Jaipur India is a place where tea is way more popular than any beverage for everyone.

But now with changing trends and everything, the majority has also hopped onto the bandwagon of coffee love. 

More than loving coffee in this region it has become about looking cool and honestly, everyone wants that.

And it helps as there is a significant increase in the number of cafés here in Jaipur.

And since coffee is not like the official item here like tea, not everyone here knows how to make a good one.

So you better search and look up some good coffee places that suit your taste better.

Here are some of the amazing coffee roasters and cafes that you can find in Jaipur.

1. Curious Life

Curious Life is one of the first coffee cafes to open in Jaipur and they serve first origin coffee that is made out of freshly roasted coffee beans.

The best part of this cafe is that they roast their coffee beans which tells a lot about the craft of coffee.

While providing many brews and types of beverages, one thing you should know is that this place is an expert and quite passionate about coffee making as well.

The place is always filled with a lot of coffee lovers so that surely tells a lot about its popularity.

There are some amazing brews here that are the best seller and all-time favourites. Do try their cold brew, also the Vietnamese one as it is the best. 

2. Half Life Coffee Roasters

Half-Life Coffee Roasters is a new addition to the coffee industry here and it specializes in making single-origin coffee.

The owners of this place have been in the usual wholesale business for a while now and having a coffee outlet now makes total and perfect gradual sense. 

The coffee beans being used here are high quality and are roasted freshly as well.

The cafe here is always full of people which indicates the popularity factor of this place. 

The seating space, on the other hand, is not very compensating for a lot of people visiting at once, so that needs to be improved.

Also, there is always an issue with the parking of vehicles which is a big negative. 

3. Rustic By OTH

Rustic By OTH stands out among all the coffee places that we have been talking about so far and that is for many reasons.

This is the cafe that gives you a full-service experience and it is not just about the cafe alone.

There is a special coffee brand here that you have to try and it is called DEVI. Their Turkish coffee is not good though so better if you don’t go for that. 

The rest of the things have been good so far here but it does lack some flavours of coffee. Another good thing about this place is that it is a good value for money and you do get a good quantity and quality for what you are paying.

With so many foods to try you can also get a table here easily. So, it is one of the best coffee places in Jaipur. 

4. Sutra Coffee 

This place is one of the latest coffee places that is also known as one of the best coffee shops that you can find in Jaipur. There are some speciality coffees that you can try at Sutra Coffee along with many snacks as well.

One of the speciality coffees that you have to try here is called Cortado. There are not many cafés in Jaipur that do not offer this coffee so this is the place where you can get some.

These were some of the amazing coffee shops and roasters that you can find in Jaipur. Coffee culture here is now quite prevalent and many people are drawn to the options mentioned above. 

There is without a doubt much more variety needed because you can’t just go for simple coffee especially if you are visiting a nice cafe. You do naturally expect a lot from a cafe so that is something that some cafes need to work on. 

Some of the high-end cafes in Jaipur and India, in general, are known for the food they have to offer. There are breakfast and lunch options as well that includes sandwiches, pizza, quiche, salads, pastries, cakes, muffins, and so much more that are made fresh and some are fresh as in made when you order them. 

You do see a majority of Indian influence on the food here especially. If you have ordered a pizza it would be a tikka masala or paneer which is good but do make a good choice while picking out a beverage with it. 

The prices are expensive at a coffee place that has more to offer like coffee beans and flavours from all over the world. The extensive and diverse the menu is, chances are that you are sitting at a bougie place. 

It is definitely to each their own but just for coffee do try out the expensive coffee as well as it might give you the perfect taste and flavour that you have been looking for.

A good and prominent thing about the cafés here is that the environment is very warm and welcoming. When you enter a good cafe, you see a good combination of modern furniture or something that is vintage that pairs amazingly with the interior décor.

So do make sure that you check out some of the best coffee spots here but you also look some up in your neighbourhood as well. 


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