Dubai is one of the most glamorous places to live in the world.

Other than the glamorous side, people here are extremely attracted to the fact that salaries are tax-free, so that is promising for the future. 

Many people move to Dubai to increase their income levels and the same goes for savings too.

Dubai is also known as the most friendly place to live with your family too.

There are so many safe and secure residential areas that you can explore and live in.

And the food and beverage scene here is pretty diverse because of so many people with different kinds of backgrounds.

You can surely find some coffee options here that are suitable according to your taste or if you want to try something new as well. 

Here we have put together a list of the best coffee roasters and cafés in Dubai that would be right up your alley during your stay here. 

1. Le Guepard

If you are thinking that the name here sounds French it is because it is a French-inspired coffee place. The place is situated in the heart and center of Dubai and was founded in 1982.

For many residents and tourists as well this is the go-to place for coffee and other sweet delights too. There is a wide selection of coffee beans available that are sourced from around the world and not to mention the extensive range of teas and pastries and so many other treats.

2. The Sum Of Us

This is an Australian-style cafe in Dubai that was established in 2003. Obviously, your main goal to try is the coffee here but do not miss out on the breakfast menu here. 

They have this amazing concoction of eggs Benedict paired with parmesan-crusted avocado or bacon and also the avocado salsa verde with feta omelette.  

There are many coffee types that you can get from and the roast ranges from light to dark. 

At lunch, you should try different kinds of meals like battered fish with chips or lamb shanks too. 

3. The Grey

The Grey was founded by two individuals from New Zealand and they wanted to open a coffee shop that serves variety and taste. You can get a hot and cold coffee beverages here as well like espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, and different kinds of teas as well like earl grey, smoothies, and green teas. 

You also get a whole section of pastries and sweet treats to choose from and some savoury options are available as well.

4. Surge Coffee Roasters

The Surge Coffee Roasters is known for their freshly roasted coffee beans daily and how they are sourced from trusted sources around the world. You can order a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans from here and if you are in the mood for trying out something new there are some amazing blends available as well.

You can also order these blends for at-home use and make a decent cup for yourself. 

5. Nomad Day Bar

This is one of the few and first speciality coffee spots in Dubai that offers its consumers a unique blend of roasted coffee and you also get to learn about barista training. 

The ambience of this coffee shop is very similar to almost every single coffee shop out there but they also have an outdoor arrangement on the beach so that you feel extra relaxed while sipping coffee.

When you walk in here you see that there are a lot of vintage decorations here like old radios and vintage furniture. This kind of set-up gives you the vibe of sitting at home rather than in a cafe for a cup of coffee.

There are different types of coffee available here and you can also have some from Columbia, Ethiopia, and Kenya. There are also pastries and cookies available made by the local bakers and also some of them are homemade as well.

These were the few cafés and coffee roasters we think you should check out once you get here. And of course, if you love coffee then there are some interesting facts that you need to know. 

You don’t have to go far-off places to get a decent cup of coffee as many homegrown companies are literally in every neighbourhood. The coffee beans used here are organic and locally sourced as well and with the laid-back and comfortable environment, it feels the best.

The coffee scene here is not as glamorous as it gets with the culinary scene in Dubai. Every cafe that you see here has made its name in the coffee industry here and is all about being casual and making it feel like home rather than a Michelin star.

So whether it is a flat white that you want or a fresh cup of latte, it is going to be casual and these cafes have defined the coffee scenes in Dubai. Now we have talked about how the cafes and coffee scenes, in general, are played safe but you can also find something exciting too. 

The playing safe part is inclusive too for the people who can’t afford the glam in coffee. You can find themed cafés here as well. For example, many coffee places are themed around pop culture and rock and roll too.

So technically, Dubai is not always about glamour but you can count on the causal scenes as well. You can go for anything as it all depends on what you can afford and what suits you as well. 


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