of beans available here like from Brazil, Peru, Burundi, and so many other places with good organic coffee. This may feel odd as normally filter coffee at most places is not as great at all.

But this coffee roaster and cafe is here to make you believe that it can be good as well. 

5. Brown Nose Coffee

Brown Nose Coffee, is a coffee roaster located in Giza and is famously known for the unique and fresh blends sourced from all over the world just for you. Some of the places from where the coffee beans are sourced are Colombia, El Salvador, and also Burundi.

And just like any other coffee roaster that provides the subscription facility to the consumers, you can also buy coffee beans from here and get a subscription for it at the same time. 

This reminds you if you are running out of your coffee stock and keeps you updated about the latest addition to the coffee collection here. 

These were some of the famous and unique coffee roasters and cafes that you can find in Egypt. All the options above, are also famous for their hospitable environment and they make sure that you get the best customer service experience.

Coffee places here are adamant to provide organic coffee whether it is of any kind or from anywhere. All the blends are fresh and you can count on the rich taste that is different everywhere but unique in its way.

The usual concept here about the food and living conditions is that it is going to be cheap and easy too. When it comes to coffee, if you are trying something that is locally sourced then the prices won’t bother you at all. 

If the coffee beans are sourced from international markets and when the cafe you are at is also high-end, do expect things to be a bit more pricey. 

Most of the local people that you see in the local cafes sipping coffee prefer the Turkish one as it is more popular and people are more used to it as well. The coffee served here is with the term ‘mazbuuta’ which means that it would have just the right amount of sugar.

So one teaspoon of sugar is considered normal here in coffee and tea as well sometimes. 


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