Those that choose taste and freshness above convenience may find roasting their own coffee beans to be worthwhile. Home roasting ensures that you always get to taste coffee at its peak flavor, which is around one week after roasting.

  • Reverie Roasters
  • Local Roasters Co. 
  • Fairmount Coffee Co. 
  • Aroma Coffee House
  • Pts Coffee
  • Messenger Coffee Co.

1. Reverie Roasters

Reverie is dedicated to the quality of the coffee provide and the process by which it is obtained. They use stringent sourcing techniques to choose the best fresh beans from across the globe. To cater to the varied clientele, thecafé offers many different brewing options at the bar. Delicious drip coffee, as well as pour-overs, cold brew, and speciality espresso drinks are all available. Anyone may feel at ease at Reverie, whether they’re there to socialize, get work done, or enjoy some quiet time. Their mission is to spark relationships between staff and clients, fostering an environment where great things may happen for both parties and the community as a whole.

When you order a drink, one of the baristas will gladly show you how they make it with precision and care. Coffee expertise is one of their specialities, and happy to be called “forever” since they know each drink is carefully prepared.

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2. Local Roasters Co. 

The business model of Local Roasters Co. is rather basic. 

Provide roasts of coffee to suit a wide range of preferences. They are a company founded in 2018 by a husband and wife who are passionate about coffee and want to increase the selection accessible to the people of Wichita and beyond. 

To guarantee optimal freshness and long shelf life, they roast coffee in tiny quantities, then bag it by hand and flush it with nitrogen. As a startup, they prioritize finding green coffees from brokers and suppliers that give back to the local communities where they are grown. 

Colby, one of the company’s founders, has been roasting coffee professionally since 2014 but has been involved in the coffee industry for much longer. Along the way, he has dabbled in a wide variety of different professions and industries, including interior design, farming, furniture making, etc. Colby’s love for coffee and music permeates his writing. 

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3. Fairmount Coffee Co. 

Just south of Wichita State University on 17th Street is where you’ll find Fairmount Coffee Co. in Wichita, Kansas. Fairmount Coffee Co. is an outreach of Fairmount Ministries to provide a warm and inviting venue for students and locals to enjoy great coffee and cuisine together. 

At Fairmount Coffee, you can get some of the best local coffee around, along with freshly baked products, breakfast dishes, paninis, sandwiches, and salads that are all cooked to order. On any given day, Fairmount Coffee plays host to a wide variety of patrons from the local community as well as students from the nearby university. 

Attend concerts, open mic nights, and Final Friday events on the weekends. Join them as opportunities to participate will be announced on our social media channels at the appropriate times. 

Come on in and check out what we have to offer.

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4. Aroma Coffee House

Curtis Dunning founded the Little Coffee Company out of a deep love for the coffee industry. After his grandma gave me a cup of coffee with milk in it at 6 years old, he was hooked on the magical elixir. 

As an adult, He developed a real taste for the stuff and made it a point to stop by his neighbourhood cafes and markets regularly to see what new varieties were being offered.

The flavoured commercial beans He bought at the store was OK, but with the advent of the internet, He was introduced to the splendour of speciality coffee beans and the convenience of roasting his small batches at home.

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5. Pts Coffee

Jeff Taylor and Fred Polzin wanted a great cup of coffee so much in 1993 that they started PTs in Topeka, Kansas to provide it. It took PT four years and two stores before they started purchasing green coffee, roasting it in-house, and making trips to the country of origin to establish the Direct Trade relationships that have propelled them to the forefront of the speciality coffee business. 

Their daily decisions and efforts are based on one fundamental inquiry: Is our coffee as good as it can be? The almost three decades together have taught them that nobody else’s definition of success matters as much as their own. 

Their Direct Trade program provides us with about 80% of our coffee. 

For retail stores, wholesale customers, and online consumers all over the globe, they roast hundreds of varieties of single-origin speciality coffees and trademark blends. 

Roast Magazine honoured them with 2009’s Roaster of the Year, and Coffee Assess consistently ranks them among the best roasters reviewed, with 40 ratings of 94 or above and several appearances in the Top 30 Coffees of the Year. 

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6. Messenger Coffee Co.

The way they go about sourcing is fundamental to how they run their business. They seek varying coffee kinds and processing methods since these organic factors influence the coffee’s taste and provide distinctive cup profiles. 

The consumers may get a full appreciation for coffee’s amazing natural tastes in this way. Farmers that care deeply about quality work hard to produce the finest coffee possible. 

Their labor lays the groundwork for what ultimately results in delicious coffee. When defining a genuine connection, it’s important to look at not only the final product but also the steps leading up to it. 

Creating genuine connections is important to them, as is purchasing coffee in a morally sound way. Your consumption of ethically sourced coffee has a direct and positive effect on the lives of the farmers who grew the beans.

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