If you’ve been to Finland, you know that they have a wonderful and distinctive coffee culture that shows up in their coffees.

There are numerous top-notch Finnish coffee roasters that you can visit. Let’s look at some of them.

  • Holmen Coffee
  • Cafetoria Café & Shop
  • John’s Coffee
  • ROST & Co.
  • Lehmus Roastery

1. Holmen Coffee

They think of coffee as an art, and they believe that for great coffee, you need to really enjoy making it.

Their Scandinavian roots have given them a sense of fun, spontaneity, and the desire to make special moments happen.

When they roast coffee in small batches with a drum roaster, they do it very gently and get the best roasting pattern.

This process needs a lot of skill and experience, and it is safe to say that they are quite professionals.

Moreover, they only buy coffee from farms that care as much as they do about transparency and quality.

When it’s possible, their coffee is certified by the Rainforest Alliance and the Fair Trade.

Contact info:

Tel: (+358) 029 123 0800

Email: info@holmen.coffee

Website: https://holmen.coffee/

Address: Pulttitie 16 B, Helsinki, 00880, Finland.

2. Cafetoria Café & Shop

They are a small, international group of coffee roasters who work hard to find the best ways to express their love for coffee and satisfy coffee lovers.

They love diversity, and they found that coffee, with its many different origins and flavors, was the perfect way to connect with people, be creative, spread diversity, and make a difference in their lives.

In 2001, they started their coffee adventure. A conversation with a small group of smallholder farmers began with a delicious cup of organic coffee.

It was there that they learned about the problems of small coffee farmers and the benefits of organic farming.

Should a good cup of coffee help people? They asked themselves this question, and even though people didn’t think much of specialty coffees at the time, they started to learn more about this exciting world.

So many years have gone by since they had their first cup of coffee with the coffee farmers, but their passion and drive to spread the word about great coffees and help people are still there.

They make sure their customers are always happy with them. They also make sure that they promote organic coffees as long as the quality doesn’t suffer.

Contact info:

Website: https://cafetoria.fi/

Address: Runeberginkatu 31. 00100, Helsinki, Finland.

3. John’s Coffee

The John’s Coffee store is in Helsinki’s Mall of Tripla. There, you can enjoy coffee that is roasted by hand and taste the difference that real craftsmanship makes.

You can also purchase a bag of coffee to take home or give as a gift at our coffee shop.

Usually, John is working behind the counter. When you go to see him, you can also talk to him about coffee while he makes you a delectable espresso.

Most of the coffee they make comes from Africa.

It’s crucial to John because he knows not only how good the beans are that come from Africa, but also the people who grow them, their farms, and the conditions they work in every day.

The difference is made by how hard these farmers work and how much they care.

Contact info:

Tel: +358 45 101 5557

Email: info@johnscoffee.fi

Website: https://www.johnscoffee.fi/

Address: Firdonkatu 2 B, 00520 Helsinki, Finland.

4. ROST & Co.

ROST & Co. is a small coffee shop in Lauttasaari, Helsinki, right by the water. The name comes from the expert roasting team that works around the roaster.

They are very interested in how the coffee’s origin affects its taste. Because of this, they started their coffee shop in 2016.

They have a wide range of coffees, so you should be able to find your favorite, whether you like a light roast or a dark roast, filter coffee, or espresso.

The flexible group has both well-known blends and interesting Single Origin seasonal coffees that go well with them.

At their Lauttasaari roastery, they roast all of their coffee. Because they make their coffee in an ethical and environmentally friendly way, you can enjoy it without guilt.

Contact info:

Tel: +358 9 2600221

Email: rost@rost.fi

Website: https://rost.fi/

Address: Särkiniementie 5 B, 1st floor, 00210 Helsinki, Finland.

5. Lehmus Roastery

It is a small Lehmus Roastery in Lappeenranta. Since 2016, they have been roasting coffee in an old warehouse on the shores of Lake Saimaa.

They have eight roasters and a wide range of coffees, from light roast to the darkest espresso, to please both regular coffee drinkers and coffee experts.

You are always welcome to visit their roastery and drink their delectable coffees. Their pleasant staff is always at your service.

Contact info:

Tel: +358 40 837 9164

Email: info@lehmusroastery.com

Website: https://lehmusroastery.com/

Address: Satamatie 6, 53900 Lappeenranta, Finland.


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