Discover the greatest local roasters of fresh coffee in Montana.

It provides a vast selection of specialty, organic, and fair-trade certified coffee. With dozens of coffee firms in the area, you are certain to find a delicious local coffee brand that suits your preferences.

  • Treeline Coffee Roasters
  • Yellowstone Coffee Roasters
  • Coffee Factory Roasters
  • Black Coffee Roasting Company
  • Rock Creek Coffee Roasters

1. Treeline Coffee Roasters

Born in the foothills of Bozeman, Montana, they believe that coffee must provide you with the energy to pursue your passions.

Since 2013, they have been roasting coffee without fear, and their objective is to create a unique and exceptional coffee experience.

So, enjoy an excellent cup of coffee, and arm yourself with their top-tier brewing equipment, or accessories for your next adventure with their unique stuff.

Wherever your life experiences may lead, Treeline has your back.

When it comes to how they conduct business at Treeline, they adhere to the principles of openness and candor.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 406-219-2501



Address: 624 N Wallace Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715, United States of America.

2. Yellowstone Coffee Roasters

The owners of Yellowstone Coffee Roasters moved to southwest Montana in the summer of 1990 in search of a location where they could plant roots, start a family, and share their enthusiasm for specialty coffee.

They had previously spent several years as nomadic baristas living in a converted school bus. They found this community in Bozeman and spent their early years in the Gallatin Valley running the first mobile coffee shop in Montana and raising their two kids.

Then, in the spring of 1998, inspired by their travels, they constructed their first coffee roastery in a one-room cabin in the woods. The birth of Yellowstone Coffee Roasters.

Today, they operate on a 15-acre farmhouse across the Bozeman Pass in 1805.

Now, they offer the best coffee in town, which attracts not only locals but tourists as well.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 406-556-8333



Address: 18000 W Bozeman Hill Rd, Bozeman, MT 59715, United States of America.

3. Coffee Factory Roasters

Have you ever consumed a cup of bitter coffee and wondered if this is normal? No is the easy answer.

At Coffee Factory Roasters, they roast their coffee beans carefully to reduce bitterness while boosting their rich flavor.

Only the best beans are roasted in their state-of-the-art roaster. They use a drum to keep the coffee beans rolling during the roasting process, and an air roaster employs airflow, similar to an air popcorn popper, to do so.

Therefore, the beans never touch the machine’s sides, unlike steel barrel roasters, which can burn the beans if they come into contact with the metal.

The pressurized air also eliminates the chaff coating from the coffee and avoids the formation of tar and carbon on the top, which is what gives coffee its bitter flavor.

Air roasters generate coffee beans with a more distinct flavor.

Moreover, the characteristics of the cup include outstanding flavor development and a particularly clean flavor.

This is why Coffee Factory Roasters uses a state-of-the-art air roaster to roast their coffee beans, so you can taste the difference in every cup.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 406-446-3200



Address: 22 Broadway Ave S, Red Lodge, MT 59068, United States of America.

4. Black Coffee Roasting Company

They believe it is crucial for the people who produce coffee, the environment in which coffee is cultivated, and the people who consume coffee.

The simple truth according to them is that pesticides are harmful to humans and the environment, and excellent coffee can be produced without them.

They produce organic coffee and support those who cultivate it using these time-honored techniques.

This means they pay close attention to every aspect of their connection with the coffee suppliers. Ethically produced and fairly priced coffees that have been uniquely roasted to accentuate their distinctive characteristics.

There are no shortcuts. Their coffees come from varied climates, soils, coffee beans, and exposures around the world.

They have distinct tastes and make sure their coffees are unique. They roast to accentuate these distinctions and bring out what makes each coffee exceptional.

From their coffee roaster to their packaged food, they strive to reduce their environmental impact. Great coffee is swiftly consumed once it reaches you, and it should leave no trace on the ground.

Contact info:

Tel: 406.541.3700



Address: 525 E. Spruce Street, Missoula, MT 59802, United States of America.

5. Rock Creek Coffee Roasters

Their roastery is located in downtown Billings. You can order your favorite coffee online, or simply stop by to try their distinct flavored coffees.

As avid coffee drinkers, they relocated from California to Montana, where they fell in love with the magnificent landscape, the welcoming locals, and the idea of opening a coffee shop in this lovely region.

 In 2004, they realized their dream and founded Rock Creek Coffee Roasters.

Now, they roast coffee in small amounts in their shop, so that you may appreciate the coffee’s full flavor while it is still fresh.

In addition, they purchase the finest coffee beans from ethical and high-quality vendors around the world.

They also value community involvement and collaboration with local companies and groups. You’ll find them engaging in regional charity activities, and giving back to the community.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 406-896-1600



Address: 124 N Broadway, Billings, MT 59101, United States of America.


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