We have compiled a list of the top six coffee roasters in Puerto Rico. We analyzed their selection of coffees and their roasting techniques and how they started their business. So, let’s dive in.

  • Puerto Rico Coffee Shop.com
  • Pasiones Coffee Roasters
  • Terrafe Coffee
  • AAA Coffee
  • Gustos Coffee Co.
  • 787 Coffee Shop

1.      Puerto Rico Coffee Shop.com

Puerto Rico Coffee Shop.com used to be one of the world’s most powerful producers of high-quality coffee but lost its position due to the destruction of its coffee crop by many big storms.

However, their coffee still tastes the best. It has the characteristic mild flavor of the region in which it is cultivated, is mildly or pleasantly acidic, and is normally medium to dark roasted to enhance its cocoa-like flavor and nice aftertaste, making it a popular morning and after-dinner coffee.

Their mission is to reintroduce Puerto Rican coffee to the global market.

They have encountered numerous obstacles in this attempt, most notably the absence of taste expertise among would-be coffee enthusiasts, but persists in their pursuit of reviving Puerto Rico’s unique coffee fame.

Contact info:

Tel: 787-903-6927

Website: https://www.puertoricocoffeeshop.com/

Address: 1 Ave. Rodriguez Ema, Isla Verde, Carolina, Puerto Rico 00979

2.      Pasiones Coffee Roasters

Pasiones Coffee Roasters, founded in 2021, strives to provide coffee cultivated by local growers and roasted entirely in Puerto Rico, giving the finest quality product.

The company’s founder and the president has more than two decades of experience in the coffee roasting business and has always been passionate about making coffee despite the company’s youth.

They make sure only the finest coffee beans are used in the coffee roasting process and use different techniques to bring out the best in each coffee bean.

The end product is a balanced and delectable specialty coffee.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 787-790-1234

Website: https://pasionescoffee.com/

Address: 41 Calle Dr. Santiago Veve, Bayamón, 00961, Puerto Rico.

3.      Terrafe Coffee

The owner and the brother of Terrafe Coffee continue and expand this hereditary legacy with pride that was founded many years ago.

From their coffee farm perched between Puerto Rico’s tallest peaks, they provide their consumers with delicious cups of roasted coffee.

Their mission is to deliver deliciously natural flavors from their farm to you while honouring the environment.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 787-718-0618

Email: info@terrafecoffee.com

Website: https://terrafecoffee.com/

Address: 32 Calle Betances, Bayamón, 00961, Puerto Rico.

4.      AAA Coffee

Since 1982, this Puerto Rican company has been unwaveringly committed to delivering solutions to ease the preparation and enjoyment of a delicious cup of coffee.

They offer their services to coffee houses, cafes, businesses, hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical firms, and educational institutions.

Their commitment has been to innovation and satisfying their clients’ requirements.

Moreover, their objective is to provide an exceptional solution for your facilities, from the installation of coffee, water, and ice machines to the supply of coffee, and all the accouterments that accompany each cup of coffee, so that your “coffee break” is a delightful experience.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 787-731-8760

Email: info@aaacoffeebreak.com

Website: https://aaacoffeepr.com/

Address: 369 C. San Claudio, San Juan, 00926, Puerto Rico.

5.      Gustos Coffee Co.

Gustos Coffee Company was created in 1999. Their passion for the company was inspired by their mutual appreciation for coffee and their newfound love.

The obstacles they encountered along the road were overcome by their inherent fortitude, which led to the creation of the finest Puerto Rican specialty coffee.

Their farm is the origin of their commitment to excellence and service without compromise.

Conforming to the guidelines of the Specialty Coffee Association, a stringent selection procedure ensures that every seed they collect meets the highest quality standards.

In addition, the company has been dedicated to its community since its inception by helping local farmers with incentives and fair trade standards, so ensuring the sustainability of Puerto Rico’s agriculture.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 787-783-3263

Website: https://www.gustoscoffeeco.com/

Address: A, Mario Julia Industrial Park, 530 Calle A, Suite 1, San Juan, 00920, Puerto Rico.

6.      787 Coffee Shop

They adore coffee because it gives them the opportunity to meet incredible people. To them, coffee is vital. It is the origin of all things beautiful, a gift from the soil.

They appreciate the scent and flavor of the coffee. It gives them a feeling of fullness and puts mankind in a good mood.

They have their own farm in Maricao, Puerto Rico. They conduct the entirety of the coffee production process themselves.

To safeguard the value of their beans and the future of their world, they employ sustainable and eco-friendly growing techniques.

Furthermore, by supporting them, you will not only get the finest cups of coffee but you will also be able to help them provide employment.

Because of you, they are able to sustain their families and provide better income and jobs to countless people.

Contact info:

Tel: (888) 629-1004

Email: info@787coffee.com

Website: https://www.787coffee.com/

Address: Maricao, 00606, Puerto Rico.


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