It may come as a surprise to you but Kansas city has a lot to offer when it comes to food and coffee scenes as well.

So if you are a straight-up foodie, you need to travel to Kansas city, especially Topeka where all the goodies are at. 

There are so many coffee shops and roasters here that you can explore and check out while you are here.

You can look them up on the internet, visit them in person or even check out their website. 

This would give you a detailed profile of the coffee brand and how the process goes. Some of the coffee shops that you visit here are also roasters so that is fresh from the source. 

Here are some of the amazing coffee shops and roasters that you can find in Kansas City and Topeka. 

1. Oddly Correct

That is a satisfying name for a coffee shop. With the quintessential vibe, Oddly Correct is a third-wave coffee shop that has a quirky and fun look to it.

This coffee place takes the job of delivering fresh products and nice coffee to you pretty seriously. The coffee place is rather a small shop and it is always crowded with people throughout the opening hours. 

You can find here a single origin or also a pour-over technique coffee that you cannot go wrong with. There are also chilled coffee beverages of three to four types so the variety is there. 

Other than having the espresso bar option, this cafe is known for roasting coffee beans fresh in small batches to maintain the freshness element. You can get the beans roasted from light to dark and get them in a package to go as well.

2. Broadway Cafe

Broadway Cafe is more like a staple in the coffee culture here and literally, everyone’s a fan. It is a cafe and a coffee roaster as well so you can see that there is a small cafe attached to the roastery this place has had for a very long time now. 

This coffee place roasts their flesh beans and the roast here is a bit on the medium and dark side which is also a bit more developed. The experts here have the house blends and the espresso blends available by the pound here in the dispensers.

You can take as much amount as you like in their different sizes of bags for the trip. The espresso here is a stand-out item here as it has a rich and chocolatey flavour that is also a bit on the caramel side. 

Once you visit here, you never really get a bad espresso shot. The best part is that the refill of espresso here is free and the same goes for the other coffee beverages but there has to be one extra refill only.

3. Dialogue Coffee House

Dialogue Coffee House was opened back in 2019 but in a short period, it has become familiar and famous in Topeka. It is considered the perfect spot if you want to meet up with your friends or want to get some work done. 

Now, this is going to push you to visit this place along with the love of coffee as there are several electric outlets here so that you can plug your device and keep the workflow smooth. 

While you are sipping the infamous coffee here, you need to check out their monster cookies and some of our favourites are Monster Cookies and the Snickerdoodle.

4. Juli’s Coffee & Bistro

So you are in the downtown area of Topeka so to satisfy your coffee cravings head to Juli’s Coffee & Bistro. This coffee place has been around since 2011 now and is also known as one of the National Register of Historic Places. 

This place is famous for its coffee but there is so much more that this place has to offer. This is like the hot spot for grabbing a bite during lunchtime. 

Now, this is not supposed to put shade on the coffee popularity here but if you visit here around noon, getting a sandwich with a cup of coffee is a must. The sandwich selection here is amazing and if you want to know the famous one, it is the Turkey Lurkey.

It is one of the most famous places for having the best fresh coffee but the food here is a good bit to give a try as well.

5. The Classic Bean

Founded in 1993, The Classic Bean is one of those places that are famous and doing everything right when it comes to coffee. This coffee place has a very calming and comfortable environment.

They also have this big shop setup where musicians are all set to play some nice music, making your day even more enjoyable. Along with the fresh brews you can also munch on the fresh baked goods, so it feels like home.

These were some of the amazing coffee roasters and cafés here in Topeka, Kansas. Do feel free to browse some for yourself as well if you are looking for a good cup of coffee tagged with some snacks as well.

These are the kind of places that represent the culture of a community as compared to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, which are commercial chains and all about mass production.

Most of the places that you explore here are going to have food items so that is a plus if you consider it as one with your coffee or tea. 


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