Looking for freshly roasted coffee beans in Grand Junction, Colorado? Well, you’re at the right article.

There are a few coffee roasters located in Grand Junction, Colorado but all of them offer carefully roasted coffee beans.

Here is a list of the coffee roasters in Grand Junction Co:

  • Roastiva
  • Farmer Brothers
  • Mountain Air Roasters
  • Colorado Legacy Coffee
  • Kiln Coffee Bar

1.     Roastiva

Roastiva is Grand Junction, Colorado’s leading coffee roaster. All of their organic and fair-trade coffees are roasted and delivered on the same day.

Additionally, they only source from plantations owned by women and provide additional monies to plantation infrastructure (i.e., freshwater sourcing, health care, child support).

Roastiva distributes freshly roasted coffee in a variety of flavors.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 970-424-7358

Email: josiah@roastiva.com

Address: 554 25 Rd Unit 7, Grand Junction, CO 81505, United States.

2.     Farmer Brothers

Since 1912, Farmer Brothers has served the restaurant service business throughout the United States continental territory.

Farmer Brothers are a national coffee roaster, wholesaler, and distributor of coffee, tea, and culinary products including organic, fair trade, and sustainably produced coffee beans.

Their company is a direct distributor to hotels, restaurants, workplaces, casinos, quick service restaurants, healthcare facilities, convenience stores, and other food service providers, in addition to private label retailers.

Contact info:

Tel: (970) 245-7474

Website: https://www.farmerbros.com/

Address: 2848 Chipeta, Grand Junction, Colorado, United States.

3.     Mountain Air Roasters

Mountain Air Roasters is a veteran-owned and family run business, and its coffee is fluid-air roasted, allowing them to supply the community with top gourmet arabica coffee!

They provide over one hundred various beverages and brunch options. They are a local café, coffee shop, and roaster. They provide both freshly roasted espresso and lattes.

Not only are their beans roasted, but they are gracefully roasted while floating on a fluidized bed of clean, warm Rocky Mountain air. This keeps the beans flowing and prevents the accumulation of bitterness.

Their coffee is roasted using a fluid air bed in air roasting. The coffee beans in a drum roaster are cooked solely by air and not by the drum’s surface.

Their Air-Roasted coffee has a highly clean, extremely aromatic flavor, devoid of the acids and harsh tars created by standard drum roasters.

Cole Rath, the proprietor of Mountain Air Roasters, did not come up with this on his own; he learned it from Michael Sivetz, the father of air roasting.

After reading the 736-page book Coffee Processing Technology by Mike, he purchased his first Air Roaster.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 970-433-4390

Website: https://mountainairroasters.com/

Address: 126 N 7th St, Grand Junction, CO 81501, United States.

4.     Colorado Legacy Coffee

At Colorado Legacy Coffee, their objective is to serve their customers the freshest gourmet coffee and superior service.

They are a team of micro-roasters committed to providing you with premium-grade coffee.

They always roast their coffee beans on demand so that their customers can get all the flavor.

With over 25 years of experience in coffee roasting, they assist their customers in finding the “ideal cup” of coffee.

They offer green coffee created specifically for home cold brew brewing for interesting beverage variants.

Organic, fair-trade roasted coffee from around the globe, hand-crafted blends roasted to request, and single origin roasted fresh for you.

In addition to roasting, they are a wholesale distribution center offering a wide variety of sauces, syrups, chai, frappes, and smoothies.

They also consider the environmental and social impacts of their coffee purchasing habits.

Colorado Legacy Coffee’s roasted coffee beans can be found in the finest coffee shops in Grand Junction and along the entire western slope of Colorado.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 970-241-6558

Website: https://legacycoffee.com/#

Address: 1048 W Independent Ave # A105, Grand Junction, CO 81505, United States.

5.     Kiln Coffee Bar

Kiln Coffee Bar provides high-quality roasted coffee beans, from sourcing green beans to roasting each coffee to fostering meaningful relationships in the community.

Their mission is to have a good impact on their neighborhood, environment, and the globe by instilling in others a sense of purpose through a delicious coffee experience.

Their coffee beans have been carefully chosen to highlight the unique characteristics of each region and origin.

By traveling to the origin to visit some of the farms from which they have selected their coffee beans, their hope is to foster a link between farmers and consumers.

Each of their coffee is profiled to precise temperatures and roasting times in order to highlight the individuality of each bean.

After roasting, imperfect beans are removed by hand to ensure a consistent flavor profile from roast to roast.

They feel a feeling of obligation and duty toward the farmers to produce the perfect cup from every crop they acquire.

Contact info:

Tel: (970)712-4494

Website: https://www.kilncoffeebar.com/

Address: 326 Main Street Grand Junction, CO 81501, United States.


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