Ever heard of the coffee scenes in Halifax Nova Scotia?

Well, it is as amazing as it gets every day.

Other than the taste it is the vibe and aesthetic here that draws people in like the close-knit and versatile, whimsical aesthetic and classic staples to adore. 

There are so many best coffee roasters here that have a hard-working team that not only prioritizes custom care but also the fresh taste of coffee.

There are many other options for coffee roasters that you can check out here but these are the ones that we think are slaying right now.

Of course, the brand name and the reputation carry the quality as well.

You can feel free to explore some coffee roasters on your own if you are here by chance and visiting online is always an option.

1. Narrow Espresso

It is all intimate and chic style here, Narrow Espresso is one of those spots that fit the hidden gem description very well when it comes to coffee roasters. 

Located on the South side, the coffee scene started here in 2013 and with its humble beginnings, it still had a lot of character.

The building of the cafe is very small but there is so much that you experience upon visit.

The place is well known for its boutique brews from none other than North Mountain Coffee. It is not just about the fresh plain coffee here as you see a lot of variety available as well.

You can order so many other blends and beverages like café Vienna and café Marocchino and affogato as well. Also, there are so many smoothies and teas to choose from, so certainly do visit for a delightful evening.

2. Weird Harbour

The name may let you think of things otherwise but if you look up close it’s kind of acceptable yet pretentious too. There is nothing wrong with that and it kind of lives up to it when you enter the premises.

The environment here is hospitable and with the big windows and brightness all over, you certainly feel cozy. With the nice small sitting area and the custom-made wooden espresso bar is a good view every single time.

With the great customer service paired with a good creamy latte at Weird Harbour, you just can’t go wrong with this combination ever.

There is always brewing of some complex beans here that are sourced from Ontario Detour Coffee. 

Whether you are an Americano person or love a flat white on a simple day, each time it is creamy and fresh from the roots. 

3. Espresso 46

Now, this is something that you should check out while you are in Halifax. Don’t be fooled by the small structure of the cafe here that is also an espresso machine repair store. 

There is a lot that you can try here and it is known as the home of the classics as well. The experience of seeing the coffee or espresso being made here is very personal for people here.

You get to have a little chit-chat with the barista, if you are regular here, about your day while he prepares a cup of espresso for you. The beans used here are from Java Blend Coffee which is also considered a classic in the Coffee business here in Halifax. 

So you get iconic blends, amazing Italian hospitality, and the best espresso taste there is.

4. Lucky Penny Coffee Co.

Even the name sounds comfortable and lovely for a coffee roaster in Halifax. It is the perfect spot when you want to just get away from your problems and live nice moments sipping a good cup of coffee or espresso.

The coffee roaster has been open since 2017 and ever since then it has been an adorable cafe with a beautiful ambience. The coffee beans here are sourced from North Mountain Coffee Roasters and these beans are unlike anything you have ever tasted.

They have a chocolaty, nutty, and rich flavour which tastes great once blended well. You can also order coffee with lightly roasted beans. 

But if you are into the dark roast that this cafe does well, then you are in for a treat. Other than the brilliant barista skills, the customer service here also deserves applause. 

The comfortable environment makes you forget about the stress and strain of a long day. 

These were the best coffee roasters that you can find in Halifax Nova Scotia. 

With time, smaller coffee roasters have been thriving and that is mainly because the production level is small scale. This makes a huge difference since the beans are fresh and ordered and used for a short period, which guarantees taste and classic coffee comfort.

You can see with the mass production like Nescafé and other big brands that you don’t get the freshness as it is supposed to be. You can easily have this coffee but the real blend and the effort being put in by a barista at a good coffee roaster are different. 

If you are a regular at a coffee roaster you can easily tell the difference when a different person makes your coffee, the machinery being used, and change in the coffee beans source. 

Each location of coffee beans has a different taste and texture and that all comes down to how it is being roasted. 

You can always look up your favourite coffee roaster and do detailed research as per your liking. Because for a coffee connoisseur, that is a must. 


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