Most coffee is roasted on a massive industrial scale, although the popularity of “single-origin” coffees sold in boutiques has spurred a surge in small-scale commercial roasting. Some avid coffee consumers even make it a habit to roast their own beans, both to control the quality and freshness of the final product.

Here is a list of places in India where you can roast your coffee from:

  • Home Blend Coffee Roasters 
  • Subko Coffee
  • Black Baza Coffee
  • Bombay Island
  • The Indian Bean
  • Devans

1. Home Blend Coffee Roasters 

Akshay Jaggi and Saumay Khandelwal, the company’s dynamic duo at the helm, had the inspiration for Home Blend Coffee Roasters while enjoying a cup of high-quality coffee outside of India and realizing that it was Indian export-grade speciality coffee.

 Due to their dissatisfaction with the careless use of phrases like “artisanal” and “speciality,” the two decided to research the Indian coffee industry and start delivering “Specialty Grade” coffee directly to people’s homes.

Home Blend currently provides its customers with the world’s most exotic selection of Indian and Indonesian speciality coffee beans, including the renowned Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold, which are harvested from the highest peaks of the Baba Budan region.

 Home Blend was also one of the first companies to market Drip Coffee Bags, which allow you to make a delicious cup of coffee without the need for any special utensils or brewing apparatus. 

They have high standards for doing business and a comprehensive understanding of their product, and they use these qualities to train prospective customers to appreciate the unique flavor profiles of different types of speciality coffee beans.

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2. Subko Coffee

Subko Speciality Coffee Roasters’ goal is to provide a one-of-a-kind experience that is authentically Indian and draws attention to the intricate and careful work that goes into producing speciality coffee. 

Their mission is straightforward: to establish an authentic Asian specialty coffee movement that can speak for Asia in the increasingly internationalized specialty coffee industry.

The quality of coffee is classified as either a commodity or a speciality. Only after scoring 80 or above on the Specialty Coffee Association’s internationally recognized 100-point scale is a coffee considered to be of “speciality” quality. A coffee lot with a score of 90 or above is almost excellent.

Subko has always gone above and above, limiting himself to only roasting and brewing coffee that scores 85 or higher. 

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3. Black Baza Coffee

Think of a world where humans and nature work together to cultivate coffee. The grassroots efforts, scientific studies, and commercial models are all underpinned by a concept they call “1000 Year Brew,” which they use to emphasize the importance of the long perspective. 

They act on the principle that taking the long view lays the foundation for a sustainable future where growers are at the forefront of protecting biodiversity, local ecosystems, and the well-being of their communities. A 1000-Year Brew also helps build a richer, more nuanced culture of coffee drinking among its consumers.

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4. Bombay Island

Founded by Rupal and Vineet Jain out of their insatiable love for the beverage, Bombay Island Coffee Company is committed to bringing its premium blends to coffee connoisseurs everywhere through its network of cafés and online retail outlets. 

Third Wave Coffee has changed the way people think about coffee from bean to cup. To provide you with the best possible cup of coffee, they carefully choose only the highest quality beans and carefully roast them in our artisanal roaster.

Their Indian-grown coffees proudly represent our history, geography, and culture. The coffees come from chikmagalur, Karnataka, which is home to many prestigious farms. The carefully roasted coffee will transport you to the heart of India, letting you inhale the rich scent of freshly harvested beans straight from the subcontinent. 

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5. The Indian Bean

For the better part of a decade, they laboured to make Indian beans, a reliable hub for purchasing green beans directly from farmers and having them roasted to perfection to complement coffee from roasteries all around the nation.

Because of their shared appreciation for a quality brew, The Indian Beans have decided to establish itself as a resource centre for the coffee industry. All these years later, the original, indigenous, and proud motivation remains the same: to unite the community over a shared cup of coffee.

They select and bring clients the finest brew-ready coffees from all over the nation, as well as some of the most cutting-edge brew equipment from all over the world, and the greatest brands in their respective categories, all from a single online store.

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6. Devans

Devans, the haven for filter coffee aficionados, is tucked away in a quiet, comfortable nook that is permeated by the smoky, sweet scent of brewing coffee. 

In the coffee industry, Devans has been at the forefront of quality and innovation for decades, offering the widest variety of Arabica beans and specialized mixes in all of North India. Mr D. Vasudevan, the company’s visionary creator, opened a roastery that has since become synonymous with Devan’s coffee. 

A respected member of India’s Coffee Board, Mr Vasudevan set out on a mission to provide authentic, freshly brewed South Indian filter coffee to the masses. Many different combinations of the finest Arabica coffee were tried until he found the optimal balance of sweetness, acidity, body, and scent.

Siddhant’s extensive travels and training at coffee shops in Vienna and other European cities gave him the knowledge and experience to start his own café, which offers a coffee menu that is unrivalled in the area.

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