New England is a culturally packed area with so many different people living here. You see these diverse influences on food and drinks here as well so coffee is no exception at all. 

You can find some good coffee options here if you are a fan of a good light roast. There are certainly no limitations on types of coffee roasts here and most authentic coffee places have it in-house as well.

Not that sourcing from the vendor makes it a bit unoriginal but the roastery does make it more insightful for the consumers. A lot goes into a good coffee roaster as it is not just the coffee but also the fact that you pair it with. 

Here are some of the best coffee roasters in New England that we have narrowed down for you. You can visit them online and check out the actual thing while visiting them.

1. Burwell Beans

This coffee roaster may be in New England but the roots of it are British. The talented team here makes sure that you get the best coffee and that is not just confined to the taste but also attends to you with the best customer service.

The coffee beans used here are ethically sourced and the team of Burwell Beans works closely with the farmers and also the professional importers. 

The best part is that this brand gives its consumers full transparency of where the beans are sourced from and everything about the production and farming. 

The packaging in which the coffee comes is recyclable and this makes this brand environmentally friendly as well. Burwell also believes in giving back to the community so you can see its contributions to environmental, social, and educational purposes.

2. Fazenda

 Fazenda is all about coffee making and describes it as the labour of love. This coffee place is also known for working with famous restaurants, workplaces, and hostels providing everyone with amazing coffee and tea. 

Other than offering special and boutique offers in both the coffee and tea section, you also get to learn about coffee making and the art of brewing the perfect blend.

The best coffee beans are sourced from ethical ends and then the baristas are given proper education on delivering the perfect coffee in a cup. The coffee here is without a doubt always fresh and is delivered timely to the local partners and restaurants right after a fresh roast.

The highest quality of green coffee beans is sourced from around the world from top-of-the-line retailers. This quality-driven coffee place makes sure that quality is delivered with environmental sustainability and with social awareness as well.

3. Gracenote

The coffee at Gracenote is great and so is the roasting process. Not only do you get a good cup of coffee but also a good bag of roasted beans as per your taste and liking in a short amount of time at your doorstep.

The coffee beans are processed here with skill and care. It is made sure that the green coffee beans are sourced from ethical and environmentally conscious sources. 

4. Broadsheet

The Broadsheet coffee roaster was founded in 2017 and is known as the first and only coffee roastery in Cambridge. This coffee roaster is committed to delivering the best from responsibly sourced means. 

The process of roasting here is on the cutting edge of extraction roasting sciences and they always try to improve on the process. Broadsheet believes that the art of coffee making and roasting involves patience, discipline, and persistence as well.

You can also order coffee beans, roasted, from here at a wholesale rate for your business. The brand does provide for restaurants and bars too so if you want to check out, Broadsheet Coffee Roasters is the way to go.

5. Little Wolf

Little Wolf has always been passionate about delivering the best coffee from fresh green coffee beans and working with those who want to learn by being onboard.

Unlike the commercial chains, this brand roasts the coffee beans in small portions so that the taste remains fresh. With mass production, the taste is boxier and you do not want that.

Little Wolf has been around ever since 2016 and has been brewing freshness every single day. It all started at home I’m 2016 and the first consumers of toasted coffee here were friends and family members.

Soon as the founders of this brand mastered the craft they opened on a small yet commercial level. The coffee brewed and roasted here is always from light to medium but it has a perfectly balanced and full rich taste. 

These were the best coffee roasters that you can find in New England if you are on the hunt for some. You can explore more than the options listed above as per your taste and locality.

And if you are going to look for a coffee roaster on your own, you have to question a few things for the best coffee. Are the beans any good? If you think that the source of coffee beans does not matter and all that counts is how it is roasted then that is not right at all.

Beans and where they are being sourced from always matter as it determines the freshness, quality and taste of the brew you are about to have. 

The same concern should be for the type of machinery being used, how the coffee is being brewed and whether is there a variety available or not. 

Do look out for these essentials and enjoy your day with a good cup of coffee. 


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