If you’re searching for single-origin, flavorful, and tasty coffee beans to satisfy your caffeine demand, Cleveland has you covered.

Local favorites have grown to many sites, and each year, new independent coffee shops open in the Greater Cleveland area.

Keep reading to learn everything about the coffee roasters in Cleveland.

  • Ready Set Coffee
  • Rising Star Coffee Roasters
  • Edda Coffee Roasters
  • Cleveland Coffee Comapny
  • Pour Coffee Co.
  • Caruso’s Coffee
  • Solstice Roasters

1. Ready Set Coffee

At Ready Set Coffee, their passion for coffee has a strong connection to their affection for people.

It all started when Molly and Chris Allen, their sister Margaret Allen, and their cousin Jeff Dangremond were in the Renaissance capital to study at the Espresso Academy.

They were interested in learning about coffee, so they went to The Mokaflor Roastery, where the fundamentals of coffee roasting were taught to them and tested.

Their objective is to create exceptional coffees that make it easy for them to share their love with the communities that support them.

They source single-origin green coffee from Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Sumatra and spend their entire summer roasting, re-roasting, tasting, and evaluating.

Contact info:

Tel: 216 736 8601

Email: info@readysetcoffee.com

Website: https://readysetcoffee.com/

Address: 7306 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44102, United States

2. Rising Star Coffee Roasters

In 2012, Rising Star Coffee Roasters was established with a single roaster and a single cafe under the same roof.

Kim Jenkins, the company’s creator, sought to adhere to two guiding principles.

The first was to deliver a quality product to our community, which became a location for cultural interchange, and the second was to facilitate a good impact on the industry and supply chain by compensating farmers fairly.

They continue to source from farmers and producers that carefully and diligently prioritize quality, and they continue to compensate them fairly.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 216-273-3573

Website: https://risingstarcoffee.com/

Address: Ohio City Firehouse, 1455 W 29th St, Cleveland, OH 44113, United States

3. Edda Coffee Roasters

Edda, whose name is derived from a collection of Norse legendary poetry, is a busy, all-day cafe serving light and refreshing food, anchored by best-in-class Nordic-style coffee.

This distinctive style, overseen and roasted in-house by regionally recognized Head Roaster Charlie Eisenstat, focuses on highlighting the terroir of the bean through a restricted roasting technique that infuses each cup with balanced and rich tastes.

Guests appreciate Charlie’s novel method of coffee roasting and, consequently, Cleveland’s finest coffee.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 216-998-5360

Website: https://eddacoffee.com/

Address: 2011 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44113, United States

4. Cleveland Coffee Comapny

The Cleveland Coffee Company is a locally owned and operated coffee roaster that is committed to excellence.

Their mission is to provide the most aromatic and flavorful coffee possible.

Cleveland Coffee Company is dedicated to providing you with freshly roasted coffee of the finest quality.

When blending, they combine the beans in a large mixer after they have cooled and spin them to guarantee that the different types and, in many cases, different roast profiles are properly incorporated.

They specialize in assisting their clients in the creation and maintenance of proprietary blend formulas that distinguish their coffee shops and restaurants from the competition.

Contact info:

Tel: 216-938-6838

Email: clevelandcoffee@gmail.com

Website: https://www.clevelandcoffeecompany.com/

Address: 3290 Hamilton Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115

5. Pour Coffee Co.

Anthony Lazzaro established Pour Coffee Company in 2017. He focuses on roasting coffee in the Nordic manner, which accentuates the distinctive, vivid tastes of high-quality, single-origin coffee beans.

They begin the roasting process by sourcing premium, fully-matured beans. They only acquire specialty, current-crop coffee, which is coffee harvested within the current crop year.

The average price they pay for green coffee (coffee that has not been roasted) is many times the price paid for coffee worldwide.

They enhance the clarity of their coffee’s characteristics by using beans of the highest quality and roasting them in a Nordic fashion.

No “roasty” characteristics are present in their sweet and vivacious coffees, which highlight fruity tones and acidity.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 216-284-2739

Email: hello@pour.com

Website: https://www.pour.com/

Address: 807 Literary Rd, Cleveland, OH 44113, United States

6. Caruso’s Coffee

In 2003, Mike Caruso and his three sons Dominic, Michael, and Paul established Caruso’s Coffee.

Since 1982, Mike Sr. has been roasting and blending specialty coffees in Northeast Ohio and is widely recognized as an industry specialist in the field.

Caruso’s Coffee procures the finest Arabica coffee beans from the most esteemed growing regions and farms in the world, with a particular focus on single origins.

The beans are roasted to order, packed the same day, and dispatched within twenty-four hours of roasting.

In addition to their huge collection of traditional coffees, they also roast and blend a vast array of Fair Trade Organic Coffees.

Full City is their basic and most popular roast, which takes the coffee to the second crack.

Additionally, they provide French, Vienna, and Italian roasts, each of which is progressively darker than the last.

OCIA (Organic Crop Improvement Association) International has certified their roasting plant as organic.

Additionally, their roastery is Kosher-approved by OK Kosher and SQF Level 2 certified.

Contact info:

Tel: (440) 546.0901

Email: sales@carusoscoffee.com

Website: https://carusoscoffee.com/

Address: 6100 West Snowville Road, Brecksville, OH 44141 

7. Solstice Roasters

Chef-owned and food-focused, Solstice Roasters has been serving Cleveland restaurants, cafes, institutions, and people for over 25 years.

Since 1993, they’ve been roasting and delivering eco-friendly coffees and teas.

Their longevity is a result of their ability to pair ethical, sustainable coffees with Northeast Ohio and beyond’s diverse food preferences.

Solstice acquires its coffees through Direct Trade. All coffees are purchased and paid for the year before harvest at a price that permits a living wage to be paid to those working in the fields.

After that they roast each bean to its utmost potential; the majority of the coffee they offer falls within the spectrum of a medium roast.

Contact info:

Tel: (216) 241-3654

Website: https://solsticeroasters.com/

Address: 1101 Carnegie Ave, Cleveland, OH 44115


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