It is common knowledge that caffeine keeps the globe awake. Without it, we would all be in slow motion or even asleep.

In the 17th century, coffee was introduced to Europe, and then the enlightenment occurred. We believe it is not a coincidence.

Therefore, why should today’s coffee roasters’ ethical efforts cease when it comes to your daily dose of caffeine?

Check out these distinguished Edinburgh coffee roasters whose coffee will definitely lift your mood.                                                                                                                                                                 

  • The Source Coffee Roasters
  • Williams & Johnson Coffee Co.
  • Luckie Beans
  • Cairngorm Coffee
  • Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Co

1. The Source Coffee Roasters

They roast at a super tranquil spot in Haddington, East Lothian, using a 10kg roaster.

All of their coffees are rested prior to sale to guarantee that they have fully grown prior to brewing.

Moreover, their coffee shop in the old center of Edinburgh is open six days per week. They have exceptional coffee, delicious vegan bakery items, and much more.

They provide an incredible assortment of roasted beans for online purchase, along with accessories and gifts for their enjoyment.  

Contact info:

Tel: +44 7932 816552



Address: 4 Spittal St, Edinburgh EH3 9DX

2. Williams & Johnson Coffee Co.

They take care of their seasonally chosen coffees, and as they continue to obtain new fresh crop beans, their selection changes throughout the year.

All of their coffees are pure to highlight their unique characteristics. They roast in limited quantities at their café, so that each coffee is roasted according to its own unique roast profile, which is aimed to bring out the bean’s natural characteristics and the best flavor.

Additionally, their main cafe is located in the same facility as their 12kg coffee roaster, where all of their coffees are roasted and packaged.

You can always visit them and learn more about the entire process or just enjoy their delicious coffee prepared with care in a lovely location. 

Contact info:

Tel: +44 7542 974642



Address: 1 Customs Wharf, Edinburgh, EH6 6AL

3. Luckie Beans

When they decided to increase their production of coffee roasts, they realized there was only one option for a coffee roaster.

With the installation of a manual valve, they have complete control over their burners and roasts.

They use data logging software to profile the roast and to ensure that every batch is of the highest quality.

So, subscribe to their delicious coffees, or simply purchase a singular bag, as all of their coffee is shipped in environmentally friendly, recyclable letterbox packaging.

Contact info:



Address: Edinburgh Haymarket Station, Edinburgh EH12 5EY, United Kingdom

4. Cairngorm Coffee

Robi, who was raised with an appreciation for well-brewed coffee, founded Cairngorm Coffee Co. in 2014.

Now, eight years later, they continue to expand, and their great team works relentlessly each day to serve their customers, whether online, in one of their three Edinburgh cafes, or as a wholesale customer in one of the many cafes they stock around Scotland.

They collaborate with extraordinary coffee producers around the globe.

Before roasting samples, performing cuppings, and selecting the ideal blend to present to their customers, they meticulously vet all of their sources.

They constantly endeavor to ensure that their distribution network is as sustainable as possible.

They always pay fairly and adhere to the golden rule: treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself.

In their Edinburgh-based roastery, their coffee beans are roasted with utmost love and care, and attention to detail.

Their team of roasters uses precise algorithms on their 12-kilogram coffee roaster to ensure that each coffee meets its standards for being sweet and juicy.

Furthermore, they care about every aspect of producing exceptional coffee. And they believe that more people should appreciate excellent coffee.

This necessitates that they do everything possible to ensure that their outstanding team is capable of achieving this goal, including providing the most enjoyable working environment and training to the highest standards.

Their pricing is always as reasonable as possible, and they never sacrifice quality or enjoyment for their consumers.   

Contact info:


Address: 1 Melville Place, Edinburgh

5. Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Co

Their dedicated team of buyers sources the finest quality green coffee beans from farms around the world throughout the entire year.

On a daily basis, their master roaster roasts these by hand in small batches using a vintage Probat roaster.

No matter how advanced the company, artisan coffee roasters worldwide continue to favor Probat machines, which is why they use them.

Their vintage roaster is located in their modern, purpose-built facility, enabling them to blend and package their coffees within an hour of roasting.

By performing every stage of production in-house, they can guarantee the freshness of all of their coffees, ensuring that you experience the subtle qualities and delicate notes that their master roasters coax from green, unroasted beans.  

Contact info:

Tel: 0131 669 9222


Address: 214 Sir Harry Lauder Road, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH15 2QA, United Kingdom


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