In British Columbia, you will frequently be shocked by both people and cafes. That’s correct, as some of their cafes feature outstanding coffee.

If you are in BC and looking for coffee roasters, we have put together a list of the top six coffee roasters to satisfy your needs.

  • Coffee Roastery Modus
  • Timbertrain Coffee Roasters
  • The Boulevard Coffee Roasting Co
  • Pallet Coffee Roasters 
  • Roaster Central
  • Origins Coffee Roasters

1. Coffee Roastery Modus

As a micro-roaster based in Vancouver, they try their best to treat their customers fairly.

They make their menu that is built on seasonal coffees and partnerships, so you can receive perfectly balanced coffees at their freshest and sweetest.

However, you won’t find any mixes or dark roasts at this roastery.

The single-origin coffees produced by their partners are highlighted in their standard profiles. Their specialty is showcasing in-season origins via the prism of their roasting method.

Moreover, they always look out for both their employees and customers. If you become their subscriber, you will get the newest coffees first, in small and exclusive batches that are available only to you each month.

The best part is that you can upgrade, downgrade, or halt at any moment.

Contact info:



Address: 112 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

2. Timbertrain Coffee Roasters

Timbertrain Coffee was founded with the purpose of uniting people through their shared love of coffee.

It didn’t take them long to understand that over cups of coffee, people gathered, shared experiences, and were brought together.

This roastery place has a culture based on ethics, education, and experience. The culture behind it offers an intimate look at the considerations involved in sourcing and preparing the perfect coffee, showing how a finely designed process can lead to the final product.

When they make their coffee, there is a lot that goes on, from equipment to sourcing.

Knowing what an art a cup of delicious coffee is, The Timbertrain crew works hard to deliver the best coffee in town.

Ever since this roastery came into being, it has made a commitment to looking for, locating, and procuring from high-quality farms all over the world.

The beans are sent to Vancouver and properly roasted in-house after being carefully chosen for their quality and high agricultural ethics.

Furthermore, their top priority is sustainability.

It gives Timbertrain great joy to keep a close eye on the meticulous process that goes into making coffee, from acquiring premium beans ethically to hand roasting them in-house and sharing them with you.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 604-915-9188


Address: 551 McLean Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 0C2, Canada.

3. The Boulevard Coffee Roasting Co

The Boulevard Coffee Roasting Co., which is situated at the University of British Columbia’s entrance, is a small, neighborhood company with deep ties to the area.

The company’s founder founded it while pursuing his Ph.D.

He has a track record of commitment to civic engagement and leadership. He has received numerous accolades for humanitarian service.

In addition, he believes in fair trade, and thus, has a fair trade certification for all of his coffees.

By doing this, he guarantees both the farmers’ quality of living and the caliber of the coffee you receive.

Contact info:

Tel: 604.827.4488



Address: 5970 University Boulevard, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

4. Pallet Coffee Roasters

Pallet was founded in East Vancouver with the goal of bringing excellent specialty coffee to everyone in the neighborhood.

They take great pride in being a local independent and community-focused coffee company, and they stand out from the competition with their unwavering commitment to delivering a quality product and enthusiasm for amazing coffee to their community.

Their commitment to showcasing a range of coffees from skilled growers around the globe began with the aim of exhibiting quality and transparency in coffee.

Pallet gradually expanded over the following five years to become the well-known brand it is today, with many stores spread throughout Vancouver.

Lastly, it operates a full-service roastery, cafes, restaurants, and partners with wholesalers today.

Contact info:

Tel: 604-255-2017


Address: 395 Alexander Street, Vancouver, BC, V6A 1C4, Canada.

5. Roaster Central

In order to provide their consumers with a carefully curated assortment of amazing ground coffee from roasters across Canada in one location, the staff at Roaster Central works really hard.

The resounding response of their customers inspired them to expand that initial concept to their brand-new website, delivering the Roaster Central experience to your home or workplace.

Specialty coffees on their carefully picked menu come from Vancouver and other places.

The majority originate from small-batch roasters who are genuinely enthusiastic about their work. This is coffee at its best, providing the chance to sample a wide range of various roasts, origins, and flavors.

Contact info:

Tel: 604-244-7989


Address: 1015 Clark Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

6. Origins Coffee Roasters

On Granville Island, there is a wholesale coffee roaster called Origins Coffee Roasters. The public always is welcome to come inside and drink their amazing coffee.

Their skills include installing and repairing roasters, as well as using their knowledge to train baristas, competition judges, and roastmasters, and work with labs and experts.

However, their passion is roasting coffee.

They think it is up to each person working in the coffee industry to decide what they can accomplish given their circumstances, resources, and level of commitment and skill.

They have made an effort to provide long-lasting, significant contributions using their unique abilities and experience by working closely with farmers and giving back at the source.

Contact info:

Tel: 604-684-5552



Address: 1245 Cartwright Street – Granville Island, Vancouver, BC.


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