Independent Ontario coffee roasters are working their magic throughout the province and keeping us all energized in the process.

If the thought of missing your daily cup of coffee causes you tension, relax! These tiny, independent coffee roasters supply Ontario with premium, small-batch beans.

If you’re beginning to plan your holiday shopping, keep in mind that a bag of quality coffee beans (or, even better, a subscription!) makes an excellent gift for anyone on your list.

Consider one of these coffee roasters in the list below as a starting point.

  • Detour Coffee
  • Little Victories Coffee Roasters
  • North Roast Coffee Roaster
  • Propeller Coffee
  • Rebel Elixir
  • Firebat Coffee Roasters

1. Detour Coffee

Detour offers a range of roasts and grinds for one-time customers, but you will love their subscription program.

You can choose between single-origin and house blends, or you can join their “coffee club” to sample something new every time. For the holidays, they are also giving a variety of swag and “Tasting Packs.”

In 2009, they began their journey in a back alley of Dundas, Ontario, because coffee is simply enjoyable.

It filled them with positive energy, and they wanted to continue doing it. Therefore, sourcing, roasting, brewing, and tasting coffee should be enjoyable.

For them, this entails sourcing and roasting coffees that have the ability to convert mundane times into moments of delight.

Contact info:

Tel: (289) 238-8184


Address: 41 King St W, Dundas, Ontario

2. Little Victories Coffee Roasters

Little Victories Coffee is a small-batch, independent specialty coffee roaster located in Ottawa, Ontario.

It is owned and operated by two coffee specialists – a roaster and a barista. Their mission is to elevate the coffee culture in Ottawa and contribute to the thriving Canadian coffee scene.

They get their coffee ethically, if feasible through direct trade. They believe that standard coffee certificates have become more of a marketing tool than a help to small-scale coffee farmers.

They mainly focus on light roasts and seek to produce coffee that is as sophisticated and attractive as it is developed and well-balanced.

They deliver their wholesale coffee in reusable, branded pails, which allows them to avoid sending thousands of foil bags to landfills every month.

After removing the tin tie, their retail bags are totally compostable, and they are comprised of forty percent recycled kraft paper.

Contact info:

Tel: 613 805 7489



Address: 44 Elgin St. Ottawa, ON K1P 1C7

3. North Roast Coffee Roaster

North Roast Coffee Roaster roasts fairtrade, organic, and micro-lot coffee, packages it in 100 percent compostable bags, and delivers it in a 100 percent electric vehicle.

In 1997, in the rear of a small diner in Kingston, Ontario, North Roast Coffee Roaster was established.

Because they recognize the value of gaining their customers’ trust, their online store is the busiest and most successful in its industry.

They provide Free Local Delivery, secure and safe Pickup at their roastery, and courier shipments across Canada.

Their 25 years of experience have taught them the significance of maintaining close ties with their growers and suppliers, not because it makes for a nice marketing story, but because it produces superior coffee.

Contact info:

Tel: 613 389 7994



Address: 721 Progress Avenue, Unit 3, Kingston, Ontario, K7M 6S4

4. Propeller Coffee

Propeller Coffee is tucked away in Toronto’s Junction neighborhood, just around the street from Lansdowne Station.

Since earning Micro-Roaster of the Year in 2016, their high-quality coffee has gained us a household brand among coffee enthusiasts in Toronto and across the globe.

They hold the B Corporation certification, which demonstrates their commitment to sustainable operations and community outreach.

Every coffee they purchase undergoes a careful selection procedure.

The unroasted (green) beans are inspected for any defects that are obvious, such as bug damage, black beans, sour beans, broken beans, or foreign debris.

This eliminates a large number of coffees; up to 80% of the world’s coffees are of poor quality and exhibit a variety of flaws that they would never accept.

If the sample passes this initial test, 100 grams of it will be lightly roasted in a sample roaster.

After roasting the coffee, they cup/taste it and discuss how the roast profile might be modified to maximize the coffee’s potential.

Contact info:

Tel: 416 479 3771


Address: 50 Wade Avenue, Toronto ON, M6H 2Z3

5. Rebel Elixir

Rebel Elixir is a micro-roastery, run by Oliver Zielke with a specific aim in mind: to promote the health advantages and immunity boost afforded by the polyphenols in freshly roasted coffee while reducing coffee drinkers’ carbon footprints.

In fact, he recently purchased a solarium to use passive solar energy to heat the roastery!

5 or 10 pound bags of roasted or unroasted coffee are shipped around the province.

Contact info:

Tel: 705 455 2954



Address: 1148 Tattersall Road, Haliburton, Ontario K0M 1S0

6. Firebat Coffee Roasters

Firebat Coffee Roasters’ passion for coffee transcends their appreciation for the excellent flavor of specialty coffee.

It is a combination of a never-ending fascination with the flavors that single-origin coffees reveal and a firm dedication to sourcing outstanding quality coffees in a genuine and sustainable manner.

They source single-origin green coffee beans from different regions and support the farmers in any way possible.

Their journey began in 2013 in El Salvador, where fate brought them together at their children’s school Christmas performance.

Leena and Gustavo were considering a move to Canada and wished to introduce excellent Salvadoran coffee to the country. Rodrigo was once deeply involved in the world of Salvadoran specialty coffee, and so gasoline met fire.

Contact info:

Tel: 289 400 9551


Address: 407 Speers Rd. Unit 7, Oakville, ON L6K 3T5


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