While there are numerous coffee roasters in Wales, we hope to introduce you to those who put in extra effort to provide specialty coffee to your home.

To be included in this category, roasters must normally source and roast specialty coffee to a high standard, and the following top five coffee roasters fit this category perfectly.

  • Quantum Coffee Roasters
  • Two Dogs Coffee Roasting Company
  • Coaltown Coffee Roasters
  • Poblado Coffi
  • Welsh Coffee Company

1. Quantum Coffee Roasters

This is a family business, and as a pair, they have a passion for all things coffee.

In 2015, Quantum Coffee Roasters started its adventure as a combo coffee roastery and cafe.

Since the owners met many years ago, they have both shared a goal to launch a business centered on their shared love and passion for coffee.

The truth is that they enjoy experimenting with the potential of coffee, and this is where their conviction in the relationship between handicraft and science becomes a reality.

The source and purchasing, the procedure and roast, the flavor, the aroma, and the various ways to serve and drink the coffee are all equally crucial.

They also focus on people, relationships, authenticity, and always being themselves and staying true.

This also applies to their workers. Everyone who works for Quantum becomes a member of the family.

Moreover, they are proud of their work, with quality and dedication constantly at the top of their list of passions.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 7413 543335

Email: info@quantumroasters.co.uk

Website: https://quantumroasters.co.uk/

Address: Cardiff CF10 5BN, Wales, United Kingdom.

2. Two Dogs Coffee Roasting Company

They researched the technique of coffee roasting and decided to start a small-batch coffee roastery because they are coffee enthusiasts and have been searching for a number of years for something creative to do in retirement.

The owner of Two Dogs Coffee Roasting Company completed a course in coffee roasting, purchased a roaster, and subsequently founded the company.

In 2020, in response to numerous customer requests, they decided to begin selling their wonderful coffee by the cup.

Next, their internet store took off, and they suddenly required a larger coffee roaster. Not being able to accommodate their coffee roaster in their garage and wishing to have a High Street presence so that their customers could watch their coffee being roasted, they built a retail location in Brecon in November 2021.

Together, they intend to share their enthusiasm for sustainably grown, locally roasted quality coffee by serving individuals via their shops, cafes, restaurants, online store, and events.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 7450 359768

Email: contact@twodogscoffeecompany.com

Website: https://www.twodogscoffeecompany.com/

Address: Treorchy CF42 6RS, Wales, United Kingdom.

3. Coaltown Coffee Roasters

They are a specialty coffee roastery with an emphasis on sustainable and fair trading with small farms from the world’s coffee-growing regions, and they strive to maintain quality at every level of production.

They are motivated by their goal to remain ethical and to roast outstanding coffee with character.

Unlocking the distinctive flavors of the finest coffee in the world starts in the roaster.

By hand-roasting in tiny quantities, their head of coffee is capable of assessing the timing and temperature to perfection, bringing out the nuanced flavor nuances of raw green beans.

They carefully observe how the beans transform from green to straw yellow to a rich, sumptuous brown in preparation for the perfect cup of coffee.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 1269 400105

Website: https://www.coaltowncoffee.co.uk/

Address: Ammanford SA18 2LS, Wales, United Kingdom.

4. Poblado Coffi

Poblado exemplifies the type of community in which they would like to live and work, where the value of their products is as vital as the relationships they establish with their consumers, vendors, and, of course, the farmers themselves.

If you are in the region, their doors are always open to coffee aficionados who are interested in learning more about how this amazing beverage is produced.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 1286 882555

Email: theroastery@pobladocoffi.co.uk

Website: https://pobladocoffi.co.uk/

Address: Unit 1 Y Barics, Nantlle LL54 6BD, Wales, United Kingdom.

5. Welsh Coffee Company

They determined at the beginning of 2011 that it was the ideal time to purchase a coffee roaster and offer small batches of high-quality, specialty-grade coffee in Wales.

They wanted their new coffee chain to represent their outdoor experience of walking, surfing, and yoga as well as their philosophy of caring for the natural surroundings, appreciating its beauty, and protecting it.

Their blends and single-origin coffees are crafted from premium coffee beans that are delicately roasted by hand in small batches to accentuate their distinctive features and flavors.

Their drive to obtain only the highest quality coffee beans, to roast their own coffee using their own distinct roast characteristics, and to produce the most delectable coffee has earned them many big awards and certifications.

In addition, they maintain a positive disposition by blending coffee with an outdoor, healthy, conscious, and coastal lifestyle.

They enjoy participating in the process of developing coffee and ensuring that all coffee lovers remain caffeinated.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 7900 011244

Email: sales@welshcoffee.com

Website: https://welshcoffee.com/

Address: Bridgend CF32 0PN, Wales, United Kingdom.


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