Coffee’s numerous purported health advantages have been the subject of intense scientific investigation, and they include its capacity to boost energy, aid in weight control, improve athletic performance, and even provide protection against chronic illness.

Here’s a lowdown of some of the best Iowa Specialty Coffee Roasters!

  • Backstory Coffee Roasters
  • Coffalo
  •  Brass Ring Coffee
  • Cabin Coffee Company
  • The Coffee Barrel
  • Conscious Cup Coffee 

1. Backstory Coffee Roasters

Established in 2014, Backstory Coffee Roasters is a Saint Paul, Minnesota, roasting business. Their coffees come from farmers and importers they built lasting relationships with because they share their commitment to social responsibility, dedication to quality, and reverence for the natural world.

By spreading our enthusiasm for great coffee, they want to foster more meaningful relationships among individuals. They work with cafes, restaurants, churches, companies, and more to stock their coffee cabinets with tasty seasonal blends that won’t scare away customers. 

They have decades of expertise in the coffee business amongst the crew, so if you’re just getting started, you can be certain that they know what to do! 

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2. Coffalo

Coffalo is a family-run business that has been roasting coffee in West Des Moines, Iowa since November 2020 use a fluid-bed roaster for all of the people’s coffee roasting needs. 

They use convective heat transfer from hot air rather than a hot drum to roast our coffee. The end result is cleaner, hydrogen sulfide-free coffee with a more uniform roast.

They are dedicated to offering exceptional coffee and service to each and every one of their customers. Each and every cup of coffee you order from us will be freshly brewed. Coffalo is an eco-friendly company that strives to reduce its carbon impact. When feasible, local Des Moines area deliveries are conducted by bicycle.

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3. Brass Ring Coffee

Sam Caster and Emma Barnum, a married couple, founded Brass Ring Coffee in 2014. The business started off as a modest booth at a farmer’s market, selling pour-over coffee made from beans purchased from nearby roasters. 

Later, Sam started selling his own self-roasted coffee to neighbours and nearby shops. After its initial success selling hot beverages, the farmers market stall eventually expanded to include cold brew and nitro coffee, tea, and other espresso drinks. 

Since the founding of Brass Ring Coffee, Sam and Emma have welcomed two children, Dean and Henry, both of whom were frequent “helpers” at the market stand on Saturday mornings until they became too old to remain stationary for so long.

Brass Ring Coffee’s mission is to provide customers with high-quality coffee roasted with a sense of humour from farms that prioritize social justice, economic equity, and environmental responsibility. 

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4. Cabin Coffee Company

Brad and Angie Barber saw a need in their hometown of Clear Lake, Iowa, and set out to address it in 2002. Tourists flocked to the lake, but the main street lacked a cosy coffee shop where residents could relax with a cup of joe and catch up. The doors of Cabin Coffee Company officially opened that past December.

Coffee made from freshly roasted beans is much superior to store-bought joe in every way. Since this is the case, they roast beans fresh every day. While waiting for your coffee to be roasted, you may choose the kind of bean and roast you like.

When Cabin Coffee first opened its doors in 2002, it was because of the community’s strong support. As a result, now every branch takes great satisfaction in being a contributing member of its local community. 

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5. The Coffee Barrel

Since 1983, roasting coffee has been their whole focus. Unlike more than 90% of coffee roasters worldwide, they employ a cutting-edge fluid bed roaster, which allows them to roast the beans more thoroughly at a lower temperature.

 Compared to the standard steel drum roasting method, this one results in a less bitter and more mellow taste. Then, they vacuum-seal all of their coffees to ensure their maximum freshness. 

Established in 1983, their coffee roasting firm has perfected a special roasting method and a dedication to quality that has resulted in the finest beans available. The Coffee Barrel has opened its café selling freshly roasted coffees since September 2009.

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6. Conscious Cup Coffee 

In 2006, a modest café and drive-thru in Crystal Lake, Illinois, became the first location of what is now known as Conscious Cup Coffee Roasters. They dove headfirst into the coffee business. As a group, they had a common interest in some issues. To begin, they set out to source, roast, and sell only the finest coffees available.

Coffee roasters may get their hands on beans in a few different methods. The first and most common is to get it from one of the numerous speciality coffee importers in the United States that traverse the globe in quest of new coffees to bring back to the country.

Similar to the Costa Rican Las Lajas, known for their innovative processing techniques and excellent micro-lot organic coffees. Or, they buy coffee from a cooperative run by women, like the Fair Trade Uganda Bukonzo, which has won awards for its quality. As the first American coffee roaster to bring it here, they are proud to say that Coffee Review named their Bukonzo roast one of the 30 finest in the world that year.

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