The intense aroma and the richly dark flavor of coffee are what a coffee lover wants.

Coffee lovers desire the finest cup every time. Therefore, we did our research and added some of the best coffee roasters in South Carolina.

Their coffee is grown by farmers who practice sustainable agriculture and promote biodiversity.

Here are the top five roasters whose beans have received acclaim. Their products are widely distributed throughout the state in restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, and stores.

Check each of their websites for current retail availability.

  • King Bean Coffee Roasters
  • Coastal Coffee Roasters
  • York Coffee Roastery
  • Grind Coffee Roasters
  • Lowcountry Coffee Roasters

1. King Bean Coffee Roasters

In 1994, the owner and founder of King Bean Coffee roasters established the company in a garage in South Carolina.

He was a young boy at that time and had recently completed his naval service near Seattle.

The coffee scene in the Pacific Northwest was blossoming, but it had not yet reached South Carolina. The owner and the son of upscale restaurateurs combined his newly discovered enthusiasm for coffee with his training in the culinary arts.

He began roasting coffee after purchasing a modest and unassuming Diedrich as his first coffee roaster.

He’s been offering fresh and deliciously made coffee to all his customers ever since.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 843-722-7650



Address: 3939 Dorchester Rd, North Charleston, SC 29405, United States of America.

2. Coastal Coffee Roasters

Coastal Coffee Roasters began with a simple concept, to share with the world their family’s enthusiasm for fresh, organic coffee.

They enjoy the beach as much as they love coffee, so they set out for the South Carolina Coast with a mission to transform the world’s finest quality, sustainably cultivated beans into the best accessible freshly roasted coffee.

Their enthusiasm for quality coffee is brought to life in every bag through an innovative, locally roasted method.

They want their brand to be associated with the finest cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted.

Moreover, Coastal Coffee Roasters is committed to delivering the coffee culture to your cup. Check out their website to see what else they offer before visiting them.

Contact info:

Tel: (843) 376-4559


Address: 108 E 3rd N St, Summerville, SC 29483, United States of America.

3. York Coffee Roastery

The York Coffee Roastery has been providing services and funds to York County residents with special needs, such as autistic people, or individuals suffering from brain and spinal cord injuries for almost four decades.

They embarked on a daring endeavor in 2015 when the yearning for a delicious cup of coffee and the necessity to discover an ethical source of job coaching for persons with intellectual impairments converged.

In 2017, the concept became a reality.

Now, they collaborate with a handful of small coffee roasters to get beans from the remote regions of Ethiopia to the shade-covered mountain sides of Honduras, and they continue to scour the globe for the best quality beans.

They promptly roast their coffee, seal it in valve bags, and ship it to you. This ensures that you receive the coffee in the freshest possible condition.

Contact info:

Tel: (803) 818-6909


Address: 132 Blackburn Street, York, SC 29745, United States of America.

4. Grind Coffee Roasters

The Grind Coffee Roasters is a comprehensive coffee supply firm that specializes in every part of the supply industry.

They not only offer delicious coffee, but they also offer tea and other goods related to coffee.

They also provide equipment sales and repair services, with a focus on matching clients with the most suitable equipment for their particular needs.

In addition, they take great satisfaction in providing retail and wholesale customers with solutions and adaptations that best suit their lifestyles.

From coffee to technology, no two clients are identical, and we do not believe in “one size fits all” solutions.

Over the years, The Grind Coffee Roasters has received multiple honors for their company’s ethics, standards, and workforce.

Their company’s motto is simple. They want to make the best coffee from their ethically sourced beans for all their customers.

This means their success is contingent upon the success of their customers and clients.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 843-368-3348



Address: 1 Sherington Dr suite j, Bluffton, SC 29910, United States of America.

5. Lowcountry Coffee Roasters

With years of expertise in the industry, Lowcountry Coffee Roasters genuinely understands the meaning of quality coffee, the machinery and roasting process, and the significance of providing excellent customer service.

The location of Lowcountry Coffee Roasters is in Charleston, South Carolina.

Their skilled and seasoned roasters conduct all of the roasting in-house, ensuring that their customers receive the freshest beans.

Furthermore, they are a locally owned, small-batch roastery that strives to satisfy its customers.

Their expertise and familiarity with the technology will guarantee that your machine is in optimal condition if you want them to repair it.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 843-889-2448



Address: 1171A Clements Ferry Rd, Wando, SC 29492, United States of America.


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