People typically associate coffee with its capacity to deliver an energy boost. Nevertheless, research indicates that it may potentially provide additional major health benefits.

For many people, coffee is not a mere beverage, it is a feeling. For outstanding coffee, you must want coffee roasters.

If you conduct a web search for online coffee roasters, you will encounter a vast selection of high-quality roasters.

With a plethora of options, it can be difficult to choose the ideal coffee roaster.

Not to worry as we have put together a list of the top ten independent European coffee roasters. Keep reading to find out more about them.

  • The Barn
  • Right Side Coffee
  • Gardelli Specialty Coffees
  • Solberg & Hansen
  • Drop Coffee
  • Square Mile Coffee Roasters
  • Fjord Coffee Roasters
  • Monks Coffee Roasters
  • Stooker Roasting Company
  • Roast Master Europe

1. The Barn

The Barn has a very straightforward approach which is to find, roast, and make deliciously outstanding coffee.

It shines in its commitment to forging links between the holy trinity of coffee. The testament to this is their four cafés and roastery.

The very first step is to get the highest-quality beans available on the market, which is farmed using ethical methods.

The Barn also spends high prices on these beans, which is quite rare in the coffee business at large.

Additionally, they roast the beans slowly. This process delicately toasts the beans and makes them super delicious.

The Barn, unlike other roasters and coffee producers, even trains its baristas on the terminology and techniques of roasting to improve communication with the roasting staff.

Contact info:


Address: Schönhauser Allee 8, 10119 Berlin, Germany, Europe.

2. Right Side Coffee

People of Spain have been awash in coffee for some time.

Joaquin Parra’s coffee roasting establishment, Right Side Coffee, is named for the side of the brain that governs enthusiasm and innovation, and its beans reflect this.

His coffee beans are sourced and roasted by a coffee veteran, who is one of the best in town.

Moreover, right side coffee has won many awards and it is a regular competitor in the World Coffee Roasting Championships.

And while awards and prizes are lovely, what truly distinguishes them is their innovative approach to coffee roasting.

Under each bag of beans sold on their website is a tab that contains all the necessary info regarding the beans, their characteristics, and their history.

Contact info:

Tel: +34 931 92 80 08


Address: Passatge Indústria, 7, 08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain, Europe.

3. Gardelli Specialty Coffees

Gardelli Specialty Coffee is one of the best coffee roasters in the coffee industry.

According to the number of awards they have received over time, it is the most accomplished competitor roaster in history.

The owner of Gardelli is the most accomplished man in the coffee industry and has qualified for the most coffee roasting championships.

All of Gardelli Specialty Coffees’ coffees are softly roasted to allow the bean’s flavor to be dictated more by the bean than by the roast. Their coffee beans are also slightly toasted to give the perfect taste.

Contact info:

Tel: +39 0543 806574


Address: Via Camillo Versari, 2, 47121 Forlì FC, Italy, Europe.

4. Solberg & Hansen

Solberg & Hansen is an old coffee roasting firm that offers the finest coffee in town. It was the first coffee roasting firm established in Norway and may very well be the greatest.

It also won many coffee roasting championships, which makes it one of the best.

Its retail outlet is in Oslo’s Mathallen. It is a specialized food market that further exemplifies its philosophy.

Moreover, it is a coffee shop for true coffee enthusiasts, meaning that it is dedicated to showcasing the power of coffee in its purest form, with no milk or sweets on the premises.

Contact info:

Tel: +47 23 03 68 20


Address: Enebakkveien 125, 0680 Oslo, Norway, Europe.

5. Drop Coffee

At Drop Coffee, they are committed to sourcing only the most flavorful and sustainably grown coffee beans, and they personally visit each of their suppliers to make sure they provide you with the best.

They roast the coffee with complete attention to the sweetness of each individual coffee, always seeking clarity in the coffee to satisfy coffee enthusiasts.

In addition, they export coffee directly from their roastery throughout the world every single day.

Contact info:

Tel: +46 70 777 94 88


Address: Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10, 118 50 Stockholm, Sweden, Europe.

6. Square Mile Coffee Roasters

Square Mile Coffee Roasters was established in 2008 and it is now a multi-award-winning coffee roasting firm.

The pioneers of this firm are James Hoffmann and Anette Moldvaer.

They have developed into a vibrant team of brilliant coffee professionals, all of whom have a wealth of expertise and an enthusiasm for what they do, and they have become synonymous with London’s coffee culture.

They focus on wholesale and choose to work with trained and professional enterprises that wish to provide their thoughtfully sourced and expertly roasted coffee.

Furthermore, they are on a quest to evolve continuously and improve themselves. They make sure they have an impact on people and seek better solutions for their daily tasks.

By collaborating with and supporting their supply chain partners, they enhance their partnerships and relationships, and hence, contribute to putting London’s specialty coffee and culture on the map.

Contact info:

Tel: +44 20 7729 3744


Address: Uplands Business Park, 13 Blackhorse Ln, London E17 5QJ, United Kingdom.

7. Fjord Coffee Roasters

Fjord Coffee Roasters is a Germany-based coffee roasting company whose objective is to discover coffee’s rarest and most distinctive flavors and make coffee lovers happy.

They view coffee roasting as an art, and therefore, continuously seek to gain experience to become Europe’s premier coffee roasters.

They believe mastering the art of coffee roasting is a lifelong journey, which they will continue through a devoted, disciplined, and innovative approach.

As a result of their approach, they have come to realize that the most amazing flavors are created on the farms and at the processing facilities, and they think it’s their responsibility as roasters to highlight the flavors.

They work directly with the world’s finest coffee producers and farmers to explore the rarest and most distinctive coffee flavors.

They also conduct various experiments in an attempt to deliver the best to their customers.

Their approach to coffee roasting not only enables the coffee’s wonderful and delicious flavors but also produces higher value for the producers they work with.

Contact info:



Address: Zur Alten Börse 79, 12681, Berlin, Germany, Europe.

8. Monks Coffee Roasters

At Monks Coffee Roasters, they source and hand-roast great coffee in a sustainable manner for your enjoyment.

Their coffee beans are grown by farmers that employ ecologically and socially sustainable methods that promote a healthy lifestyle and a living wage for their employees.

This is evident in the high quality of their coffees.

Moreover, their objective is to provide you with a satisfying coffee experience by only ethical and sustainable means.

You can also support their local companies and communities by consuming their products and donating to local causes as part of their duty of care.

Contact info:

Tel: +31 6 23131661



Address: Bilderdijkstraat 46, 1052 NB, Amsterdam, Europe.

9. Stooker Roasting Company

Since 2008, Stooker Roasting Company has been at the frontline of the specialty coffee sector.

Later, the owner of the company built a bar and offered his brews to the coffee-loving population in the area.

The professional staff at the company develop their sustainable connections based on sharing the same beliefs.

Some of their partners have been with them for over a decade, and each member of their crew plays a unique role.

Together, they offer the finest coffee in the world.

Additionally, they are open to industry developments, and participate in every step of the process, acting with honesty and without cutting corners.

Their goal is to establish a new benchmark for equitable and sustainable coffee business operations.

Contact info:

Tel: +31 (0)20 737 17 14



Address: Kastanjeplein 2, 1092 CJ, Amsterdam, Europe.

10. Roast Master Europe

They are the most modern coffee roaster in the world carrying a broad selection of highly specialized green coffee beans.

They provide excellent service to your café or grocery store’s clients. They use the roast master method to roast their coffee beans.

Not only do they roast coffee beans in the most efficient and innovative way, but they also offer independent coffee roasters.

In this way, you can halve your coffee expenses.

By having your own roaster, you have greater control over the product’s quality, and you simultaneously improve sales and earnings.

As soon as they launched their own label of roasted coffee, their whole-bean coffee started selling to local companies and online in no time.

Lastly, they also walk their customers through the setup and training procedures necessary to begin operating a roaster.

Contact info:

Tel: +30 694 666 6854


Address: Kifisou 40, Nea Filadelfia 143 41, Greece, Europe.


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