Due to its emphasis on farm-fresh food and distinct, local eateries as opposed to chain restaurants, Indianapolis is a fantastic and undervalued food town.

Similarly, Indy does not skimp on beverages, including roasted coffee, specialty mixed drinks as well as beer.

The city has several incredible local coffee roasters, and we have compiled this list of local Indianapolis coffee roasters producing some of the greatest coffee available.

The following coffee roasters produce their coffee sustainably. Keep reading to find out more about them.

  • Ice House Coffee Roasters
  • Indie Coffee Roasters
  • Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company
  • Coal Yard Coffee
  • Brickhouse Coffee Co.

1. Ice House Coffee Roasters

Ice House Coffee Roasters, situated on the eastside of Indianapolis, is a specialty coffee roaster.

Their roaster and cafe are housed in the Irvington Historic Ice House, and they strive to continuously source new and fascinating flavors while also offering the tried-and-true ones you adore.

In addition to offering freshly roasted small-batch coffees, they endeavor to bring enjoyment, education and awareness, and enjoyment to the coffee conversation.

They sell small-batch coffee at wholesale prices, so if you are looking to purchase coffee in bulk, do visit their website.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 317-419-2262

Email: icehousecoffeeroasters@gmail.com

Website: https://icehousecoffeeroasters.com/

Address: 400 S Ritter Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46219, United States of America.

2. Indie Coffee Roasters

Coffee, community, and collaboration motivate them at Indie Coffee Roasters. They take great satisfaction in every element of their work, from the most significant to the minutest.

Their team is more than a collection of employees. They are more like a family, and they share a common goal, to make Indie Coffee Roasters the greatest they can be.

Since the beginning, they have had a passion for outstanding coffee.

Since 2013, they have started roasting coffee, and they began by selling pods at local agricultural markets.

They have always prioritized building relationships within the local community, and satisfying coffee lovers.

Their staff continues to expand over time. Every employee at Indie Coffee Roasters is seen as an indispensable cog in the machine.

Whether roasting, serving, sourcing coffee, or executing one of the other critical roles in their shop, they all strive daily to achieve the same objective, to provide the community with excellent coffee and amazing customer service.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 317-993-3443

Email: hello@indiecoffeeroasters.com

Website: https://www.indiecoffeeroasters.com/

Address: 220 E Main St, Carmel, IN 46032, United States of America.

3. Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company

Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company is immensely grateful to its consumers, employees, and coffee supply chain partners for their success.

This fantastic, lively, and helpful cafe has brought them and their society so much meaning and happiness.

The community of CF Coffee Company would want to include you. They look forward to seeing you and serving you coffee that has been carefully roasted and prepared, as well as delectable pastries and snacks.

When you visit them, you can feel good knowing that a percentage of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to various Indianapolis-based community organizations that work to assist their neighbors.

Even though they have decreased seating inside due to the pandemic, they have a safe place to order, sit, and pick up, as well as a shared courtyard with a fire pit and heaters, which is one of the most fantastic outdoor spaces in the area.

They can undoubtedly create good-tasting coffee, and they all have their preferences, but if kindness is eliminated from the equation, it all becomes meaningless. In conclusion, they hope you enjoy their coffee and use it to fuel your generosity.

Contact info:

Tel: 317-423-9697

Website: http://www.cfcoffeecompany.com/

Address: 647 Virginia Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46203, United States of America.

4. Coal Yard Coffee

At Coal Yard Coffee, they appreciate art in all its manifestations, including a barista’s handcrafted beverage, a local artist’s painting, a jazz musician’s saxophone, and more.

They roast their coffee in-house; from bean to mug, they infuse every cup with enthusiasm.

Their breakfast and local delicacies are equally amazing. You can enjoy their delicious coffee with their amazing breakfast.

At their live music events, villagers feel welcomed and motivated. With amazing décor, positive energy, and, of course, excellent coffee, they have created a setting where everyone feels completely at home.

Contact info:

Tel: (317) 419-2262

Website: https://cyc5547project.com/

Address: 400 South Ritter Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46219, United States of America.

5. Brickhouse Coffee Co.

Brickhouse Coffee Co. is a specialty coffee company that uses locally roasted coffee beans from their Brickhouse Roastery.

Direct Trade commerce enables them to assist in lifting coffee farmers out of recurrent poverty, and roasting their beans enables them to provide quality and consistency rarely seen in the industry.

Their highly skilled baristas prepare beverages using their exclusive syrups and recipes.

Contact info:

Tel: (317) 436-8669

Website: https://www.brickhousecoffeeatgeist.com/

Address: 9771 Fall Creek Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46256-4713, United States of America.


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