Southern California is home to Orange County. The Disneyland Resort in nearby Anaheim is the main attraction. Knott’s Berry Farm, an enormous amusement park, is located nearby Buena Park. 

Huntington Beach, one of several cities having a surfing beach, is home to a dedicated museum for the sport. Balboa Peninsula faces Newport Beach and its bustling harbour full of boats. Crystal Cove State Park and the tidal pools of Laguna Beach. Here’s a list of the best coffee roasters in these regions to fill your belly with some good coffee.

  • White Sparrow Coffee
  • ABLE Coffee Roasters
  • Succulent Coffee Roasters
  • MoonGoat
  • Delta Cafe Roasting Co

1. White Sparrow Coffee

White Sparrow Coffee was introduced in early 2020 as a pop-up espresso bar that COVID eventually shut down. A lot of anxiety arose from not knowing what was going to happen to them or what their next move should be. 

The whole business plan relied on being able to go from one performance to the next with ease, but with the epidemic, events with huge audiences were all but nonexistent, rendering our strategy moot. 

Businesses of all sizes were struggling to survive, and several had to shut down permanently. It was disheartening to have to close shop so soon after launching the company, but circumstances beyond control forced them to do so.

After being shut down for so long, they finally received the chance to establish a short-term location at a bookshop in the middle of Old Town Tustin, where they stayed open for business from October 2020 to September 2021. 

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2. ABLE Coffee Roasters

Anthony and Adeel, the founders of ABLE Coffee Roasters, spent over a decade in the special education field, during which time they experienced firsthand the need for and realized the scarcity of job options for people with impairments. 

Anthony and Adeel used to co-teach a classroom for children with autism, where they focused on helping their pupils develop job-related skills both in and out of the classroom. Students participated in paid and unpaid internships and community service projects as part of their education. 

However, it was frequently challenging for companies to deal with different pupils and offer the reasonable modifications required for their success in the workplace. 

The company’s founders aimed to establish a setting where people with disabilities would not be discouraged from seeking employment opportunities because they lacked confidence due to the stigma associated with having a disability and the difficulty of passing through the rigorous interview and selection processes. 

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3. Succulent Coffee Roasters

The Southern California-based Succulent Coffee Roasters specializes in roasting gourmet coffee. They facilitate individuals enjoying high-quality coffee while doing good for themselves.

Succulent Coffee Roasters was founded on the convergence of a few fortunate circumstances: the convergence of the right individuals with the right concept at the right moment. The shared passion for coffee that united our four founders led to the creation of a company that gives back to the people and places that matter most to them. 

For a wide range of wholesale customers in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, their roastery consistently turns out freshly roasted coffee. The Newport Beach and Laguna Beach coffeehouses provide a variety of brew methods, including batch, pour-over, and cold brew, in addition to a complete espresso bar. 

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4. MoonGoat

The goal of MoonGoat’s mission is straightforward. Coffee is helping them improve the world in every way. Mark Evans and David Longridge, who had a vision of bringing back the cosy atmosphere of the classic coffee house, made their vision a reality. 

The plan materialized once David Yardley was brought into the mix. MoonGoat has only been in business for three years, yet in that time they have already established themselves as the leading coffee roaster in Orange County.

MoonGoat is dedicated to growing into a leading service sector employer, providing world-class customer service at its three sites. They are making global strides in product development by drawing on a supplier base that spans 15+ nations as well as U.S.-based suppliers and, if feasible, local input.

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5. Delta Cafe Roasting Co

Shade-grown coffee like Delta Cafe Roasting Co is great for many different kinds of birds, both local and migratory. Every one of their sun-dried coffees helps to lessen our impact on the planet.

Coffees from many different countries, such as Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Kenya, Kona, Mexico, New Guinea, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Sumatra, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, are available here. 

On special orders, they may provide you with organic coffees that have been verified by a third party. The roasting method and the country of origin both contribute to the coffee’s final look, body, taste, and scent.

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