Everyone knows that if you want to experience luxury and comfort then Jamaica is one of the places that should be on your list. For the world, Jamaica is known for its amazing music, the luxury oozing beach resorts, and not to mention the famous jerk chicken.

Jamaican cuisine is famous for its quality and richness in flavour. But did you know that this place is also known for its unique and classy coffee? 

The most popular type of Jamaican coffee is the Jamaica Blue Mountains. The reason for the name is that this coffee is grown in the Blue Mountains.

This coffee is easily the most classy, sought after, and also expensive in the world. It is exported to many countries in the world so while you are here you just simply have to try it. 

Here we are putting together a list that is going to have some of the best coffee places in Jamaica that can satisfy your cravings.

1. Cafe Blue

If you are looking for a classic coffee taste and something comfortable too, look no more because Cafe Blue is the one. This cafe gives you a relaxed and kind of serene dining experience and it only gets better from here.

You enjoy your cup of coffee with the beautiful view of the mountainside. This cafe is all about doing it from scratch and organically.

They pick out their coffee beans at their farm and then through the process of processing it, roasting the beans, and then serving you the drink of your choice as the menu is extensive and diverse. 

2. Island Coffee Cafe

Island Coffee Cafe is a small cafe that is known for selling quality coffee to its consumers. This  cafe is also known for selling its premium coffee brand called Strawberry Hills coffee which is also grown in the high mountains.

You can order a variety of drinks from the menu that are both hot and cold cocktails. The flavours here are both Jamaican and traditional so both are pretty solid as they are made fresh and rich flavoured. 

One of our recommendations is the Hot Mountain Toddy. This is a mixture of fresh coffee mix and refreshing rum. 

3. The Gap Cafe 

If you are into good coffee and some small yet cute cafes, then The Gap Cafe is the best option for you. This is an extremely rustic cafe with a beautiful view as it is high up in the blue mountains that has a lush greenery view. 

Other than the usuals that you get with a cup of coffee the food menu here is extensive as well. A cup of traditional fresh coffee is followed by traditional Jamaican snacks making sure that you get a full cultural experience.

4. EITS Cafe 

For a charming and beautiful vibe, EITS Cafe is the place you go to. Most of the menu items that you see here are produced in their kitchen so that you get the best and most fresh organic experience.

With the beautiful mountain view, you can also have different types of coffee here whether it be hot brew or cold one. 

5. Cannonball Cafe 

A welcoming environment and something that feels like home is always an ideal environment for coffee and that is what Cannonball Cafe promises its consumers. There are several locations of this cafe across Jamaica so you look up one that is in your neighbourhood.

The taste here is consistent and you always find yourself sipping a good cup of hot coffee. There is a mix of beverages from hot to cold and many others like cappuccinos, espressos, and macchiatos. 

6. Cafe Mocha 

The sitting arrangements at Cafe Mocha are something that draws people in here. You can sip a nice cup of coffee out on the terrace or you can also go for an inside setting that is air-conditioned and mesmerising.

The best of this cafe is its location of it as it sits right across the Caribbean Sea. The best is that you sit on the terrace and take in the entire view. The coffee here is freshly brewed and served with every kind of sweet savoury goodies you fancy.

7. Patsy’s Coffeeshop

Patsy’s Coffeeshop is here to give you the best rich coffee taste from all over the world. You do see the variations in coffee here but all they serve is the Blue Mountain Coffee which is surely premium.

With the use of advanced machinery like the La Spaziale Espresso machine. 

These were some of the best coffee spots that you can find in Jamaica. Some of these coffee places have many branches all over the place so you can always visit your neighbourhood to get a nice cup of coffee.

Jamaican coffee is considered one of the best due to its mild and smooth taste. The clean taste of the coffee is simple without any bitterness and yet it is bold and vibrant. 

The reason why people love this is because of the low caffeine content. So if you are big on caffeine and want a strong pour you can always try some different options but Jamaican coffee is a bit mild.

So if you are visiting here, try to visit your nearest coffee place and if you want the perfect view, you should try some with a misty mountain view. This makes the entire experience lush and while paired with the perfect snack you do get a luxurious vibe. 

You can always order the infamous coffee from Jamaica and make some make at home for yourself as well.


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