For some people, the best cup of coffee is the one they are currently holding, while others view coffee as more of a poetic experience than an alarm clock.

These addicts measure their life in coffee spoons, worry about purchasing the greatest French press, and even attempt to create latte art at home.

We have found the best coffee roasters in Asheville who take an absurd amount of care in every stage of the process, from visiting the fields where the coffee is grown to crafting distinct roast profiles that bring out each bean’s unique snowflake-like flavor characteristics.

Learn more about these coffee roasters by reading on.

  • Asheville Coffee Roasters
  • Cooperative Coffee Roasters
  • Mountain City Coffee Roasters
  • Pennycup Coffee
  • Summit Coffee Co.

1. Asheville Coffee Roasters

Asheville Coffee Roasters has been roasting the finest coffee beans for local residents, restaurants, special events, and devoted customers from New York to Seattle for more than fifteen years.

Asheville Coffee Roasters was formed by Andi O’Gorman and Greg Bounds to provide a fresh alternative to stale, mass-produced coffees.

They began as an artisan roaster, roasting small batches of the world’s finest varietals by hand.

They continue this tradition by cooling and packaging our specialty roasts in foil-gusseted packets with degassing valves on a regular basis to maintain freshness.

The French roast that is now their signature coffee, Pitbull on Crack, has been developed over time.

They roast our organic coffee beans at a high temperature, awaiting the crucial first “crack.”

To assure a great roast, they sample the lightly roasted beans, but they leave them on the fire until the second “crack,” which sounds decidedly French.

Contact info:

Tel: (828) 253-5282


Address: 85 Weaverville Road, Asheville, NC 28804

2. Cooperative Coffee Roasters

Cooperative Coffee aims to unite, inspire, and serve those who have a great appreciation for the enchantment of coffee and the planet it grows on.

They source high-quality green coffee from their producing partners through open communication.

They roast each of these coffees to bring out their own characteristics to their fullest.

Cooperative Coffee Roasters began roasting in Asheville, North Carolina, in 2019 and soon became the buzz of the town within its first few months of operation.

Matt McDaniel’s career in specialty coffee began in Atlanta, evolved throughout his time in Durham, and is now complete in Asheville, North Carolina.

They provide their customers with a variety of lot selections and roasting styles for these goods.

Contact info:

Tel: (828) 367-9330



Address: 210 Haywood Rd, Asheville, North Carolina, United States

3. Mountain City Coffee Roasters

Mountain City is a specialty coffee roaster. They roast coffee every week and provide the fresh roast date on the bag, so you’ll always know when it was roasted.

They offer the same wholesale pricing to everyone, regardless of whether you are a home brewer, grocery store, or coffee shop. Their prices are listed online.

Their coffee is roasted in small batches using a German-made Probat roaster, a method frequently referred to as artisan or craft roasting.

They do not have automated controls on the roaster; instead, they monitor the operation with a few thermocouples, their eyes and ears, and open-source software.

The majority of their roast levels range from light to medium, allowing you to enjoy the distinct flavor of each origin. Even their French Roast is not so dark that it has lost its coffee flavor.

Contact info:

Tel: 828 407 9258



Address: 191 Charlotte St, Ste 101, Asheville, NC 28801-1990

4. Pennycup Coffee

Pennycup Coffee is an Asheville, North Carolina-based small-batch roaster. They have four locations across Asheville.

They have established themself as a mainstay in the Asheville coffee industry and are served in a variety of local restaurants, making it the ideal house coffee.

PennyCup roasts its own coffee at its River Arts District location.

PennyCup has established a downtown store in the historic YMI building and an especially family-friendly site on the east side in the Haw Creek area over the past several years.

In an effort to create an exceptional cup of coffee, they source the highest-quality, sustainably-grown green coffee and then roast it to their stringent specifications.

Contact info:

Tel: 828-575-9495


Address: 39 Market Street, Downtown Asheville, NC

5. Summit Coffee Co.

Summit Coffee Co. is a certified organic coffee roaster and distributor with café locations in Asheville, Charlotte, Davidson, and Roswell (Georgia). Expanding into new markets across the country.

Their original café opened in 1998 in the same 19th-century structure in Davidson, North Carolina, where it remains to this day.

It is known as Basecamp, and it serves as the physical foundation for Summit’s state-wide tale.

In 2015, they opened a roastery in Cornelius, North Carolina, and their newest facility is already in Chapel Hill.

Even though they do not roast coffee at their Asheville site, it quickly gained popularity when it debuted in 2017 due to its high ceilings and abundance of natural light.

Brian Helfrich, the company’s CEO and owner, won the 2020 Charleston Coffee Cup, showing their coffee’s exceptional quality.

This is not surprising given that they travel the globe every few months to identify and revisit coffee growers and deal with the same farmers and cooperatives year after year.

As a result, Summit Coffee has consistently provided us with high-quality coffee.

Contact info:

Tel: 828-705-8071


Address: 4 Foundy St suite 20, Asheville, NC 28801, United States


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