Nothing matches the aroma of freshly brewed coffee early in the morning. With the best coffee Roasters in Singapore, you will wake up every day to something fresh.

Local coffee roasters may undoubtedly compete with their international counterparts in terms of coffee quality.

The specialty coffees of the following coffee roasters are pure delights and obtained from a wide variety of beans of single origin.

Coffee aficionados may have differing perspectives, however listed below are our top coffee roasters in Singapore.

  • Nylon Coffee Roasters
  • Homeground Coffee Roasters
  • Five Oars Coffee Roasters
  • Round Boy Roasters
  • Zerah Coffee Roasters

1. Nylon Coffee Roasters

Every cup of coffee has its own origin story and is distinct in unique ways.

Since their launch in 2012, they have opted to focus on this “behind-the-scenes” activity, in which they attempt to reveal the story behind each coffee and convey it to you.

They are great believers in fostering relationships with the producers by working very closely with the source.

They visit different fields and organizations in order to witness firsthand the labor that went into producing the coffees they purchase.

In addition to their constant search for better-tasting coffees, they absorb the experiences of their peers in order to comprehend every aspect of coffee cherry farming, harvesting, and processing.

Through the excursions, connections are forged with local partners and producers in whose care they place the farms and their employees.

Moreover, they value their ties with their clients, professional colleagues, origin partners, and a selected number of reliable exporters.

This network of ties inspires their passion for delivering an exceptional coffee experience, which they hope will leave you with a lasting impression.

Contact info:

Tel: +65 6220-2330



Address: 4 Everton Park #01-40, Singapore 080004

2. Homeground Coffee Roasters

At Homeground Coffee Roasters, they intend to cultivate a network of homebrewers.

This objective is mirrored in their carefully chosen assortment of coffee, designed to make home brewing a comfortable and delightful experience for everyone.

After launching in November 2017 as an online store specializing in partnerships, they met new friends who shared their passion for coffee.

With their assistance, they established their first store in the following year.

They believe coffee may be used as a conversation starter, and their location is a gathering place for both consumers and home brewers, where they can share information, connect over tasting sessions, and investigate new coffee and equipment.

You will find welcoming and approachable individuals who are eager to share their enthusiasm and expertise as home brewers.

Additionally, they are devoted to offering an ever-expanding variety of coffee in order to give the average coffee drinker a better understanding of the coffee industry as a whole and to foster the growing interests of homebrewers.

Contact info:

Tel: +65 8218 4285


Address: Teo Hong Rd, #13 15, Singapore 088328

3. Five Oars Coffee Roasters

They endeavored to uncover the hidden flavors and scents of life in coffee bean varieties from around the globe, and then to share them with the world.

They know from experience that scrumptious food and coffee, paired with exceptional service, may help you catch up on the weekend rest you so desperately need and deserve.

In order to practice and appreciate their profession with people who value it most, they had to carve out a sanctuary for them. This sense of security in the community serves as their mooring.

Contact info:

Tel: +65 8784 2686



Address: 100G Pasir Panjang Rd, #03-04, Singapore 118523

4. Round Boy Roasters

Their dedication and love for coffee have led them from a small cottage shop in early 2018 to a complete retail coffee bean roaster serving thousands of coffee enthusiasts.

Nestled in Singapore’s Jalan Bukit Merah, they are always producing specialty-grade coffee so that you may get your caffeine fix on the go.

At Round Boy Roasters, they endeavor to supply coffee enthusiasts in Singapore with the most flavorful roasted coffee beans.

After being freshly roasted, the coffee beans they offer undergo a degassing procedure to ensure that each serving tastes its finest when it reaches you.

If you like their ground coffee and want to have your daily coffee fix ready in moments without visiting their café, they can supply espresso machines and other coffee brewing equipment to their clients.

Contact info:

Tel: +65 8874-1998



Address: Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-1092 Block 146, Singapore 160146

5. Zerah Coffee Roasters

The founding mission of Zerah Coffee Roasters was to raise the status of coffee in society.

Their technique is rooted in scientific tenets, and they strive to share this knowledge with anybody traversing the fascinating terrain of specialty coffee.

As the coffee industry adapts to the effects of climate change, they make sure their coffee is made without sacrificing quality.

Contact info:


Address: 465 North Bridge Rd, #02-5063, Singapore 191465


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