So if you are new to El Paso, it may feel like a fast-paced city and kind of overwhelming too.

But even here you can always indulge in a tranquil spot that is also public but comfortable at the same time.

And when you think of a comfortable spot, always head to your local coffee shop.

Coffee shops here have a very cool and comfortable environment that is welcoming to coffee enthusiasts and people who want to spend some quality time with a book too. 

There are many different coffee cafes and roasters that you can find here and looking for something that suits your taste would be easy to find too.

Here we have put together a list of good coffee cafés and roasters that you can find in El Paso quite easily.

1. Global Coffee

Most of the time the places we go to for a decent cup of coffee have machines to do the job. This is fine but some people prefer the organic and natural pouring style and there is nothing wrong with that either.

If you are a big fan of pour-over coffee and coffee beans that are being roasted locally as well, Global Coffee is where you need to be every time. There can be a lot of hustle and bustle throughout the day in El Paso and to get through that you need a good cup of coffee from here. 

The quality of the hot and cold drinks here has always been top-notch so you don’t have to worry about what you are getting yourself into. 

2. Coffee Box

Now read the name Coffee Box and keep it in your mind as when you would visit this place you would get the meaning behind the name of this coffee place. This coffee place is located inside of a big shipping container which not only makes it cooler but also unique.

Other than the name and its location of it, the taste of the coffee is something that makes you want to have more every single time. The great coffee brew here is award-winning and you should check it out with your friends and family.

3. District Coffee

Coffee places in general have a very similar and predictable vibe honestly and it is all low and mellow sometimes too. But if you are all about the good interior, upbeat vibe and modern look of a coffee house, District Coffee is where you need to be.

The amazing coffee beverages here are of top quality and there is a whole variety you can choose from. Especially, the freshly brewed and delicious java just hits different when there is a beautiful surroundings you can take in every time you visit here. 

4. Savage Goods 

As intriguing as the name may be, this coffee has got something for everyone after a long day or a long day. Fun fact, you might have stopped here for a delicious cup of coffee but what makes you stick here longer is the food. 

There is a large menu of coffee and food so definitely the sky’s the limit as you can create so many combinations out of it, some classic and some might be unique too. 

For a bit of hot weather, if you want a nice cup of cold coffee or something that is shaken up, Savage Goods has got you covered. You can just take your food item and a cup of coffee and enjoy it while sitting in a comfortable and quaint coffee shop as you sip away your worries.

5. Hillside Coffee & Donuts

Who doesn’t love something to eat or snack on something while sipping a cup of coffee? We certainly do and so does Hillside Coffee & Donuts. It is the perfect place where you can order a nice cup of coffee with a snack on the side and that would be the perfect way to start your day. 

The coffee is a stand-out item here but it is also part of the charm of this place that also has so much to offer. Once you get here and see the menu, you would want to indulge in all the sweet goodies and drinks and it just keeps getting better with every visit.

These were some of the great coffee places that you can check out while you are in El Paso. Having to find a good cup of coffee and something nice to pair it with should not be that hard and visiting these places is the exact reason why you should visit them now.

Most of the time people visit El Paso for shopping, to run a few errands or just to enjoy the good food that is also what this place is known for. Now, for that, you certainly need more and more energy and for that, a good and amazingly brewed cup of coffee counts a lot. 

The above-mentioned places are the kind where you can be experimental with your choices as well. People usually go with their usuals when it comes to coffee because it takes a lot to step out of the comfort zone.

You can certainly try a new beverage at these places with some food too because the quality is going to be amazing anyway. 

Anyway, do feel free to try some other good options as well. There is so much that El Paso has to offer when it comes to food and coffee too so you might want to look out for the best of the best in the scene.


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