Surviving a work day can be a lot overwhelming in South Florida and all you need is a good cup of coffee to hang on.

So if it is a cup of java, good old ‘flat white, or even a simple brew, college students, professors and people with 9 to 5 jobs are always going to need something to fuel their day. 

We all have been there where we have rushed to the nearest Starbucks to get a cup of coffee. But for a change too, it is nice to support your local cafes and coffee roasters.

A good coffee roaster and cafe can tell you a lot about one’s culture and what the people visiting are like.

So next time you want a good cup of Ice coffee, decaf, or something strong, you need to check out something in your neighborhood.

Here are some of the amazing coffee roasters and cafes in Fort Lauderdale that you would love and keep coming back for more.

1. Wells Coffee Company

This coffee roaster and cafe started as a small passion project of a husband and wife back in 2013. Wells Coffee Company stands out among all the other options available as it is not only known for its amazing coffee menu and snacks to pair with it. 

This family-owned business also roasts coffee beans and sells them to other coffee places, restaurants, offices, and small businesses as well throughout Central and South Florida. But if you want to see the passion oozing through the coffee business, you should check out the cafe here. 

This coffee shop encourages its consumers to drink deeply as the flavour of each coffee flavour and brew is unique and rich. The snacks here like the blueberry scone and another rich buttery yet vegan options make you want to come back every time you think about coffee.

2. Brew Urban Cafe

The name of this cafe is pretty descriptive by itself and the same is represented in the coffee and the snacks you have with it. Brew Urban Cafe is all about the urban charm if you are into it. 

This place is also known as Brew Next Door, this coffee house also has a cocktail lounge so that you get a good variety of drinks and snacks. The fundamentals of coffee making are followed here as you can also get it via the pour-over technique. 

There are some limitations like along with the pastries and coffee snacks you do not get a full breakfast meal. But having a cup of coffee here is an experience that you would get while looking at the cool decor to electric furniture and also you cannot miss the bookshelf here. 

The artisanal cocktails here and the variety of coffee beverages draw you in but it is also the atmosphere that is funky and fun enough to make you stay for a long time.

3. Press And Grind Cafe

If you are looking for good quality, freshly brewed, and single-origin coffee then Press and Grind Cafe is the place where you need to be at. From the classic cafe brew to a cup of iced coffee, you can get your coffee cravings satisfied of any type. 

This Fort Lauderdale coffee shop sells java of different types as well and you can get light to dark roast coffee pretty easily. And if you feel like snacking there is so much you can try and it is different throughout the day. 

For breakfast, you can get croissants, acai bowls, and even some great organic smoothies on the go.

4. Circle Coffee House

You know a place is going to be exciting and interesting if there are amazing artistic murals on the walls of it. Circle Coffee House has paid a lot of attention to the exterior of the cafe and the same to the interior. 

Massive murals that are plastered in the front of the cafe, make it hard to miss honestly. The place is known for its intricate latte art and not to mention the fresh doughnuts that you just have to get every time you visit here, even for a smoothie.

These were some of the amazing coffee roasters and cafés that you can find in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You can always look for more options but these are certainly the best.

Honestly, finding a good coffee place in Fort Lauderdale is not that hard. And we are not just talking about the plain coffee we are talking about the authentic blends like Cuban coffee or a nitro cold brew. 

Every cafe and roaster here serve you the unique and rich blends that bring the community together and attract a lot of tourists too. Now coffee is something that is the main discussion point here, but some people also like to start their day on a preferably lighter note like a juice or a smoothie.

These cafés are versatile as you can get smoothies and drinks of all kinds but it is rare to find alcoholic ones at a coffee bar. Some have a cocktail menu too so that is going to be your escape for the day. 

And it only gets better when you find some good brews that are from freshly roasted coffee too if it is in-house. You are witnessing the entire process right in front of your eyes and if you want to, you can take some of the beans and make yourself something at home too. 

Do remember to check all the snacks anywhere you go because of the different cultural impacts here and that is just going to make the whole experience more exciting. 


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