If you want to see a bright and brimming scene in any place, you should check out Hamilton.

There are many Tim Hortons and Starbucks, but the local coffee scene for sure lives up to the hype. 

The coffee roasters and cafés here pour in a lot of effort to deliver the quality, freshness, and craft of coffee making, every single day. There are so many coffee options available here so it is honestly hard to choose from.

But here are some of the amazing coffee spots in the city that you would thoroughly appreciate. Of course, there are so many others but we are here to highlight the best of the lot. 

1. Redchurch Cafe

This is one of the bright and fun vibe cafes that has an inviting environment.

Once you enter the cafe you feel comfortable and all you have to do is check out the amazing menu of fresh brews ready to be served. 

Redchurch Cafe is known for using some of the best quality coffee beans in Ontario as they source it from Toronto De Mello Coffee, also known for the wide range of espressos and coffees.

This cafe also has a delightful menu that has everything even if you are vegan. Do try their vegan sandwiches and so many other options in general like daily soups, chicken caesar wraps, freshly baked goodies, and a good breakfast sandwich to get you through the day. 

2. Mulberry Coffeehouse

This is a long-standing coffeehouse that is popularly known for the bohemian vibes that are also unpretentious and comfortable for consumers.

The beverage section here is rich with quality and options since you can order coffee, tea, beer, cocktails, and wine as well. 

The sizable menu here also includes a huge section for the food and it includes sandwiches, grain bowls, salads, baked goods and so much more. Mulberry Coffeehouse is a staple for the locals here if they feel like grabbing a laptop and working here. 

The interior here is designed in a very artistic manner that you get to adore during your stay here. So if you are looking for a place that truly is about Hamilton people, this is the one. 

3. Smalls Coffee

The name of this coffee place, Smalls Coffee, is pretty interesting and so is the place as it truly lives up to its name. This is, without a doubt, the tiniest coffee place that you can find in Hamilton and it can only fit the size of the counter here that has a reasonable amount of food in it and also an espresso machine.

So technically there is no space here where you could work, sadly but truly it is allowed to grab your coffee and leave. The coffee and espresso here are beyond compare to anything that you have been having so far. 

The drinks here are carefully and skillfully crafted and the staff is the friendliest staff you will ever meet. So that checks almost all boxes for a good coffee place. 

4. Vintage Coffee Roaster

If you are a coffee fan, the name Vintage Coffee Roaster already sounds intriguing to you and you just want to check it out. It is where you get premium quality espresso and coffee and the best part of this business, they roast their coffee beans. 

The coffee beans here are roasted on a weekly schedule. This method is applied to single-origin coffee and all kinds of blends from around the world like Sumatra, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and so many others. 

The good baked goods here are seriously no joke as they are also freshly baked. If you are here, do try the Swiss Cone and the Sweet Potato as these items are a must-have here. 

And fear not as this place never runs out of food as the shelves here are always stocked with the goodies from the local makers. 

5. Cannon Coffee Co.

The coffee here is superb and honestly, if you are trying it for the first time you would want to keep coming back here for more. If you are in a hurry, grabbing a cup of coffee would do you good but try not to miss the signature waffles here. 

The mouthwatering and delicious waffles paired with a nice cup of cappuccino, it does not get better than this at all. But if you are a big coffee nut and do not care for waffles, that is fine. 

Cannon Coffee Co. is known for the best coffee, relaxed and cozy environment. The coffee beans here are sourced from some of the best roasters in town, so there is zero doubt about the quality here. 

These were some of the amazing, more like outstanding, coffee spots that you can find in Hamilton during your visit. There are so many interesting cafes and roasters spread all over Hamilton that you would hardly find people complaining about the coffee scene here.

Some of the coffee places are small and some are your typical-looking coffee cafes. But do not let appearances fool you as the coffee here is the best that you can get.

The variety, other than the locally produced coffee, you get is certainly phenomenal. The blends are tricky to work with if you take a pack of Colombian coffee and try to brew it yourself.

In the hands of a true coffee expert, you get to experience the place where the coffee is from and that makes a huge difference. So, next time you are looking for a good cup of Joe, Hamilton is where you look up to. 


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