With the help of those who have made it their mission to always put quality first, specialty coffee will always be available. 

This is not the responsibility of a single worker in the coffee value chain; rather, the achievement of speciality requires the concerted effort of everyone engaged in the bean’s journey from farm to cup. 

This is no small feat, but it has been achieved, and as a result, you may choose from a wide variety of speciality coffees at any given time, in any part of the world, and perhaps even in your own neighbourhood.

  • Coffee Mechanics
  • Naivo
  • The Caffeine Baar
  • Blue Takai Coffee Roasters
  • Araku 
  • Marcs Coffees

1. Coffee Mechanics

You may put your faith in the fact that the Coffee Mechanics family has been growing coffee for five generations because they were destined to create a great coffee tale.

Their quest for coffee was motivated by a desire to help the coffee-growing community thrive while also satisfying the needs of environmentally conscious, health-conscious, ethically conscious, and quality-obsessed customers.

Although the coffee beans in India are cultivated in a perfect 3-tiered shade environment, they still wanted to improve the quality of the roasting and processing. Farm to the Cup guides them step-by-step through the whole coffee-making process, from planting to harvesting to roasting to brewing.

From being producers of speciality coffee to becoming speciality coffee roasters, to accentuate the feature of the soil in the bean to improve the coffee experience via a daily cup.

In 2016, we opened Coffee Mechanics – Roastery & Tasting Room as a destination for coffee connoisseurs in Bangalore, aimed at offering a comprehensive experience of Single Origin Coffee, and Roast Variations, letting customers explore their taste while also teaching them about different brewing processes.

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Website: https://www.coffeemechanics.co.in/

2. Naivo

Whether you need help conceptualizing a new product or a steady supply of coffee for your cafe, hotel chain, private label brand, or online business, Naivo got you covered. 

They have a variety of coffees, both Indian and foreign, that may be adapted to your clientele’s specific tastes. With their extensive coffee collection, they can provide a broad range of customisation, including the creation of bespoke blends for cafes, enterprises, and brands. 

They offer raw coffee to various roasters, and specialize in foreign-origin coffees; this is in addition to the roasted coffee products they produce for HORECA, private label marketers, and workplaces.

They offer a wide selection of coffees that they use for more than just roasting, including the finest of India’s Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold and Single Estate coffees as well as world-famous beans like Kenya AA Top Masai and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. 

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Website: https://naivo.in/

3. The Caffeine Baar

Chemistry lies at the heart of the ethos of The Caffeine Baar (TCB), both the chemistry of coffee and the chemistry of the universe. The air they breathe, the food they consume, and the intangible vibes and relationships between individuals are all examples of chemistry.

It’s incredible to think that coffee went from a little seed in nature to a mug in your hands. TCB is convinced that chemistry plays a crucial role in the relationship between coffee and its environment, the flora and fauna that contribute to and sustain these conditions, the coffee picker and the cherry, and even the music sung by cherry pickers and how morning dew drops refract sunlight. 

The transformation of beans into a fragrant beverage with careful attention paid to purity, flavour, and biodiversity is nothing short of amazing or mystical. Through the alchemy of coffee, TCB aspires to inspire this and many more types of interpersonal bonds. 

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Website: https://www.thecaffeinebaar.com/

4. Blue Takai Coffee Roasters

In 2013, when Blue Takai Coffee Roasters first began roasting, they only had a 1-kilogram (kg) machine, so most nights, we roasted for twelve to fourteen hours straight. 

They now have two 12kg and one 25kg Probat machine and a larger staff of roasters, but continue to devote the same amount of time, energy, and resources to improving the quality of their roasting as they did intially.

As a company, they are always looking for ways to improve by studying, experimenting with, and applying new methods. The staff at Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters routinely cups through hundreds of green bean samples during each harvest season before making their final picks. 

They recognize that a lot more has to go right to make a decent cup of coffee, even though they have a specialized staff devoted to acquiring green beans and have made investments in establishing excellent roasting criteria. 

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Website: https://bluetokaicoffee.com/

5. Araku 

A new kind of social company dedicated to generating shared value, where the firm succeeds well while simultaneously doing good for the community: that is what Araku stands for in the coffee world.

Araku is the result of collaboration between cooperative farmers and coffee professionals from across the world. Their combined efforts have resulted in a significant milestone: the establishment of the coffee industry’s first complete value chain.

When it comes to scent, Araku coffee is in a league of its own. It’s a pure arabica with an unusual fragrant character that manages to be both smooth and balanced and round. Their French coffee expert Hippolyte Courty crafted it, so you know it will be of the highest quality from plant to cup.

Located in the Eastern Ghats of India, Araku coffee is farmed in its traditional terroirs above the Araku Valley’s highlands. Araku is a speciality coffee that can only be found in our sustainably farmed coffee estates; it is certified organic, cultivated in micro-lots, and carefully selected to bring out its full, one-of-a-kind flavour.

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Website: https://www.arakucoffee.in/

6. Marcs Coffees

Marcs Coffees place a premium on fostering strong ties between our farmers and our coffee roasters. They learned a lot through relationships with the coffee producers. Everyone involved is dedicated to doing what it takes to make great coffee. 

This allows them to reliably create high-quality coffees while also bolstering local economies, promoting sustainable farming methods, and bringing long-overdue recognition of India’s coffee industry’s true worth.

This all-encompassing method guarantees traceability, ethical sourcing, direct trade, and ecological sustainability for the best quality beans produced in India throughout the whole process of sourcing, storing, roasting, blending, grinding, packaging, and brewing.

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Website: https://www.marcscoffees.com/

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