Rome, London, Reykjavik, and Singapore all have global reputations for a fine brew, but Australians, and particularly Victorians, have given the term “specialty” in specialty coffee an entirely new meaning.

Today’s consumers place a premium on fair trade methods and will not purchase from vendors that do not ethically source their coffee.

We have found some of the best coffee roasters in Victoria offering well-roasted, ethically sourced coffee beans.

Here is a list of the coffee roasters in Victoria:

  • Seven Seeds
  • Dukes Coffee
  • Rumble Coffee Roasters
  • Market Lane Coffee
  • Axil Coffee
  • Five Senses Coffee

1. Seven Seeds

Seven Seeds, located in Fairfield, is one of Melbourne’s leading coffee suppliers. The majority of the roastery’s coffee comes from Brazil, Peru, and Colombia.

Pioneers in the Australian coffee market since 2007, source, roast, wholesale, brew, and sell specialty coffee beans.

At the Seven Seeds coffee shop, there is an abundance of options. Seven Seeds carries an extensive selection of filter, blend, single-origin, and decaf coffees.

Mark Dundon and Bridget Amor conceptualized this coffee roastery. After seeing success with the smaller-scale St. Ali, the two business partners decided to go big with the roastery.

They strive to set the standard for the industry by roasting best coffee beans, sourced in the most direct, lucrative, and sustainable manner.

Contact info:

Tel: +61 3 9347 8664



Address: 7 Montefiore St, Fairfield VIC 3078

2. Dukes Coffee

Dukes Coffee is an excellent wholesale roaster of specialty coffee, with offices in Victoria.

Similar to the other coffee roasters on our list, the business strategy of Duke is sustainable. Dukes has teamed with Weforest over the past five years to fund an ambitious reforestation drive.

Their coffees are sourced from independent farms and small cooperatives and are traded ethically.

They work with highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic farmers who are committed to regenerative organic farming.

All Dukes coffee is meticulously roasted in-house using Arabica beans that are 100 percent organic.

Dukes’ coffee is diverse. The company obtains its coffee beans from as far away as Africa and South America and as close as southeast Asia.

Contact info:

Tel: (03) 9417 5578



Address: 247 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

3. Rumble Coffee Roasters

Rumble Coffee Roasters, located in a converted brick warehouse in Melbourne’s Kensington, is fervently committed to producing exceptional specialty coffee for cafes eager for service with soul.

The crew behind Rumble Coffee has previously managed several of the city’s finest coffee shops.

This wholesale coffee roaster is the outcome of a small team’s ambition for a quality-driven, consistent, and above all transparent coffee roasting supply chain!

Customers have access to a yearly report that describes the company’s bean-sourcing policy and provides justification for any pricing changes.

Rumble provides a carefully curated selection of blends roasted from beans from as far away as Colombia, Peru, and Ethiopia, and as close as Papua New Guinea.

Despite the abundance of options, Shadowboxer is Rumble’s unique blend.

The roastery provides single-origin roasts from Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Guatemala, so Puritans are also catered to. In addition to regular coffee (called office coffee), The Roastery offers filter coffee.

Rumble’s cafe is positioned close to the roasting facility. It is because their team wants you to witness everything as it happens.

Customers may observe the majority of the roasting process as it occurs. Roasters have, after all, nothing to hide! At the bar, patrons can choose from an assortment of accompaniments.

Contact info

Tel: 03 7034 0271


Address: 8 Thompson St, Kensington VIC 3031, Australia

4. Market Lane Coffee

Market Lane Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster and distributor committed to sourcing, roasting, and disseminating outstanding coffee in a responsible, sustainable, and ethical manner.

Market Lane Coffee, as suggested by its name, is located in Queen Victoria Market or via the market’s online sales platform. They began roasting coffee in Melbourne/Naarm in 2009.

All of their coffees are grown by committed farmers, many of whom they have had the privilege of working with year after year.

Market Lane sells an assortment of espresso and filter beans. The roaster offers a subscription service as well.

Contact info:

Tel: +61 (0)3 9804 7434



Address: Shop 13, Prahran Market, 163 Commercial Road, South Yarra 3141, Victoria, Australia

5. Axil Coffee

Axil Coffee Roasters is located in Hawthorn, however, its coffee is available in thirteen other Melbourne cafes.

Their objective has always been straightforward: to find, roast, and make the finest cup of coffee.

Their motivated and energetic staff searches the globe for the finest possible specialty coffee.

Axil negotiates pricing directly with farmers to ensure that they receive fair compensation for their beans.

This roastery primarily employs beans from South America and Africa (Colombia and Kenya), places recognized for producing the world’s finest coffee beans.

Contact info:

Tel: (03) 9819 2645



Address: 322 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, VIC, Australia.

6. Five Senses Coffee

Five Senses is a coffee expert par excellence. They sell not only coffee but also espresso equipment and brew equipment.

It is noteworthy that this organization boasts one of the greatest barista training programs in Victoria.

Five senses’ technique for regularly creating some of the world’s finest coffee is straightforward: get close to the farmer.

This coffee roaster funded the development of their own Sumatra coffee mill in 2014. This choice contributed to the success of the company.

Additionally, doing so ensured traceability and a better relationship between the manufacturer and purchaser.

Together with these communities, they have launched a number of programs to extend assistance beyond the coffee bean.

Contact info:

Tel: 08 9267 3600



Address: 300 Rosslyn St, West Melbourne, Victoria, 3003, Australia


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