Coffee from Kauai is legendary. The island offers the optimal circumstances for coffee bean cultivation; exceptional volcanic soil, high altitude, and tropical temps.

Given these conditions and the possibility of on-site fresh roasting, it should come as no surprise that the island is home to some of the most spectacular coffee roasters in the world.

Following are the coffee roasters who will amaze you with their high-quality coffee:

  • Java Kai
  • Kauai Gourmet Roasters
  • Outpost Coffee Kauai
  • Kauai Roastery
  • Kauai Coffee
  • Imua Coffee Roasters

1.     Java Kai

At Java Kai, both the artwork and the coffee are magnificent. Experts at Java Kai roast their own beans, so you can expect them to be fresh.

Java Kai’s coffee is roasted by hand in small amounts. They use a Diedrich roaster that was custom-built in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Their master roaster, Teej, takes his roasting very seriously. When he’s not attending roaster’s guild retreats or surfing Kealia, you can find him at the back of the shop experimenting with beans and logging roasts like a badass.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 808-828-2810


Address: 2555 Ala Namahana Parkway #600, Kilauea, HI 96754, United States

2.     Kauai Gourmet Roasters

Kauai Gourmet Roasters offer 100% Hawaiian coffee and Hawaiian blends that are extremely popular with both tourists and locals.

Hanalei Coffee Roasters was a retail/roasting cafe that they owned and operated for over ten years.

During their time in Hanalei, they roasted tens of thousands of pounds of 100% Hawaiian coffee under the brand name Hanalei Coffee Roasters.

In 2015, they sold the café side of their business so that they could concentrate on their primary passion: roasting Hawaiian coffee.

After the sale of the cafe, they kept their Hanalei Coffee Roasters brand and also bought Kauai Gourmet Coffee Roasters.

They roast their coffee beans in small amounts in Kauai and ship them daily via USPS Priority Mail to ensure that you receive the freshest coffee available.

Their coffees are also available at Walmart, Foodland, Kmart, Big Save/Times, Safeway, Longs Drugs/CVS, and a variety of other retail establishments.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 (808) 855-0113


Address: 2976 Aukele Street Suite A6, Lihue, Hawaii 96766

3.     Outpost Coffee Kauai

Outpost Coffee Kauai is run by modern Hawaiian coffee growers and roasters. Their goal is to enrich the experience of Hawaiian coffee.

They cultivate, harvest, roast, brew, serve, and distribute their coffee beans from their own Kahiliholo Orchard and other small-batch coffee producers.

By roasting each batch with care, they highlight the distinct terroir and regional appreciation instilled along the journey. The outcome is the manifestation of modern coffee, one batch of coffee at a time.

Contact info:

Tel: (808) 826-0040


Address: 5-5161 Kuhio Hwy, Hanalei, HI 96714, United States

4.     Kauai Roastery

Kauai Roastery is a family-owned enterprise located on the sunny west side of Kauai near the town of Waimea. Three generations of the Loero family have been involved in the coffee industry.

They specialize in 100% Hawaiian Grown Coffee and source only premium coffee beans from farms that adhere to sustainable agricultural practices, both locally and internationally.

As artisan coffee roasters, they roast their coffee to order in small amounts. This allows them to provide their consumers with an unmatched variety of delectable options.

Their classic micro-roasting technique preserves the pinnacle of flavor characteristics, specific nuances, and full aromatic pleasures that are unique to each type and origin of specialty coffee they provide.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 808-338-9899


Address: 9817 Laau Rd, Waimea, HI 96796, United States

5.     Kauai Coffee

Kauai Coffee cultivates approximately 4 million coffee trees on 3,100 acres and is the largest coffee farmer in Hawaii and, by extension, the largest coffee grower in the United States.

From planting the coffee to roasting and packing, they apply ecologically responsible and sustainable procedures at every stage.

They prioritize ensuring the greatest quality and providing their consumers with the consistency and superiority they deserve.

Kauai Coffee has engaged in all elements of coffee production and processing during the past fifteen years.

Their 100% Hawaiian Coffee has received the rare distinction of being triple certified by prominent sustainability champions, including the Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade USA®, and the Non-GMO Project.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 800-545-8605


Address: 870 Halewili Rd, Kalaheo, HI 96741, United States

6.     Imua Coffee Roasters

Imua Coffee Roasters in Wailua, on Kauai’s renowned Royal Coconut Coast, provides coffee enthusiasts and novices with a unique experience.

They master every aspect of brewing the finest cup of coffee possible by continuously monitoring batches to ensure optimal flavor.

Experts at Imua Coffee Roaster diligently monitor each and every roasting batch to generate maximum flavors from the natural minerals and sugars present in each type.

All Imua Coffee Roasters beans are stored in a climate-controlled chamber and roasted using a customized Diedrich roaster with exhaust filtering to ensure minimal environmental.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 808-821-1717


Address: 440 Aleka Pl #7, Kapaʻa, HI 96746, United States


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