The coffee scene in San Francisco is honestly brimming at best for the past decade. And now with the third wave, this entire thing is becoming very popular with time. 

But at the same time, there is so much choice available that one does get confused. San Fran is known for its good food and how culturally rich it is. 

Most of the culture here is heavily influenced by Mexican taste and art so you would also see that in food and beverages here. And since there are a lot of areas covered with a Hispanic population so that influence does make sense. 

Before looking for a food coffee roaster here, make sure that you do a good background check. Here is a list of some of the best coffee roasters in San Francisco that you can check out while you stay here. 

1. Ritual

This coffee place was founded back in 2005 and that kind of makes it the pioneer of the great coffee scene in San Francisco. Ritual is known for the best hand-roasted coffee and even the speciality ones are outstanding.

The founder of this cafe, Eileen Hassi, always thought that the hand roasted style of coffee was something that people here were missing out on. And this made her open up a coffee cafe and roastery as she was also an expert in handling small businesses and also loved the art of coffee making. 

This place was an immediate success from the moment it opened up and onwards. Now it has more than 6 shops in place and roasts its own coffee that is fresh and rich in taste. 

For the coffee beans, you can buy them from the coffee place and also order them online from the very website. Ritual is also known for providing coffee to different restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores and many other places. 

The best part of this place is that they believe in sourcing coffee beans from responsible and organic sources. Most of the time, this place works directly with coffee bean producers to make sure that organic coffee is being delivered to your doorstep.

2. Sightglass

Sightglass cafe started small and as a service cart back in 2009. After a couple of years, the founding brothers turned the place, which was also a warehouse, into a cafe and a coffee roaster as well. 

Now, this coffee label has more than 4 coffee spots in the entire San Francisco and is planning to expand more. This place is more than a coffee spot for people as there are baked goods and grocery stuff that you can get from here along with fresh coffee beans.

The beans being roasted here have a very hands-on and attentive approach to them. The label also is a big believer in sustainable practices and keeping business practices as fair as possible. 

This place is also known for keeping direct coordination with the sources and producers of fresh coffee beans and how the entire coffee experience can be made better for you.

3. Andytown

This place is not that old or something that helped in defining the coffee scene of San Francisco, but it is one of the best. Andytown was founded back in 2014 and it specialises in speciality coffee. 

The founders of this coffee label are experienced baristas. The business here started virtually at first and despite that, it has now 3 shops in San Francisco that indicate success.

These shops act as cafes, coffee roasteries, and also as training labs for people who want to learn the craft of coffee making. The coffee beans here are available online as well that including the single origin coffee and a variety of blends as well.

4. Sextant

Sextant is an Ethiopian-owned coffee place that was founded back in 2014 it is the only Ethiopian-owned coffee spot in the US and is also a roaster. The coffee here is sourced from, yeah you guessed it right, Ethiopia.

Only good quality and organic coffee producers are contacted for the coffee beans. With the advanced technology being used for roasting coffee and the best quality coffee sourced, you get the best Ethiopian coffee there is. 

The place is also known for its fair business practices and for helping out the local farmers and the communities through their business. 

These were some of the coffee cafes and roasteries that you can find in San Francisco during your visit here. Now, these options are the best but you can find out many more as you explore the city. 

But while you are here you need to keep in mind that San Francisco is an expensive city. The food and the location and not to mention the rent here is a bit much. 

So make a budget for these things while you are planning a vacation here. The coffee and the food places are definitely worth the hype as they do have the perfect quality and variety that sits well with everyone.

This place has some world-class coffee places and some of them are mentioned in the list above. And it is not just the coffee but also the food items that you can get from the cafes, both sweet and savoury options that go perfectly fine with the nice hot and cold brews.

Do make sure to check out the local cafes and some spots for coffee in your neighbourhood as well. And even if it is a small place, you might be surprised by the taste and freshness of your neighbourhood coffee. 


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