Alberta is known for its beautiful landscapes, vivid blue lakes, and the Stampede, but you should also consider its coffee scene!

There are a lot of coffee roasters that will really stand out to you, but the following listed roasters are six in particular.

Find out which roaster’s coffee beans from Alberta you should try by reading on!

  • Wildcat Coffee Company
  • Riverbend Roasters
  • Rogue Wave Coffee
  • Loft Coffee Co.
  • Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters
  • Rosso Coffee Roasters

1. Wildcat Coffee Company

Wildcat Coffee Company is a high-end small-batch coffee roaster. They are located on the fabled Cowboy Trail in the foothills of Alberta with pride.

Since great coffee should be enjoyed by everyone, they are committed to providing premium craft roasted coffee blends at fair prices.

To produce an absolutely flawless cup of coffee, their beans are delicately roasted in tiny quantities after being carefully picked from Central and South America.

Brazilian, Honduran, and Guatemalan beans are the ideal blend for their classic medium roast. This mix produces a smooth, rich coffee that’s ideal for the everyday grind, with vibrant and lively caramel and chocolate overtones.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 403-818-2663



Address: 211-A Railway Ave E, Cremona, AB T0M 0R0, Canada.

2. Riverbend Roasters

Riverbend Roasters carefully roast and craft their coffee to bring out the natural tastes of the beans. The top coffee bean farms in the world have been located by them.

They only roast their beans in small amounts to guarantee that they live up to their standards and are of a caliber they are happy to share with you.

Their beans are carefully chosen from various regions of the world and then gently roasted in tiny quantities to produce an absolutely perfect cup of coffee.

With regard to every area of their roasting company, they endeavor to be ecologically conscious.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 587-987-7060



Address: St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

3. Rogue Wave Coffee

Rogue Wave Coffee’s goal is a never-ending obsession. They provide flavorful, intriguing coffee from all around the world that has been roasted to the highest standard.

Their source their beans from farmers in the Bukure region who reside close to the washing station and grow their own naturally processed beans.

Each fresh batch of their roasted coffee beans is an experiment in its first year, and they always succeed.

Their aim is to find and roast the tastiest and most intriguing coffees for you.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 825 461 5564



Address: 11322 119 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

4. Loft Coffee Co.

Loft Coffee Co. is Canada’s Small Batch Coffee Roaster that roasts its coffee beans in a Barn Loft.

They strongly support “single origin” coffee. A lone farm, a lone washing machine, or a lone farmer.

This means that when you buy their coffee, you’ll be savoring the fruits of the labor of diligent growers from certain regions of many different nations.

Whatever your roast choice or flavor predilection, one thing is for certain. You’ll always get better-tasting, freshly roasted coffee that has a distinctive flavor.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 587-888-3697



Address: 214 E Canal Crt., Strathmore, Alberta, Canada.

5. Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

With partner cafes across Canada, Phil & Sebastian sources, roasts, and brews coffee with passion in Calgary, Alberta.

Two young men who went by the names Phil & Sebastian first met at the University of Calgary in 1996 while pursuing engineering degrees.

These abilities would later be used by both of them to make expert cups of espresso and beans, demonstrating the transferability of these abilities.

When you visit one of their stores to buy coffee beans, every barista there is knowledgeable and willing to provide specific advice.

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters also ship their beans across the country in order to allow you to enjoy their beans from your house anywhere in Canada.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 403-261-1885



Address: 618 Confluence Way SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0G1, Canada.

6. Rosso Coffee Roasters

Rosso Coffee Roasters aims to carefully choose ethically sourced beans. This roaster pays great attention to every little thing to guarantee top-notch coffee.

They are dedicated to offering fair rates on excellent hand roasted coffee blends.

Rosso currently sources from 10 different nations across the globe.

Each of these nations has a unique manufacturing method, coffee variety, microclimate, and eventually, a variety of flavors to discover.

You may test these high-quality beans from anywhere in Canada thanks to their free shipping policy.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 587-353-7677



Address: 1402 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0T5, Canada.


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