Torquay is definitely a nice seaside place that you want to visit by yourself or with your families for a vacation. The best place to hangout on a nice evening is a nice coffee place and Torquay has got a lot of them.

There are many options to choose from so it does get kind of confusing where to go. You do have some favourites in coffee too since it is a diverse kind of beverage. 

Here we have some options available for you to choose from. These coffee roasters in Torquay are in no particular order but these coffee roasters and cafes are considered the best according to the locals around.

What Is A Good Coffee Roaster?

Now there is a lot that goes into a brand claiming to be the best coffee roaster in town. Coffee beans and the entire industry is pretty huge so the diversity here is a given. 

When we talk about a coffee roaster, you think of the machinery being used and the experts behind them.

With that being said, there are so many options available nowadays that it is rather daunting to find the best coffee roaster in your neighbourhood even.

Finding a good coffee roaster is about finding the best quality of coffee beans, the blends, and how fresh and roasted the coffee is.

You also get to see the kind of variety a coffee roaster has to offer when it comes to different blends and that is how you check the diversity box. 

You can use coffee beans, from a roaster for yourself and your business as well. A fresh blend of coffee does not only feels and tastes amazing in a beverage but also in the delicious food you can create from it. 

1. Mikro

The first one on this list is Mikro Coffee Roasters, based in Torquay. You get the best coffee experience here at Mikro since the entire process of sourcing the coffee beans and roasting them presents you with the perfect cup of coffee.

You would be happy to know that the coffee here is freshly roasted every day and it is sourced from sustainable means as well.

The entire coffee experience here is enriching and the continuous business growing it helps the coffee producers with their livelihood as well. 

This coffee place had humble beginnings and it started roasting its coffee beans without any professional help at first.

Later on, after gaining much success, this coffee brand worked with the right equipment and skills to get the perfect taste of roasted coffee.

The brand has always been about employing the right kind of talent for the art of coffee making. So with every coffee cup, comes a story of hard work, enriching taste, and a fresh sip of coffee for you to take. 


Founded in 2016, Divine had a small and humble start in the coffee business. This brand started with 300 kg of coffee and soon with gradual progress, it started selling coffee. 

This coffee roaster has some cute values that it swears by to make sure that you get the best coffee experience there is. 

Divine is known for its freshness since it works with small batches of coffee beans. Most of the time when coffee places order a huge amount of coffee beans, the freshness of it is compromised.

That can be taken as slacking too on the coffee roasters part. Here at Divine, people do not shy away from hard work and once the coffee is roasted perfectly it is then delivered to the cafe. 

You can also order the roasted coffee beans and within 3 business days, you get the quality beans at your doorstep. For the wholesale consumers, you get inclusive coffee blends and it comes with the machinery and a manual for the machinery as well. 

While roasting a blend of coffee, it is made sure that the origins are blended before the roasting is done. This makes sure that you get a more cohesive blend taste rather than in fragments like at other cafes.

The highest quality here is a standout and due to that, you get your roasted coffee delivered in the given time. And on top of that, the sourcing of coffee here is done on ethical standards and there is always a generous contribution to the local and community in need.

3. Surf Coast

The Surf Coast roaster here is known for the best and high scoring coffee beans in the entire Torquay. The coffee here is sourced from the best coffee regions in the world.

You get very personalized service as a consumer here from roasted coffee to business coaching and also training if you are a newbie. The founders of this brand are all about empowering people and sharing their business experiences. 

The brand takes pride in being the one-stop shop for almost anything you would need. You can acquire coffee beans, machinery, lids and cups, flavours like chai, sugar sticks, syrups, and a whole lot of different kinds of teas in the world here. 

So, technically you name it and Surf Coast has got you covered!

There are so many cafés here in Torquay that you can explore by the lakeside. In the evening time, the cafe ambience and a perfect curl of coffee do justice if you want to feel relaxed and comfortable. 

Above mentioned Coffee Roasters in Torquay are one of our best picks but you can certainly explore the entire thing online. You might even find something that suits best according to your taste and comfort zone. 


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