In Alaska, something spectacular is brewing. Although it is not the first state that springs to mind when specialty coffee is mentioned, the Last Frontier should not be disregarded.

The coffee culture of the Pacific Northwest quickly spread to Alaska.

The specialty coffee sector has expanded from modest coffee carts to cafes that provide locally roasted, flavorful beans.

Here are a few Alaskan specialty coffee roasters to check out, whether you’re in-state or looking to sample a new coffee at home.

  • Alaska Roasting Co.
  • Sentinel Coffee
  • North Pole Coffee Roasting
  • Black Cup
  • Alaska Artisan Coffee
  • Goldie’s Coffee Roasters

1. Alaska Roasting Co.

The Alaska Roasting Co. has been headquartered in Fairbanks for twenty years.

Michael Gesser, the company’s founder, spent several years in Kenya, where he gained extensive knowledge of the coffee industry.

Now, the company specializes in the sale of single-estate coffee bean varieties. Additionally, they use an air-fluidized bean bed roaster.

They specialize in single-origin varietal coffee beans, and each batch is tested before earning the ACRC’s approval seal, much like a great wine.

The beans are always hand-harvested at the pinnacle of ripeness and not a moment before.

After being dried and separated from the majority of the chaff (the parchment-like covering of the bean), the green, unroasted beans are transported to them.

After passing the taste test, the beans are roasted in the best available roaster, an air-fluidized bean bed roaster.

This particular system offers exact control over the air and bean temperatures, producing the optimal atmosphere for promoting the beans to exhibit their own, estate-specific qualities.

Contact info:

Tel: (907) 457-5282



Address: West Valley Plaza, 4001 Geist Road, Fairbanks, AK 99709

2. Sentinel Coffee

Sentinel Coffee is a Juneau, Alaska-based boutique coffee roaster committed to providing you with the freshest organic coffee.

Their coffee roaster has been in the coffee business for nearly two decades and enjoys sharing excellent coffee with everyone.

Their selection includes coffees from the old world, such as those from Ethiopia and Java, as well as a number of Latin origins.

They also create specialized coffee blends for the perfect espresso or a perfectly balanced brew.

If you are unsure of the type of coffee you prefer, visit the roastery for a tasting to experience a variety of origins, roasts, blends, and brewing techniques.

In order to avoid the use of fossil fuels, they roast their coffee with hydroelectric power-generated electricity, and to further reduce fuel consumption, they transport their coffee in an electric car.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 907-789-9048



Address: 1920 Gustavus Rd, Gustavus, AK, United States, Alaska

3. North Pole Coffee Roasting

North Pole Coffee Roasting is a family-owned local business in Alaska. It has been serving Alaskans and consumers globally for over twenty years.

They were the first coffee roaster and merchant in the Interior of Alaska to be established in June 1992.

They offer freshly roasted coffee made using beans imported from throughout the world.

Their coffee is never stored; rather, it is roasted in tiny amounts based on daily and weekly demand.

Contact info:

Tel: 907 488 7190



Address: 1502 Minnie St, Fairbanks, AK 99701

4. Black Cup

Black Cup was founded forty years ago as the first specialty coffee roaster in Alaska.

Perry Merkel, who was inspired by his trips through Central America, launched his company with a modest air roaster in a shed behind his house. Now Black Cup is a brand owned by Kaladi Brothers.

According to general manager Doug Griffin, Black Cup seeks out the finest coffees from producers throughout the world and examines numerous samples in pursuit of the most enticing features.

Their coffee is roasted on a drum roaster manufactured by Probat in Emmerich, Germany in 1953. Since the early 1990s, they have been roasting with this powerful, ancient roaster.

It creates consistent, clean-tasting roasts that highlight the distinctive qualities of each coffee. The clever design allows them to precisely control the temperature and airflow throughout the roaster.

Contact info:

Tel: (907) 274-0026



Address: 341 E Benson Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99503, United States

5. Alaska Artisan Coffee

Since 1996, Alaska Artisan Coffee has served the state’s most flavorful coffee. It is owned and operated by an Alaskan family.

Palmer, Alaska is the location of their roasting facility. Here, they produce, package, label, and ship their freshly roasted coffee every day.

The general public, as well as coffee shops, grocery stores, and specialized shops, are among their customers. They provide both retail and wholesale pricing.

Their roastmaster, Ron Maclure, is the originator of Alaska Artisan Coffee and has 20 years of experience roasting coffee.

Ron is an exceptional roaster. He endeavors to provide not only the freshest coffee blends but also the most exceptional coffee experience you’ve ever had.

He provides a private roasting package in which YOU are the roaster. He will guide you through the entire procedure, from green beans to a freshly roasted blend that you will be pleased to call your own.

Contact info:

Tel: (907) 745-5543


Address: 4576 S. Glenn Hwy, Palmer, AK 99645

6. Goldie’s Coffee Roasters

Goldie’s was founded in 2013 by Alaskan-born sisters who painstakingly source premium coffees.

Each batch is artisan roasted in Anchorage and served with a concern for the environment – for the trip, your home, and all your activities.

They are dedicated to providing consistently fresh coffee. Roasted by hand in limited batches to provide the highest quality.

Contact info:



Address: 7725 Old Seward Hwy Anchorage, AK 99518


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