People in the UK as a whole have probably never been this interested in good coffee before.

We care about how coffee is made, and it’s fun to watch a barista at work: the click-clack of the machine, the clank of the silver jug on the side of the counter, and the expert pour to make that milky design on top of the mixture.

But there is a whole other loving process that happens before it even gets to your local coffee shop.

Coffee is roasted when the beans are sorted, roasted, cooled, and then packaged. During this process, the beans get their own flavor.

In the past, these ways of bringing out the flavor were done on a large scale in factories, but in recent years, the number of independent roasters has grown a lot.

Maybe it was sifted through the world of craft beer and then filtered into the world of coffee.

Glasgow’s coffee roasters are as different as the coffee beans themselves. There are both well-known companies and small micro-teams that make their own blends.

Here is a list of Glasgow’s coffee roasters that serve well-roasted coffee beans.

  • Gordon Street Coffee
  • Thomson’s Coffee
  • The Steamie Coffee Roasters
  • Naked Roaster Coffee
  • Dear Green Coffee Roasters

1. Gordon Street Coffee

Gordon Street Coffee opened its first coffee shop and roastery on Gordon Street in Glasgow in 2014.

Since then Gordon Street Coffee has been hand-roasting coffee on-site so that as many people as possible can get excellently fresh coffee.

Every bean that leaves Gordon St. is the result of hard work, love, and even more skill.

They hand-roast small batches of coffee in the dovecot of their Gordon St. roastery with the help of Deirdre, their beloved, but sometimes moody, roasting machine.

Their roasted coffee beans have a mix of beans from India, Brazil, Kenya, and Guatemala.

Their coffee is made with rich Arabica beans and a small amount of Indian Red Cherry to give your favorite coffee drink a little extra kick.

They are proud to supply popular coffee shops in both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

They also keep their coffee fans from further away happy with fast online orders, so you can find their fresh coffee in many restaurants, cafes, hotels, coffee shops, and bars all over the country.

Contact info:

Tel: 0141 221 1367



Address: 79 Gordon Street, Glasgow, G1 3SQ

2. Thomson’s Coffee

Thomson’s Coffee is a Scottish family-owned business with a long history that is run by a single family.

Thomson’s Coffee was started in 1841 when a tea and coffee merchant from Edinburgh, David Thomson, who was 24 years old at the time, moved to Glasgow with his family to open his first store on St. Vincent Street.

Quality and honesty are at the heart of everything they do, and since they took over, they’ve kept up the pioneering spirit that their founder David Thomson started when he opened his first shop in Glasgow all those years ago.

They are proud of their history, but it doesn’t hold them back. Instead, their goal is to combine the skills and traditions of their past with the newest technology.

With this in mind, they have invested in state-of-the-art roasting equipment that not only doubles their capacity but also lets them make exceptional coffees of unmatched quality and real origin.

They are one of the most diverse coffee roasters, with more than 20 different kinds of coffee to suit all tastes.

Contact info:

Tel: 0141 637 0683



Address: 1841, 14 Vinicombe Street, Glasgow G12 8BG

3. The Steamie Coffee Roasters

The Steamie Coffee Roasters is a small group of Scottish Craft Roasters.

Here, you can get high-quality small-batch specialty coffee that has just been roasted and brought to your door.

They roast in the traditional way with their drum roaster and modern technology.

They watch the roast curve, development time, and total roast time to make sure that every roast has the best flavors.

They work hard to make sure that the unique flavors of their amazing Single Origin coffees come through.

All of their coffee is sourced in an ethical way through a supply chain that benefits everyone and makes the world a better place.

Contact info:



Address: 1024 Argyle Street, Glasgow, Scotland, G3 8LX

4. Naked Roaster Coffee

Naked Roaster Coffee is a coffee roasting company based in the UK. They sell fresh coffee that is sourced in an ethical way and tastes great.

Their self-built coffee roastery sends freshly roasted coffee to your door or cafe so you can be your own barista and make delicious coffee with your own machine.

They only roast coffee when you order it, so you get the freshest coffee you’ve ever had, and they send it out as soon as possible after roasting.

They sell coffee beans from coffee farmers and countries all over the world, including India, Colombia, Indonesia, Brazil, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Peru, and Guatemala.

Contact info:

Tel: 07766755453


Address: 50 Earlspark Avenue, Glasgow, G43 2HW

5. Dear Green Coffee Roasters

Since its founding in 2011, Dear Green Coffee Roasters has been roasting and selling only “specialty” grade coffee beans.

They take pride in sourcing and roasting only the best specialty-grade coffee, and they make sure that every part of what they do is ethical and helpful to society.

They only work with a small number of direct traders and farms that they know and trust, so that they can be sure that every cup of coffee they roast is transparent, traceable, and environmentally friendly.

They sell to a wide range of businesses in the UK and around the world, all of which are as passionate about great coffee as they are.

Contact info:

Tel: 0141 552 7774



Address: 13-27 East Campbell Street, Glasgow, G1 5DT


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